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Starring : 


Happy Birthday to U

Date : 29 Mac 2011
Time : 8 AM
Place : BEAST Dorm

Tomorrow is KiKwang's birthday, so the BEAST members are planning to make a surprise birthday party for KiKwang. KiKwang had to do recording for "MBC HOT BROTHERS Show" that morning, so it was the perfect time for the other BEAST members to start planning the party.

They all gathered at the living room...

YS : Ok, you guys ready? The operation of planning KiKwang's birthday party will now start!
DJ : Yaah~ Who's the leader? You or me?
YS : You...
DJ : Remember that!
DW : Arasso2! Can we start now? Where's Hyunseung?
JH : He took a shower.
DJ : Aigoo! That Prince Jang always late!
JH : Both of you haven't shower yet, right? *points to DJ & YS*
DJ&YS : Nope :P
DW : No wonder you guys stinks!
JH : Hey, Dongwoon. Have you shower yet?
DW : Yeah..... wae?
JH : When?
DW : Last night... :P
JH : *Throws a pillow at Dongwoon* You guys go take a shower first, after that we can start the planning!
DJ&YS&DW : Arasso~

Before they leave to take shower, Yoseob cupped his hands to Dongwoon's left ear & started to whisper.

YS : Junhyung is more leader-like-characteristics then DooJoon

But before Dongwoon could say a word, DooJoon hits Yoseob with a pillow.

DJ : I can hear you! =="
YS : Aww! Mianeh, hyung T^T

There are two bathrooms, so Dongwoon get to shower in the 2nd bathroom while Hyunseung still in the 1st bathroom. Yoseob & DooJoon had to wait for their turns to use the bathroom.

~10 minutes later~

Hyunseung comes out from the bathroom...

YS : I'm going to take a bath~ *singing*
DJ : Sorry, but I'm using the bathroom right now :D
YS : Wae wae wae wae wae wae? D:

An hour later...
Everyone already bathed. So they all started their discussions.

DJ : Since everyone ready, let's start!
JH : Hmm, let's start with the decoration first..any ideas?
HS : Balloons, streamers...
DW : That's too simple. We need something fun & exciting...
YS : Like....??
DW : Like paper cranes! Or origami & stuff.... How's that?
DJ : Then, we can hang it on the ceiling with strings!

DooJoon gave Dongwoon a big high five!

JH : That is a great idea but... we need thousands of paper cranes!
HS : Yeah, I don't think we have much time to do that...
YS : But we can ask the staffs for help.. & don't forget, we still have B2UTIES!
DW : But, I feel bad to B2UTIES. We waste their time just to have paper cranes!
DJ : Dongwoon's right... We shouldn't toyed our fans because of the party..
YS : How about if we make a contest, those who make the most paper cranes wins!
JH : Win what? We don't have a lot of money, you know?
YS : 2 winners can join the birthday party, how's that? Too hard to resist? Keke~
HS : Agree~
JH : Okay, who agree with that? Raise your hand..

Yoseob, Dongwoon, DooJoon, Hyunseung & Junhyung raise their hands. They all agree with the decision.

DJ : All agree? Then, Dongwoon & Yoseob, you two in charge of the decoration & the contest.
DW&YS : Kay~
HS : Decorations checked~
JH : Now, what should we order for the foods & drinks?
DJ : Don't forget the birthday cake :3
HS : KiKwang favourite flavour is vanilla, so let just order a vanilla cake!
JH : Okay, what about the side dishes..?
DJ : BBQ? Keke~
HS : Are you trying to make us fat again?
DJ : Wae? We are BEAST anyway.. keke
JH : What about cheese spaghetti?
YS : Ughh. KiKwang is not an italian-like dude.
DW : But I think KiKwang will just eat anything.

And again, DooJoon high five with Dongwoon.

JH : I prefer Budae Stew! :D
HS : Yookgaejang!
DJ : That's good! *yum*
JH : Okayy~ Budae Stew & Yookgaejang! Now, drinks?

Suddenly, Junhyung become hyper...

YS : Fine with me ;)

They all agree with the foods & drinks for the party.

DJ : Hyunseung & Junhyung, you guys in charge for the menu.
HS : Okay. But what you're going to do? We all have our works to do...
DJ : I'm in charge with the theme.
DW : Theme?
DJ : Yeah, theme! This year we will do the Spooky Theme >:)
YS : Great! We should wear ghost masks!
JH : Okay then, Spooky Theme it is!
HS : Can't wait for the party tomorrow!

so the boys begin to organizing their works.

