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// Selamat Hari Raya Korban :) Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | 7:42 PM | 0 comments

Hey, Good morning everyone^^
Do you know what day is today?? Ari nie Hari Raya Korban!
Yeapp~ Pagi tadi bangun awal , solat Subuh & mandi utk siap pergi ke Surau (For what?)
I wanna see they SLAUGHTER the cows... (NOT!) I've been forced by my mother >.<
I hate to see those red liquid thing! I hate to see animals in pain! 
I feel very sympathy to the cows :(
Ini kali pertama aq tngk org sembelih lembu ! My very2 first time!
But of course I wouldn't be brave enough to go near... Besides I feel disgusted,
the stinky smell is so strong! Ugh! I think I wanna faint there...(But not!)

 Semasa smpai dkt luar surau, da boley bau busuk err...uwekkz!
There's 6 ( or 7?) cows to be slaughtered outside the surau!
Lembu2 tu kene ikat dgn tali  dkt pokok so they cnt run away! >:)
Ramai org nk tolong sembelih lembu2 tu... But first, they tangles the cow's legs..
Then they tried to push the cow so that the cow lay down on the ground...
& they succeeded ! Now the cow is lay down, the people started to slaughter the cow!
 After 20 or 30 minutes later, the first cow has been successfully slaughtered & the next cow , & the next one & so on....

Hah! Aq hampir terlupe plak nk critew kt korg sumer... 
Ade seekor lembu mengamuk terlepas !!! (AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!)
Sume org terkejut dgn kejadian tu, sume org pon lari!
Aq mase tu mcm nk nangis jew... Takot mahh~~
Tapi, naseb baik ade org berani tangkap lembu tu! Tarik tali pstu ikat dkt tiang!
Pheww~ I thought I will die there (But I'm still alive) Amin2... :)
Cuak gilew mase tu... I begged my mother "I WANNA GO HOME!"
 But my mother ignore me =.="

About 3 or 4 hours later, all the cows been slaughtered :)
Me & Sekeluarga pulang ke rumah & we brought some daging lembu yg tlh
disembelihkn :P Waaa penat gilew~ 
What an experience! :)

Tonight, me & my family are going to my Pak Long's house at JOHOR BAHRU! 
All my cousins & grandmother & grandfather are there!
See ya tomorrow ( If can ) Anyeong! Goodbye! Adious! Take care~