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Annyeonghaseyo! KimChi imida. You are now in my Kawaii land. I'm a SPM victim. Aaaahh! Study! Blogger! Noo! #Oops! Don't forget to click that navi's ok. By the way, thanks for visit here. Sa Rang Hae Princess(es) online


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Assalamualaikum & hiyeomiess ~ Without wasting le preshus time.


Kaayyy. My bias from EXO-M?? Honestly I don't know. All of them are handsome & cute. I'm getting dizzy to pick one *scoff* But I'll set my heart for . . .

sex-stare. BOOM! pregnant :P

Kitty-Kris :3



He looks like he bottoms, but when he raps he makes it very clear that he tops. 

Seems like you haven’t met his fabulous bitch face yet. Even the fangirls are afraid to attack him.    
kris-sshi, you better save that lucious lips for me. ACK!!


 WUFAN WAE YOU SHO HAWT?! I HATE YOU ---> bewildered for love. haha. I know most EXOTICS choose Kris & Luhan right? Diorang ni ramai fans. And so the others. Xiupao, Taoco, Chendol, Laychips <3 hahaha. Semua nama makanan ._. lapar la pulak. grururururu ~

 Kris's gaze can kill noonas & also pedos out there. lol. That sexy smirk of him ;A; urghh sssstop teasing us!! or I will throw angry bird at you. That sexy deep voice of his makes girls swoon over him. asdfghjkl eargasm. I could drown in his voice.

k that's all for today. I don't wanna fall for him deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep more. otherwise I'll be cheating on 'him'. bye-yeom.

Creds : pictures from tumblr

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500+ followers!! thnk you for giving me much of loooooove <3

Assalamualaikum & hiyeom ^^

 Today is the first day I start the EXO challenge . So here it go :

Day 1 : Your favorite teaser

Awww must choose only 1? It's hard to choose 1 out of 23 teasers ._. Seriously SM , stop teasing us. I really like Tao's teaser . The teaser num. 15. Oh damn his kungfu is awesome. Then again, I also like teaser num. 13 & 14 ! The one that Sehun & Kai sexy dance in What is Love :3 Ok, basically I like all of the teasers. Most of it got I HAD to remove Kai ._______. becuz his dance is way too fqin sexy for me to breathe.

 So currently my favorite teaser is . . .

Hahaha! I know this teaser doesn't list in EXO's songs. But the piano melody is so soothing and nice. *plus there's D.O & Suho in it. You know what I mean?? *wriggle brows* D.O omma & Suho appa <3

 This video looks like a korean drama . A romance tragedy drama between D.O & Suho. The storyline is about a young couple falling in love but one day, things started to change as they're forbidden to be together, to be in love. They knew they are different as they represent water & earth which both can't be together. They separated & never see each other.

 After years passed, D.O and Suho have their own lives. D.O are happily living with his fiance` , Kai while Suho is a Geothermal scientist. But one day, D.O went to the old field where he & his old soulmate played kite. O_O he saw Suho. Both of them flabbergasted with the unexpected meeting. Truthfully, both of them still have feelings with each other. They both gaze in each other's eyes with admiring look...until then, tears flowed out. They knew the situation will get even worse with Kai as D.O's fiance`. And the new love triangle is formed.


bye-bye alls ~


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Ayo waddup peeps! I'm back with le challenge. This is my 2nd challenge I joined. The first one is INFINITE *you can check it out in the 'stuff' section* and now, it's about EXO ! Can't wait to start ~ stay tune xD

  • Day 1 : Your favorite teaser
  • Day 2 : Your bias from EXO-M
  • Day 3 : Your top OTP
  • Day 4 : Your ultimate bias from EXO
  • Day 5 : The cutest picture of Luhan
  • Day 6 : Your second favorite teaser
  • Day 7 : Any picture of any member you love
  • Day 8 : Your bias from EXO-K
  • Day 9 : A picture of Kai smiling
  • Day 10 : Your favorite gif of Lay
  • Day 11 : 'What is Love' or 'History' ?
  • Day 12 : A song from a teaser that you love
  • Day 13 : Your favorite picture of your bias in EXO-K
  • Day 14 : Your favorite pictures of Suho, Xiumin & Chen
  • Day 15 : A screen shot of your favorite part in 'History'
  • Day 16 : Your second ultimate bias in EXO
  • Day 17 : Your top six pictures of Sehun
  • Day 18 : A song from a teaser that you can keep on replay
  • Day 19 : Your top six pictures of your ultimate bias in EXO
  • Day 20 : A serious picture of your second ultimate bias
  • Day 21 : A cute gif of one of your bias
  • Day 22 : Your third favorite teaser
  • Day 23 : 6 random pics of any members in EXO
  • Day 24 : The hottest picture of your bias
  • Day 25 : Your favorite picture of Kris
  • Day 26 : Top 3 pics of Baekhyun
  • Day 27 : Your favorite picture of Tao
  • Day 28 : Your favorite pictures of D.O & Chanyeol
  • Day 29 : Your favorite picture of your bias in EXO-M
  • Day 30 : Your favorite pictures of all 12 members
[ created by : ]