On the next day...

Date : 30 Mac 2011
Time : 8 PM
Place : BEAST Dorm

While KiKwang is still busy recording, the other members busy do their works for the birthday party.

Knock knock...

Someone knocked the door. When DooJoon opened the door, he saw 2 girls in front of him..

DJ : You two are the lucky winners?
SS&HT : Yeap! :)
DJ : Come in then~ *wahh the short one is really cute! (HT) *
HT : Oppa~ I'm your num#1 fan! :3
DJ : *surprised* O really? I'm very happy to have such a cute fan like you :)
HT : C-cute?? *blushed*
DJ : Yeap~ Now, can you help me some the works? I need help..
HT : Sure! Glad to help my num#1 bias :)
DJ : *blushed* Let's go!

Suddenly, DooJoon hold Hattie's hand & both of them leave Syasya alone..

SS : Hattie... why you leave me alone? T.T
YS : Heyy~ Why are you alone..?
SS : My friend left with DooJoon oppa..
YS : That guy!! How dare he leaves you alone!!
SS : Ehh,, Please don't be mad at him..
YS : Hmm it's okay, you can help me with these paper cranes.. Come! *hold syasya's hand*
SS : Ok..

Everyone busy decorating the room...serving the foods & drinks...

1 hour later... They all had finished their works! The birthday party is almost started...
They wait for KiKwang to return..

But suddenly...

knock knock...

KK : Guys! It's me KiKwang! Open the door please..

Everyone quickly wear their ghost masks and hide. DooJoon turn off the light & unlock the door. Then, he quickly hide behind a chair before KiKwang opens the door...

As KiKwang step into the room, it was a full silent & dark. So he switch on the lights.
As the light is on...

KK : WAHHH!! *Run away*

Dongwoon quickly try to catch KiKwang from running away. & he successfully caught KiKwang!
KiKwang is still in terror with that scary situation. But Dongwoon calm him down. Everyone remove their scary ghost masks.

DJ : Yah!! It's Us!! :D
KK : W-what.. the..
ALL : Happy 22nd birthday!
KK : Ah.. you guys really surprised me!! I almost faint at the door! :P
YS : *wear the ghost mask & scare KiKwang* BOO!!
KK : Yoseob! Stop it already or I will...
YS : Will what?

KiKwang wear a ghost mask & catch Yoseob. Both of them play tag, running around the room makes the room more cheerful~

JH : Yahh! Stop playing around! Come & blow the candles~
KK : Wow! Vanilla cake my fave!

Everyone sing the Happy Birthday song to KiKwang.

saengil chukkahamnida~
saengil chukkahamndia~
saengil chukkae Lee KiKwangie~
saengil chukkahamnida~

saengil chukkaeyo, KiKwang!!

As KiKwang blow the candles, they all be micheo like bunch of monkeys! ( like eunhyuk )
They also took some pictures together with the cake.


DooJoon whip KiKwang's face with the cake cream!
Now everyone make a hustle & bustle !

DJ : Omo, You look great!
KK : Hyung!!! *whip DooJoon's cheek with the cream*

Yoseob,Dongwoon,Junhyung & Hyunseung attacked with each other with the cake cream!
They had a very fun time!

SS : Hey, Hattie..
HT : What?
SS : *whip Hattie's nose with cream & run away*
HT : Oiii!!! *trying to catch Syasya*

5 minutes later, they'd enough with the cream attacks!
They enjoyed the foods & drinks...
After eating...

KK : Who is that girl talking to DooJoon?
YS : She's DooJoon big fan!
KK : I thought she is his girlfriend. They look like a great couple though..
YS : *not listening* Let's open presents! As you know, mine is the biggest!
KK : Omo! That big present is for me? o_O
YS : Yup! You like it?
KK : I love it!

KiKwang quickly run & hug Syasya which he is mistaken her for his present...

SS : Wahh!! * surprised *
KK : My pressie~
YS : Wait! Wait! Wait! She's not your present! =.="
KK : Aww. But I want her :(

Yoseob pull Syasya from KiKwang's arms.

