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// 4minutes Left! Tuesday, April 5, 2011 | 5:18 PM | 0 comments 


syasya nk tnya kt korg...
korg kenal x kpop girl group '4minute' ??
kalo x kenal, g search kt internet :P
syasya cume nk ckp, syasya da jd fan kt group ni^^
yeahh! I'm a 4NIA <3

Ji Hyun, Ga Yoon, Ji Yoon, Hyuna and So Hyun sumenye cntk2 gilee!
ishh bile dngr je perkataan 'cntk' ni, syasya bole dngr
ad org kutuk 4minute sbb plastic surgeries..
Ehhh! Setahu syasya, 4minute ni x penah buat plastic surgeries!
Kalo x percaye, bukak link ni :
4minute's Hyuna "None of the members had plastic surgery"
Eh, lgpon 'bende' ni normal bg org Korea.
plastic surgery kt sne mmg murah *cehh nk try ke tu? haha*
Kalo korg kutuk dorg pon dorg x kisah~
so, jgn la membazir masa buat bende x berfaedah :)
Korg perasan x, lagu kt blog syasya da tukar ke lgu2 4minute?
Kekeke~ best gilaa korg dngr ah :)

This is their pic without make-up!! look at their bare face! so pretty :)

4NIA FOREVER *wink-wink*

// Hate you :'( Monday, April 4, 2011 | 4:47 PM | 0 comments

wanna cry :'(


korg,korg,korg!! Jgn perasan sngt ngan title tu..
syasya syg korg, x kira cntk or buruk. kekeke :)
 cuma... syasya ade enemy skrang.. benci die ssngt!!

korg ingt lg x, blue ?
kalo korg x ingt, click sini.
ni blue bkn purple okayy?? so jgn confuse :P

back to the story....
td kt skola, blue buat syasya marah lg!
syasya rse mcm nk nanges jew but I kept hold my tears
Die jerit2 & mrh2 syasya x tentu psl mcm org gile*
bengang gile! =="

akhirnye, syasya suda x le nk bersabar lgi..
syasya da gile benci ngan die! X nk ckp ngan die lgi!

mule2 die mrh2 syasya ingtkn die tipu je but *she's serious*
kwn2 syasya yg len pon terkejot ngan perangai die..
Nasib bek yg len baik hati cheer me up :')
but still, syasya x puas ngan minah tu! Grrr..

P/S : Sorry, ayt mcm 'gampang' skit. :'(

// why are you being like this? Friday, April 1, 2011 | 4:46 PM | 6 comments
Am I the only one who being left?

Anyeong blog-walkers..
syasya ngah pening + sedih = stressed gile
nk tau knape??

It's about... friendship 
yeah, my chingu..
well I can't tell you her name.. 
so I'll just call her purple.

purple is my very very very awesome chingu.
she is a really cool girl~
I'm so happy that I'd met her & be her chingu.
But... There's something worried me..

purple & I were in different class.
So we can only see each other in recess,
because she's so cool, she got new chingu in her class.
Well, her new chingu is my chingu too, that doesn't bother me much..
but... they look so close like bestfriends.. they even
share secrets without me noticing! 
& they even gossip with each other.. 

When we walk together, purple & her chingu talk
about their own 'news' in their class..
And I feel somehow been left out..
seeing them laughing & smiling makes
me feel.....envious? spiteful? heartburning?

Jealous? YES.

And 1 more thing.
We all had our own 'Kokurikulum' club..
In fact, purple & me are in the same club
until she change it without my notice!
Uhh. That doesn't bother me much cuz I neva came at all *HaHa*
But, what I'm very mad about is
she never ever asks me to join AT ALL!

I'm scared if she forgot about me & left from my sight..
I don't wanna lost my ultimate chingu T-T


Here's the fact :

purple still care for me :)

Yup! Even she is very stubborn or whatsoever
she still care for me & we are still the best chingu ever!
But, It's possible for her to leave me, right? T-T

Ooh. I hope we can be chingu forever!!!


P/S : This is the most emotional entry I'd ever post!
           And for those who doesn't know what 'chingu' is.
It means friend/bestfriend in korean.