I will start the first challenge tomorrow ^-^

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Assalamualaikum & hi-yeoms,

 I'm back with new entry now. *wriggle eye-brows* Finally, it's Fridaaay ~ And tomorrow is holiday. FYEAH HOLIDAY IS COMING ! I will spending 2 weeks with lots of relax spree. And uh maybe study a little bit ._. psst like that will happen. aigoo ... me and my negative thoughts.

 This holiday, my family and cousins plan to go to Singapore but got cancelled. Instead, we plan to go to Pulau Tioman. uh. I want to go to SG ._. I don't like swimming cuz I can't . my long legs are good for nothing .

 How I love fridays. Today got Music Bank ( my OT7 *squeals* ) eonnie will comeback with '2Hot' ! The song is daebak & pretty addicting, jinjja. But the mv dissapoints me. B1A4 with 'Baby Goodnight'. Aweee my Sandeullie oppar *O* The song is sweet and cute. But I don't think the lyrics is cute. otl. pft cheaters. CNU is really hot without the glasses. But the cuteness will never be erased in him <3

 And uhh, JJ PROJECT ! JR & JB. Me likey JR better. Started falling for him since DH2. What A Cutie Pie. I wish I could eat him up. * Sungyeol death glares you * gulps.... Then, Running Man time! Today episode starring JYP . Looking forward to it since my bro said the ep is a lot more funnier ^^

 At 9:05pm. Salamander Guru airs it's first episode in ONE HD. My shining Minho ~ and a lot more idol guests. I'm reaaaaally excited. This is going to be a fine Friday :3 I hope nobody cockblock my moment with my biases. If someone dares to, I'll flip someone's car like L's. HOHOHO *evil laugh! not santa's -.-*


 Yeeeeeyyyy more party time with my happy place, ! Just me & my lappie & my wild imaginative mind. kekeke.

I will start doing 30 days Exo Challenge soon :)

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// Sengsara ;A; Monday, May 21, 2012 | 6:20 PM | 1 comments

will buy this soon ;A;

Assalamualaikum & hi-yeoms,

 *Mood dalam dilema* hurrrrr this year is the suckiest year evaaar. Wae am I 15 this year? I want to be 13 again!! *flips car* This week is exam year. Which mean I have to marry my books. Ugh. I hate you book. I hate you exam. I hate yoooooou ehh ehhh I'm fine living without chu.  Punyalah determine sangat buat azam sendiri tapi tak ikut pun -.- tsktsk.

 Tadi exam maths & Sejarah. Lega dah abes exam math. But nak amik results susah hati. And histowee... did I ever tell you that I suck at History too? No? Well I tell you now. I suck at it. Iskk brain wae you no work like Einstein ? OTL. Me & my fangirling heart never dies. Tak abes-abes hadap laptop. Memang patut kena bebel ngan mama ._. no offense mom, your dear daughter is really lazy! mian .

 Close the situation. Now let's spazz. Petang tadi, asyik usha-usha tgk EXO @ DisneyLand fancams. yes, FANCAMS. My heart ache so much. Gila Jelly dowh. My OT12 pergi DisneyLand. Tak ajak aku pulak tuh ._. //forever sedeyh. Memang banyak picture / fancams aku jumpa dekat fb. Kenaper aku tak ada kat sana? T___T *cuz I'm living in the deepest & darkest hole on the other side of the world* dem lah.

I was like this in front of my laptop.
 Pastu ada satu video nih... D.O amik gambar dengan staff disney tuh. asdfghjkl. Asal comel sangat? Kenapa taknak amik gambar dengan saya? *le cries* Members lain dok sabar je. xD Mianhae for my boyfriend's behalf. kkk

 Last ceritew.. This Friday ada Hari Belia kan? Ukiss, Teen Top & Dal Shabet ada!! Block B kemungkinan ada kot. AHHH nak pergi !! Free showcase pulak tu! Nak jumpa UKISS especially . . . *dot dot* XD ntah, I wanna see them all . ugh. Wae am I not illegal yet? I want my own driving license. //RLAB.

K bye-yeom. I will keep whining to my parents to take me there. ;A;

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gif source

Assalamualaikum & hi-yeoms!!

 Tangan sya tgh menggeletar sekarang ni pasal terlalu excited yang teramat sangat XD Album Infinite baru dah kluar~ *lompat2 ats katil* Malam tadi daebak gileee! Ramai inspirits spazzing kat twitter/tumblr/fb. And of course, I'm one of them.