SS : LOL! I'm not your present, Oppa :P
KK : Then, where is my present?
DJ : Your presents are over there! *points to a mountain of gifts & presents!*
KK : *shook head* No, I was talking to her...
SS : Eek.. I forgot to bring along the present..sorry! Is there anything that I can do for you as your present instead?
KK : Hmm there is one thing...
SS : What it is? *nervous*
KK : Bobo!! :3
SS : *Froze*

The others who are still eating are shocked with KiKwang's crazy wish....

JH : Yah! KiKwang! Don't go to far ehh =="
HS : What the kling are you thinking?
DW : *jealous jealous*
HT : Syasya!! >.<
DJ : Aigoo~ micheo boy...
KK : Just a kiss on the cheek is not a bad thing....
SS : Fine! 1 time only! *forceful*

Everyone in the room are so nervous with the 'kiss' thingy..

KK : Do it do it chu~ *sings F(x)-Chu song*
SS : *Bobo on KiKwang's cheek*

ALL : WAHHHH~~~ *enjoyed the show*


After the birthday party was over...
Syasya & Hattie go back home.

HT : Hey, Sya!
SS : What?
HT : The kiss thingy.. Is it a forceful kiss?
SS : Of course lah!! U crazy what? ( lying..)
HT : No I'm not! ( I know you're lying... )
SS : Then, stop talking about it!
HT : *kissy kissy face*
SS : You little...Come here! *chase Hattie*
HT : Blablabla~ catch me~~~ *run away*




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Bday Card Originally designed by Syasya^^


Weee~ It's 30 of March already!
Today is my nampyeon birthday! *scream my hears out*
He is twenty-two years old now..

Ahh.. BTW, syasya ade design birthday card for him^^
look at the pic above ( cantik x? )
Kalo korg x nmpk jelas yg ucapan kt ats tuh..
bce bwh ni !

Happy Birthday Lee Gikwang, I’m so glad you
were born, because you brighten my life
and fill it with joy. With each year I’ll love
you more. Remember that your best years
are still ahead of you and I’ll be there
for every up down and in between. -syasya-

Ishh.. rindunyerr kt die.. T^T
Ari ni da msk 348 days anniversary :)
( yeap! we've been together for 348 days! )
lgi bbrp ari je nk dkt 1 year anniversary <3

Happy birthday, nampyeon !
I Hope you're having a great time today !
Saranghae !

We sing happy birthday to you
3 months of your dreams come true
We sing happy birthday to you
3 months of your dreams come true

3 ho ho ho ho
This is your birthday song
3 ho ho ho ho
Celebrate the night
3 ho ho ho ho
All your dreams come true
Happy birthday to you: We all sing together

We sing happy birthday to you
Everyone always achieve your dreams
We sing happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, celebration
The night of the party, came to feel the vibrations
Light is brilliant, and we feel fine
We dance until the morning light
Happy birthday, celebration
Anyone tempted to
Another one, this is your day
I think all right

It's the perfect motivation
Enjoy the charm, and feel the atmosphere
Today, all my friends here
Happy anniversary, and we hold you tight
It's a perfect situation
Hale and hearty what a combination
Once again, this is your day
I think it'll be alright

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anyeong, blog-walkers!!

Ignore je title tu.. what I mean is "Negative thoughts"
Ok syasya tau bile sebut je "Negative" or "-" msti korg
teringat psl MATH kn? Homework blom siap lg ar tu :)

jajaja back to the topic!!

Ari tu kan, ade r kwn syasya tag vid kt FB.
( sorry ah syasya x kasi link vid tu, cuz syasya lupe r ape title die )

Vid tu psl bbrp org Jepun tangkap bbrp ekor Dolphin...
& then amek lemak/dagingnye tuk msk makanan exotic =="

Kejam kan?? Tp perkara yg buat syasya marah sngt when
sume komen bende2 negative terhadap jepun tu...
bukan syasya sokong aktiviti jepun tu but...

ade r org komen mcm ni :

"Bodo btol org Jepun nie!"
"Patut la kene tsunami!!"
"Padan muke dorg mati kne tsunami!"

