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Happy Not Birthday



The calendar shows to 15th of January 2011. It was her birthday today. Nick kept wandering
around her room; and making a big circle on the floor.
Nick : Ugh! Come on phone! Do your job! Ring!
She hold her pink cellphone and open it. Her inbox showed (0) There is no message.
Nick begin to worries. After a few minutes later, she open her inbox again ; still there
is no message.
Nick : What? No messages or calls? Did they...forgot?!
Nick begin to feel nervous and worried. Nobody had wished her a happy birthday.
Nick quickly logged in her Facebook. She chat with one of her best friend, Sara.
Nick : Yaaa Sara...
Sara : Hi Nick! :)
Nick : I got a seriously big issue here!
Sara : What is it, Nick? :O
Nick : Do you know...what day is today??
Sara : Urmm...Friday?
"WHAT?! JUST FRIDAY?!", Nick wanted to scream. Even her bestfriend doesn't
remember her birthday! Nick held her breath and begin to typing the keyboard.
Nick : Ouh...Ok...Bye!
Sara : Err bye?
Nick logged out from her Facebook account and turned off her laptop.
She is really surprised that her bestfriend forget her birthday! How could
a bestfriend can forget about her birthday? Many questions popped out in Nick's
brain. She is really upset right now.
Nick lay down on her huge bed and call Aimie. A few seconds later, Aimie
pick up her phone...
Aimie : Hello?
Nick : Hello, Aimie! It's me...Nick!
Aimie : Ouh hi Nick! Why you called me?
Nick : I just wanna ask you something...
Aimie : Ask me what?
Nick takes a deep breath and said...
Nick : Do you know....whose birthday is today?
It was a long pause. Nick waited for Aimie's answer. She tried her best to listen
it carefully and clearly.
Aimie : Err..Sorry, Nick...Who??
Nick almost faint hearing those answers came from Aimie's mouth! Both
of her bestfriends forget about her birthday! Nick immediately ended the
phone call. Aimie on the other side, felt weird.
Aimie : Hello? Heeeellloooo?? Nick?! Are you there?!
---------END CALL----------
Nick cover herself with her pillow and screamed. NOOOOOOOO!!!
Tears drops fast through her cheeks. Now, the last person she need
to call is, Donghae, her boyfriend. If her boyfriend also forget about her
birthday, it was a sorrowfulness, sadness, unluckiest day to Nick!
She take a deep breath and begin to type Donghae's number.
Finally, Donghae answers his phone call.
Nick : Hi, hae...
Donghae : Oh hi, minnie! :)
Nick : ...
Donghae : What's wrong?
Nick : Hae...Do you know what day is today?
Donghae : It's Friday?
Nick : Yes...You know what kind of event is today?
Donghae : Event? It's Friday Day??? *blur*
Suddenly, Nick begins to cry...
Nick : W-whatt..?? sobs...sobs...
Donghae : Minnie! Are you crying? What's wrong with you? Tell me!
Nick : Hae! C-can..I meet the park?
Donghae : Ermm...sure! I will come right away!
---------END CALL---------
Nick quickly get ready to go to the park; where she meet Donghae.
She tried to hold back her tears when seeing Donghae.
When she arrives at the park, her boyfriend already arrived first.
Donghae seemed very worried.
Donghae : Minnie! What's wrong? Are you okay?
Nick : No! I'm not okay! Do you forget what day is today?
Donghae : No...I'm sorry minnie...What is it? *blank*
Nick : It's my birthday, today!
Nick can't hold her tears any longer. So she blast out with tears!
Donghae is shock with Nick's reply. Nick tried to run away from him.
Donghae : Wait a minute!
Donghae hold Nick's hand tightly.
Nick : You & all my friends forget about my birthday! How come everyone forget about it?? *mad*
Donghae : Minnie! Wait!!! Let me explain first! Please listen to me! :(
Nick : What is it?!
Donghae : Your birthday is tomorrow lahh!
Hearing those words came from Donghae's mouth makes Nick stunned.
"What? Tomorrow?", she thought. Donghae showed the date in his cellphone.
It writes : 14/1/2011
Nick opened her cellphone and look at the date carefully. She froze herself
when she looked at the date wrote : 14 Jan 2011
Her birthday is tomorrow! Nick felt shy and embarrass.
Nick : B-but how..?? My calendar shows 15 January 2011!
Donghae : Your calendar must be wrong *grinned*
Nick : My bad! I'm sorry to mad at you! *blushed*
Donghae smirks at Nick's red face.
Donghae : It's okay! Next time, check your calendar    carefully...Hehe you must be super excited for your birthday! What a wild imagination you got there.... *smiles*
Nick : Huhu...I thought you forget about my birthday...
Donghae : There's no way I would forget about my girl's birthday..
Donghae suddenly kissed on Nick's forehead. Now, Nick is gettin' more embarrass!
Suddenly, Aimie & Sara came towards them.
Aimie & Sara : Yaaa Nick! What's wrong with you earlier?
Nick : Oops! *whisper to Donghae* Please don't tell them! I will be more embarrass if they know!
Donghae : *Grinned* Okay~


P/S : This FF is dedicated to my wonderful fishy friend NICK! :D