My 7 awesome boys, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Dongwoo, Hoya, Sungyeol, L & Sungjong <3 ILoveYouGuysSoFreakingMuch ! And of course I love my dear Inspirits friends . GROUP HUGS ~ *squish laptop*

 Memang gila ah malam tu. Look at my twitter status !!


 There's a lot more btw. Good thing x kena jailed or tweet limit. Aaaah. Memang best ah! Dah lama tak fangirling Infinite ;A; This feeling. I really miss it so much. *burst in tears* When the clock strikes 11pm, kecoh satu tlist. I could hear ovaries exploded everywhere *roll like a buffalo* Masing-masing carik link full album tuh, akhirnya jumpa jugak~ Selepas habis dengar sume lagu, terus download sebelum orang tu block >< Nasib baik sempat! Lepas puas dengar beribu-ribu kali, sya kena off tido ._. Tido pukul 12:30am pulak tu! Lantaklah kalau sya penat kat sekolah. I don't care. I'm too happy & excited sampai tak boleh nak tido.

 Korang perasan tak, playlist sya sekarang ni tukar lagu infinite? Lagu Summer Time & The Chaser ^^ my favourite tracks <3 The other tracks are nice too. I love this album much better than the previous now XD I can't wait to get my INFINITIZE Album soon! :3

 Kyaaah I miss my hubby so muchie :'( Mianhae jagi for ditching you over D.O opparr. You're still my number 1 bias though!!! Jeongmal. D.O came 2nd. Forgive meeee T______T *hugs Yeollie* I promise I'll love you more every moment, everyday, every second!! <3

omg..matured yeollie is hawt <3

Currently waiting for the MV to release :3



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// michingesseo -.- Saturday, May 12, 2012 | 9:40 AM | 1 comments


Assalamualaikum & annyeong yeorobun,

 Finally I get to update my blog. Susah betol nak update. Btw, look at my new skin~ Ohsem right? :) Keh. Forget about that. Why do I always update my blog every time I changed my skin. lulz. Sorry for boring you ._.

 Next citerrr. My sweet-sour 15 year old life is crazy. I'm telling you, it's insane. Folio Sejarah tak siap, kena hantar minggu depan. Mid-year exam minggu depan. What a life ~

 Hari Khamis lepas, something happen. Our English teacher was absent, so Cikgu S gantikan. Cikgu tu bagi 'ceramah' kat kitorang pasal markah ujian setara kitorang jatuh. Dia marah sebab kitorang ni kelas KRK . kelas budak pandai . tch. I admit it, my grades aren't good that time. But teacher, I'll try my hard to score better.

 To be honest, I don't like to stay in that class. Plus, I'm not worth it. My UPSR results are not that good either... I only get 3A & 2B . I don't know how I get the KRK class .__. The others are like 4A's or 5A's but me 3A's. Songsaeng-nim, I'm really not worthy to be in that class. Everyone is smarter than me. It suffers me. UGH




INFINITE 'The Chaser' Teaser it out!! Yeollie is so asdfghjkl handsome *dies & went to heaven*

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// Suffered. Tuesday, May 8, 2012 | 5:06 PM | 0 comments

sumpah comel diorang nih...

Assalamualaikum & hi-yeoms ~

 Kyaaaaaa I haven't update my blog for friggin' years weeks. Yet I can't even online for a week!! Wanna know why? It's because le internet connection is broken down -.- You don't know how suffered I am for 7 days! Jinja! Naega michin yeoja .____. Internet is like everything to me. Part of my daily life. I rather let the tv broke down but not the internet!!

 I miss my facebook, twitter, FF, youtube, tumblr & blog!! But most of all I miss my dear lovable chubby squishy cutie cuddly hug-able derpy teddybear , Do Kyungsoo <3 Naneun neomu neomu neomu bogoshippeoyo ;A; I miss him so much that I even doodled my work book with full of  '내 사랑 디오' which means My love, D.O. ><

 For 7 days without internet... I stuck in the room all day long, watching korean dramas with my sis. We watched Playful Kiss & Coffee Prince. It was fun tho :) But demm it's not fun as online =.= I felt like a lazy bear hibernating. I didn't even touch my books. Gila kan? I know, thanks for the compliment.

 But the good news now the internet is back ! Now I can online & live happily ^-^ cheyh. Folio Sejarah belom siap lagi ._. Anywaysss... Alhamdulillah Internet dah ok ~ Boleh buat kerja online. kehkeh. Bukak aje internet, terus serang youtube! Tengok sume fancams/vids D.O sampai pengsan kekejangan. xD

 Uishh Banyak betul perkara yg berlaku. I've been left out T_T I can't wait for Apink/Infinite/Beast comebacks.  Palli comeback eonnies/oppas!


Next Week is Exam Day =.=

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