& bbyk2 lg la komen2 terok tu =="

syasya rse, dorg x patut komen mcm tu kt Jepun...
Pada pendapat syasya, ade gak negara yg lebih terok drpd Jepun..
Malaysia pon sme gak! Bnyk kes2 keji berlaku =="

Lagipon skrang, berDoa la supaya org kt Jepun tu sume2 selamat..
Terutamanye org Islam kt sane...
Bukannye mencaci org Jepun >.<

Hmmm mesti sstengah drpd korg ingt syasya ni sokong perbuatan keji
Jepun tu.. but u guys r wrong,, syasya pon kesian gak kt dolphin2 tu :(
& syasya jugak benci/marah kt org yg seksa haiwan2 =="
& btw, bukannye sume org Jepun buat mcm tu..
kalo nk marah2 tu jgn la terlebih had pulakk..
terutamanye org komen mcm ni "Padan muke dorg mati kne tsunami!"

eee geram gilerr tgk komen mcm tu!! mmg berfikiran negative!

& so, the moral of the story are...

Janganlah berlagak lebih

Peliharalah haiwan & alam sekitar

Tak baik mengejek/ mencaci org

Kite perlulah HARUS Berfikiran POSITIF!

sorry la kalo syasya ad buat korg terasa..sekian..

p/s : syasya ad buat fanfic baru.. click sini!

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 Starring :
Yang Yoseob ( Little White Riding Seop )
Yoon DooJoon (The Beast/Mr.DooJoon)
Lee GiKwang ( Mummy GiKwang )
Jang Hyunseung ( Princess Jang )
Son DongWoon ( Woonie Woodpecker )
Yong Junhyung/Jaesoon ( Granny Junhyung )

     Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived in a village near the forest.  Whenever he went out, the little boy wore a white riding cloak, so everyone in the village called him Little White Riding Seop.

One morning, Little White Riding Seop asked his mother if he could go to visit his grandmother as it had been awhile since they'd seen each other.

Little White Riding Seop : Mummy! Can I visit Granny?? I miss her :(
Mummy Gikwang : That's a good idea! :D

So they packed a nice basket for Little White Riding Seop to take to his grandmother.
When the basket was ready, the little boy put on his white cloak and kissed his mother goodbye.

Mummy Gikwang : Remember, go straight to Granny's house, don't dawdle along the way and please don't talk to strangers! The woods are dangerous!
Little White Riding Seop : Don't worry mummy, I'll be careful :)

As Little White Riding Seop is walking, he noticed some lovely flowers in the woods, he forgot his promise to her mother. He picked a few, watched the butterflies flit about for awhile, listened to the frogs croaking and then picked a few more. Little White Riding Seop was enjoying the warm summer day so much, that he didn't notice a dark shadow approaching out of the forest behind him...

Suddenly, a handsome beast appeared beside him.

Mr.DooJoon : What are you doing, little boy?
Little White Riding Seop : *surprised* Who are you?
Mr.DooJoon : I'm the Handsomest Beast in the woods. Call me Mr.DooJoon >:)

Little White Riding Seop : Wow! You really are the handsomest Beast in the woods! :O
Mr.DooJoon : *laughed* Now,now. What are you doing out here, boy?
Little White Riding Seop : I'm on my way to see my Granny who lives through the forest, near the brook.
Mr.DooJoon : *smiled* Oh really? Then, you must get going. She must be very worry about you.
Little White Riding Seop : Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Goodbye Mr.DooJoon! :)
Mr.DooJoon : Goodbye, little boy >:)

Little White Riding Seop rushing down the path to her Granny's house. 
The beast, in the meantime, took a shortcut...

The beast, a little out of breath from running, arrived at Granny's and knocked lightly at the door.

Granny Junhyung : Oh thank goodness dear!  Come in, come in!  I was worried sick that something had happened to you in the forest!

Granny thinking that the knock was her grandson. So she let the beast in.
Poor Granny did not have time to say another word, before the beast tied her up & stuffed a handkerchief in Granny's mouth so she cannot scream.
Then, the beast stuffed Granny into his sack and run away, kidnapping Granny.

Mr.DooJoon : You are mine now, love! >:D

But the beast made a rookie mistake...

He didn't close the door & so, Little White Riding Seop saw everything!

Little White Riding Seop : GRANNY!! D:

Little White Riding Seop started to shout for help. He shouted as loud as he could.
A woodsman who was chopping logs nearby heard Little White Riding Seop cry and ran towards the cottage as fast as he could.

Woonie Woodpecker : What's the matter, dear?
Little White Riding Seop : That beast is trying to kidnap my Granny!! *points to Mr.DooJoon*
Mr.DooJoon : *oh sheettt!*

The woodsman grabbed the beast from running away.
But suddenly...

Another beast came in...

Princess Jang : DooDoo!! What are you doing here?! >:(
Mr.DooJoon : Err Nothing dear! D:
Princess Jang : Are you trying to rape Junhyung?! Why you little monster..Come here you!!
Mr.DooJoon : NOOO!! T.T

Princess Jang pull the beast ear and dragged him out from the house. The beast crying out with pain.

When the two beast couple had gone, Little White Riding Seop quickly untie the sack & freed his Granny. He hugged his Granny tightly.

Little White Riding Seop : Granny!!! Are you okay? *cries*
Granny Junhyung : Yes I'm fine, dear! Thank you for saving my life!
Little White Riding Seop : Thank you Mr.woodsman!
Woonie Woodpecker : No biggie :)

Granny Junhyung : Now,now. Let's eat dinner as a reward for saving my life, Mr.Woonie :)
Little White Riding Seop : Yeah! Please stay for dinner! :)
Woonie Woodpecker : Okayy. I'm really hungry. :)

~They enjoy their dinner & live happily ever after. THE END~

// Jealous? T.T Monday, March 21, 2011 | 6:00 PM | 0 comments


Heyy guys! syasya nk tanya korg...
korg pernah x rse jeles kt org len??
mesti pernah kn? kalo yg x pernah tu...
mesti kne gak!! *mwahahaha!*

Bnyk kali x? hurmphh! aq??
errr kdg2 jew! ( nahh i'm lying )
wuuu.. T.T

nk tau x knp syasya jeles ari ni?
& dgn spe? sbb ap?
korg tgkla vid kt bwh nie...

* kalo nk tgk, bkk link @ new tab *

O em Gee...
KiKi!!! U r soooo sexxyyy *dr00ling*
hehe ur sexxayy dance is really Daebakk ^^
Heee~ u also cute while singing with.... IU !! 

But there is ONE thing that i hate....
( okkayy make that FOUR things i hate.. )

First :
I hate when you (KiKi) hold hand with IU. It makes me feel jealous! T.T 

Second :
I hate when you & IU are...are...are...attached heads together (what to say) at the end.

Third :
Hawaiian Couple? I hate it!! :P

Fourth :
IU shuld be with Wooyoung! Shipped Milky Couple T.T

// what is school? Sunday, March 20, 2011 | 12:00 PM | 0 comments


I'm back with weird title-post! LoL...

What is school?

Sekolah merupakan sebuah bangunan atau tempat yang berfungsi untuk memberikan ilmu kepada pelajar, yang merujuk sesiapa yang belajar di situ. Struktur sekolah moden mungkin dilengkapi dengan kemudahan teknologi (IT) atau sekadar bilik darjah sahaja. Selain itu, sekolah biasanya mempunyai beberapa tenaga pengajar atau guru untuk mendidik dan membimbing pelajar.

LoLxx!! Forget about that!!

Wuu esk skola!!
Biar bt0l da abes 1 minggu!! Asl skejap sngt aa? *aq pon x tau!*

Homework Holidaywork korg da siap lom??
Tahniah pd ssape yg da siapkn & 'High 5' bg yg blom siapkn lgi..
lol!! aq pon blom siap aaa >.<
my 85 math questions blom siap lgi la!!!
Tinggal sikit lgi je....

ANON : Abess tu, npe x siapkn skrang??

Uishhh!! Rmai btol org tnye soalan2 cmtu kt aq T.T
aq ni mmg pemalas!! siapkn homework last2 minute!!
& tau je la akibatnye esk ><
Tp x insaf2 lgi kott.. lolx!

~tutup psl masalah homework tu~

cute je kan?? :D
( cehh..ap yg cute?? )


P/S : Aimi ! Thx tag me in ur FF~ Me kapel with Yoseob? OMONA <3 i ship SYAIMI 4EVa ^^

// save my mp5!! T.T Friday, March 18, 2011 | 5:59 PM | 0 comments


Boohoo... sad thought when i remember of my mp5...
haa.. nk tau cer ap da jd ngan mp5 aq??

bermulanya kisah 4 hari yg lps...ari selasa tu *15/3/2011*

my kazen came,,,

as u all know, all my kazen (from my mom's) r BOYSS...
so, kasar skit ;P
cume aq je yg lemah.. *cehh*

That night,

aq nk cabut wire charger mp5 aq cuz battery da full.
Then, kazen aq Abg Faiz kepo sngt nk tgk mp5 baru aq tuhh
so aq bgi la mp5 tu kt die..

mcm nie la conversations kitorg aritu...

Abg Faiz : Eeh ape tu? *kepo*
Me : Mp5!
Abg Faiz : Tgk jap!
Me : *give* nah!
Abg Faiz : touch screen ke? *touch2*
Me : No laa~
Abg Faiz : memory card ape nih??
Me : Idk...
Abg Faiz : *kluarkn memo card*
Me : *shocked but calm*
Abg Faiz : *psg balik memo card tu*

Then then then then.....

bile die nk psg balik... memo card tu da berjaya msk but...
jatuh msk dlm dlm dlm dlm MP5 !

Haaa mse tu la aq rse mcm nk pengsan! T.T
wuuuu my mp5.........

& so,,, kazen aq tu pon mule la nk spam "sorry" kt aq :P
nseb bek la aq ni baek maafkn die if not....fuh! tau2 je la nseb die..

hmmm...terima la hakikatnye ;(

But!! BUT BUT BUT! *yeah msti ade 'but'...*

nseb bek la dlm mp5 aq tu ade spare memo card!!
aq ad 2 memo card!! hikhikhik...but....
memo card lame tu 4 GB je yg kne telan tu 8 GB! T.T

but it's okay! nnti aq suh ayh aq g low yat & beli memo card 8
GB bru or suh org kluarkn memo card tu~

// Eargasm!! Sunday, March 13, 2011 | 2:39 PM | 0 comments


Gahh!! What's up with the title???
Eargasm?? What's that?? *IDK lol...*
Music stucked in my head rite now.....

Korg!! I think something weird happened to G-DRAGON T.T
He suddenly turned into a MONSTER! BEAST! :P
No,, a Noona Killer!!! XD

wanna know why??
check this out :


Noona killer!! haha!!
Waaaa...from 'High High' to these...what had happened to him?
He looks like.....My Chemical Romance guy......
& What's with the emo-rock song??
He suddenly change into a different person-
He looks really cold & blue in these MV

I miss his old bright-cheerful self :(
& the cool song of his >.<

But, when I heard these songs...
I began to addicted to it! LOL!
I love the beat! But no autotune plz T.T
GD is better without it.

I think I'm gonna like the new GD
although I'm gonna miss his old self...
No Hard Feelings :)


Omo! When I first heard this song...I laughed non-stop!
Kinda weird but addicted >.<
It sounded like a cowboy song?? Lol...

sound like... if it was back in the early 1900s and... I would go into a bar in the midwest...
and there would some guy with a black bow and red/white stripe shirts dancing to this. haha!

Lol at the intro -his moaning >.<
& his "HuHu Kajima~" @ 2:33
so freakin' cuteeee!!

Even the lyrics looks kinda funny..hehe
anyways this song is my new obsession :)

Ooh LaLa Ooh LaLa Oh!!


Haa~ This one is T.O.P :)
I love this song~~~ wuuuu
It makes me wanna do poppin' *LOL*
but too bad my body ached :'(

Ouhh nvm-- who wan to see me poppin??
put yo hands up in da air~
Ok seriously, keep yo head down~
i dun wanna show it to u guyss heheh XD 


Okayy smpai di sini saja post aq...
I wanna watch Oh!my school with KiKi & Yoseob :)


// news~news~ Friday, March 11, 2011 | 10:12 PM | 0 comments


anyeong, blog-walkers~

aaa! Speaking about the title...
korg tgk x berita td??? Tsunami kt Jepun!!
Kalo korg x tau.. open this >CLICK<

Ishh..mmg takut gile r....mcm bumi nk kiamat! o.O
Air ombak die da la itam kotor >.<
Uishh serammm~ what if Malaysia jgk kne telan ngn tsunami??
Omoo!! cnt imagine it!!

Btw, 2NE1 & KARA were there!! >.<
WAAA! nseb bek dorg okay! :D


ok2! enough with dat~~
Rite now i wanna crite kt korg psl hubby aq :P
> Read This! <

KiKi picks Hyosung as his 'new' ideal girl!
Hmmm korg rse aq tgh mrh ke x??
Of course not~ I like Hyosung unnie too :)
She's my fav member in SECRET^^

But...look at those nasty comments =="
Aq ingt lgi yg KiKwang's ideal girl yg lepas punye...
die pilih victoria (fx) , min (miss A) , Yoona (SNSD)
& ni yg bru punye, Hyosung (SECRET)...
Ni bermakna KiKi is not a 'PLAYBOY' okaay?? =="
uishh geramnye aq tgk komen2 dorg!!

Here's the truth :

KiKi chose his fav member in every girls grup~
& when he meant 'IDEAL GIRL', he meant his
'type of girl' & not 'DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH HER' literally!
So, he means that he is a 'FAN' to Hyosung or
other his ideal girls! & yah he is NOT a PLAYBOY! :)

yg psl die asyik2 tukar ideal girl tu... biaser la...normal!
mcm korg fangirls, suke tukar2 balak!! *plz be honest to urself*
kdg2, aq pon pening nk pilih spe dlm B2ST! mse tu,
aq pilih antara KiKi & Yoseob <3
But yahh! Akhirnye aq da buat keputusan to be KiKi's wifey *cehh sesuke ati je!*
& Yoseob *my aegy~* HAHA!

Ok..until now my post~ Hrp2 xde org nk 'quarrel' psl
hal hubby aq tu *cehhh*
& hrp2 la org kt Jepun tu sume okay2~ *Amin!*

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weee~ cuti 1 minggu~~
hurrayyy :D

I was like..


Then, I remembered of sumthing..

I'd mny homeworks to do!

I tried to ignore it...

But i juz cnt stop thinking about it!

without wasting times, i took out my homeworks & do it..


but then, i thought of sumthing..

who really does it??
 This concerns me. All I do on Fridays is blobify on the couch, watch TV, and eat cheesecake. 

i was like "i will do it later~"

& later on, i stucked in front of the tv :)

And listen to ma KPOP songs~

// mystery~ Thursday, March 10, 2011 | 6:55 PM | 0 comments

LOL! Donghae rejected by Auauu :P

What a mystery day today~
Mse waktu balik kt skola td,,
kazen faggot aq belanja aq beli air~
aq x suruh die beli pon :P
Lucky day I guess??

Ah, pstu kt rmh parents
aren't home..they went to the hospital.
So,,,,It's PARTY TIME!
Bukak lgu GD&TOP - High High & psg
speaker kuat2! XD

Oh yah! Mase tu Shahril *my lil bro*
& aq je kt rmh...In fact, die la yg psgkn speaker
tu~ hahaha...

Thennn...after aq tukar bju...
aq tgk kt living room, to see what's my bro doing...
& yeahh terkejot gak bile aq tgk die....
Die menari + nyanyi GD punye line~ HAHAHA!
X leh blah pose die! xD
nk tiru gaya GD konon....huahua~

nmpknye aq da berjaya menyebarkn virus KPOP ni~
hahaha! :)

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stressed gile!

anyeong, gurls~ (r u a girl,right?)

see the title?? I wan cha to read it...
okayy-- nvm...stop asking me.. hehehe!
Wud is homework??
I wonder ape jawapan korg... :P

Haha.. forget it-
korg ad homework x??
aq punye bnyk gile2! setinggi gunung! (cewahhh~)

alarr tau2 je la..cuti skola da dkt... mesti cikgu bg holidaywork!
gerammmnyeee--- ad ke perkataan 'holidaywork' nie?? wujud ke??
perkataan tu cikgu aq yg reka... ayoyo! mcm bukan cuti jew!

pfft~ cikgu kasi homework  holidaywork math bnyk gile!
MATH pulak tu!! nk tau brp soalan??


Haa~ nk terkeluar bijik bola mata korg! hahaha .
mmg daebak kn?? daebakk gile =="

mlm ni da la kne tuisyen lgi....
aigoo- betapa 'hebatnya' hidup ku ini.

eh..psl 85 soalan tu... aq kne buat 12 or 13 soalan sehari...
(1 week = 7 days)

Will my life will get any crazier than this??
*dun answer*

// That 'So-Called-Gurl' Tuesday, March 8, 2011 | 5:38 PM | 0 comments

respect me while I'm being nice. . .

Anyeong, blog walkers!

Jaa~ I'm feeling like to change my blog theme again! xD
But dat's not what I wanted to say...
read the title plz??

That 'So-Called-Gurl' is a girl from my school..
*sorry I cnt tell u her name* So I'm gonna call her blue..
blue ni bkn org jahat but... ntah larr . She is kinda act like
a.... err let's just say that she is a girl with two faces!!

Well aq ni bukan org yg suke kutuk2 org . Mestila aq ad alasannye.
Aq x suke blue sbb die ni slalu buat muke masam bile ckp ngan aq!
Bile ngan org len, die happy & sweet je! Asal huh??
Aq x penah buat slh kt die pon...tetibe je die buat muke kelat kt aq :(

I tried to be her friend. Her GOOD FRIEND!
But I think I failed =="

Ishh~ Whatever la kalo tu yg die nk...
Syasya x kisah :)

// KiKi&GD :) Friday, March 4, 2011 | 10:33 PM | 0 comments

Click <HERE> to see the pic bigger & clearer :)

Hehehe. The pic is taken by me x)
Ina Ninomiya is my Best Friend & Syasya Sahira is me.
We had a fun time 'meroyan' in FB! LOL!

Read @ our funny conversations! :)


KiKi ( Lee Kikwang / my husband! )
G-Dragon ( GD/BIGBANG / Ina's Boifren! )


Jajajajaja~ Lookie at the coke! Ehh...It's Junhyung!! No..It's 'Antu Coca Cola Joker!'
Hahahaha! actually it is animated. Click <HERE> to see the charismatic COKE! :D

Okayy- Until now. Anyeong amigos! :D

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(whats up with the weird title?)

created by fuckyeahbeastgifs
yah! No comment :P

Anyeong, blog-walkers!

Ughh.. Just like my previous post... my RESULTS!!
Grrr x puas ati! My results r so bad sial *haa..tgk! Kan da terlps ckp nie!*
I got C's!!! *but not all the papers*

60 marks - 69 marks (grade C !)
70 marks - 79 marks (grade B !)
80 marks - 100 marks (grade A !)

aigoo... I'm so right now! 

Hurm.. mesti korg tertanye2 subjek ap yg aq dpt C tu, kan? kan? kan? 
But I ain't tellin' you right now...tunggu aq dpt sume kertas & results,
then I will tell you guys, arasso?? 

Just to keep my mood bright up...
Korg watch vid ni! Lwk + Cute !! hehehe..


Bwhahaha! Lawak kn?? Yoon Leader what r u doing to the Unstoppable Joker??
Hahaha!! B2ST r such dorks! They are really ADORKABLE 

Aw naughty DooJoon! Btw, what r those meanings on the paper that
you stick in behind Junhyung's back?? Is it said 'Son Dong Woon'??
Kekekeke~ so cute! ROFL I laughed so hard when DooJoon pointed at Junhyung's
back to the audiences / reporters to take a picha of Junhyung's back!!!
Geezz u guys are funny XD

support 2JUN couple^^ But I support DooSeob more!

// Exam is Overr!! Thursday, March 3, 2011 | 6:54 PM | 0 comments


Heee~ guess what..?? Exam is overrr!! :)
weeeeeee~ I'm so happy but...I dun wanna know my results =="
Especially, MATH !! Everyone said that the paper is easy but to me...
BLUR! Aww I dun wanna get a C or D!!! >.<

Maybe I'm the only one who gets the lowest mark on MATH! T^T
AwAwAw.. tomorrow I got math class.... I hope the teacher haven't
finish marking the papers!! XD

Alaa...sme je kalo x dpt kertas esk...minggu dpn ad lgi! Wuuuu...
I hope I got a B ! I dun wanna get a C & be the lowest mark on math =="
Boohoo! So sad! >_____<

// Get shock! Tuesday, March 1, 2011 | 3:51 PM | 0 comments
ergh!! but i still cnt keep calm :(

Arghh!! Test td.... GILERRR MICHEOO aq jdinye!! :(
BM & BI okayy je..senang...but... IM TOTALLY GONNA FAIL at GEOGRAPHY!
Huaaaa~~ sedeyhnyee!!! Bnyk soalan aq x hentam ja sume >.<
Mmg susahhhh!!! UGH!! Esk ad tests SJ,AG,P,SENI & MATH!
Gonna be micheo micheo micheo!! :(

Okayy gts!! *got to study*

anyeong!! :(

P/s : Wish me luck!! Doakan aq berjaya ehh :)