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Just like the title says...SO EFFING CUTE!! XD
kalo korg x tau ape tu 'Effing' gi carik kamus :P
Hehe look at the pic below :)

Doojoon has seriously infected everyone with Doopose 
Hey! It's the Doospose! :O

From the pic *Thunder,DongWoon,Mir,DooJoon*
It's the MBLEAST :D hehe... They all influenced with the Doopose >.>
Goshh..The Doopose is very popular time, I will use this pose :)
Ahhh asal dorg ni cute sngt2?? o_O
Geram aq tgk...LoL.. Ha! BTW, I love Woonie's white hoodie! Or should i call it Blouse?? pretty....Eh? Thunder's hair is black now?? Hoorraayyyy~ I love it :D
He looks more asian & handsome now *_*
But Mir.........r u gettin' blonde?? Uhuhuh...I love ur old hair T^T
But anyways, u look more manlier :D but i will miss ur aegyo face >.<
Kekeke Yoon Leader, i love ur hat..Pfft! *no really!*
From the conclusion I see from the picture...
DooJoon has seriously infected everyone with the Doopose




Ohemgee...why r they so cute?? wae? wae? WAEEE?? haha *micheo*
Woonie! u look sooooo adorable with the cute Peace Pose xD
Trying to be the REAL maknae are u?? keke..of course u are^^
Heee I bet Yoseobie is jealous now xD

And Junhyung........

*okayy here comes the micheo part*
For da first time i see u do the AEGYO! omg omg omg...I almost faint seeing
the other side of u! hahaha...What a cute rapper :3

ISH ISH ISH....I wanna pinch ur cheeks >:)
soo adorable! Can I keep you?? hahaha...Nvm, KiKi is enough :P

But seriously!! I felt weird lookin' at u with da aegyo face... xD
But it's okay! I'm fine with that..hehe :)

~Well until here lah...I will post lots of pic for ya next time..See ya~

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Like this post if you are a 100% B2UTY!

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Cute Innocent Puppy Face :3


Waaa…da lama aq x re-blog… Mianehyo >.<
Heee~ Rindu gilew kt korg, my ULTIMATE STALKERS!

Now-now… psg mata korg & read this.

I’ve been busy ( very very very busy ) lately… bukan ape, skola derrr! And when there is school, there will always have SO MANY HOMEWORKS! *auu I hate that ‘H’ word!*

& Selain drpd homework, aq da ADDICTED ngan tumblr
Lakz…& it’s all because of NICK! Hahaha!

Aigoo…bnyk lagi aq nk crite kt korg..but until here lahh~
Nak buat homework nie =,=


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Hey guys & gurls!!

Ari nk critew psl MY TOP #3 BIASES! XD
as u all know that my number #1 bias is LEE KI KWANG!
Heehee~always & forever~~
Now...let see the chart below! :D


NO #1


NO #2


NO #3


Yeahhh~ that was my top #3 biases^^
The num #1 is my nampyeon now...
so the other (num #2 & #3) cn get lost..*Lol JKJK*
I'm so proud to be KIKI'S ULTIMATE NUMBA 1 WIFEYYY haha

P/S : Sorry sewel skit! xD

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OMG! SO CUTE! Neomu kyeopta!!! Neomu neomu neomu Yeppeunde!!
Nampyeon~ y u r dressing like a girl?? Haha! U make me jealous! *cuz u r cute* hehe xD
Wowww! So pink!! haha...I love ur flower headband the most :3
It looks good on u *than me* haha dun misunderstood me...u look cuter in that pinky outfit than me T^T
haha...anyways~ Nampyeon...i miss u!! T^T

Plz come back soon >.<

P/S : I heard that u will be in 'My Princess' drama! Can't wait to watch it~Hee <3

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Happy Not Birthday



The calendar shows to 15th of January 2011. It was her birthday today. Nick kept wandering
around her room; and making a big circle on the floor.
Nick : Ugh! Come on phone! Do your job! Ring!
She hold her pink cellphone and open it. Her inbox showed (0) There is no message.
Nick begin to worries. After a few minutes later, she open her inbox again ; still there
is no message.
Nick : What? No messages or calls? Did they...forgot?!
Nick begin to feel nervous and worried. Nobody had wished her a happy birthday.
Nick quickly logged in her Facebook. She chat with one of her best friend, Sara.
Nick : Yaaa Sara...
Sara : Hi Nick! :)
Nick : I got a seriously big issue here!
Sara : What is it, Nick? :O
Nick : Do you know...what day is today??
Sara : Urmm...Friday?
"WHAT?! JUST FRIDAY?!", Nick wanted to scream. Even her bestfriend doesn't
remember her birthday! Nick held her breath and begin to typing the keyboard.
Nick : Ouh...Ok...Bye!
Sara : Err bye?
Nick logged out from her Facebook account and turned off her laptop.
She is really surprised that her bestfriend forget her birthday! How could
a bestfriend can forget about her birthday? Many questions popped out in Nick's
brain. She is really upset right now.
Nick lay down on her huge bed and call Aimie. A few seconds later, Aimie
pick up her phone...
Aimie : Hello?
Nick : Hello, Aimie! It's me...Nick!
Aimie : Ouh hi Nick! Why you called me?
Nick : I just wanna ask you something...
Aimie : Ask me what?
Nick takes a deep breath and said...
Nick : Do you know....whose birthday is today?
It was a long pause. Nick waited for Aimie's answer. She tried her best to listen
it carefully and clearly.
Aimie : Err..Sorry, Nick...Who??
Nick almost faint hearing those answers came from Aimie's mouth! Both
of her bestfriends forget about her birthday! Nick immediately ended the
phone call. Aimie on the other side, felt weird.
Aimie : Hello? Heeeellloooo?? Nick?! Are you there?!
---------END CALL----------
Nick cover herself with her pillow and screamed. NOOOOOOOO!!!
Tears drops fast through her cheeks. Now, the last person she need
to call is, Donghae, her boyfriend. If her boyfriend also forget about her
birthday, it was a sorrowfulness, sadness, unluckiest day to Nick!
She take a deep breath and begin to type Donghae's number.
Finally, Donghae answers his phone call.
Nick : Hi, hae...
Donghae : Oh hi, minnie! :)
Nick : ...
Donghae : What's wrong?
Nick : Hae...Do you know what day is today?
Donghae : It's Friday?
Nick : Yes...You know what kind of event is today?
Donghae : Event? It's Friday Day??? *blur*
Suddenly, Nick begins to cry...
Nick : W-whatt..?? sobs...sobs...
Donghae : Minnie! Are you crying? What's wrong with you? Tell me!
Nick : Hae! C-can..I meet the park?
Donghae : Ermm...sure! I will come right away!
---------END CALL---------
Nick quickly get ready to go to the park; where she meet Donghae.
She tried to hold back her tears when seeing Donghae.
When she arrives at the park, her boyfriend already arrived first.
Donghae seemed very worried.
Donghae : Minnie! What's wrong? Are you okay?
Nick : No! I'm not okay! Do you forget what day is today?
Donghae : No...I'm sorry minnie...What is it? *blank*
Nick : It's my birthday, today!
Nick can't hold her tears any longer. So she blast out with tears!
Donghae is shock with Nick's reply. Nick tried to run away from him.
Donghae : Wait a minute!
Donghae hold Nick's hand tightly.
Nick : You & all my friends forget about my birthday! How come everyone forget about it?? *mad*
Donghae : Minnie! Wait!!! Let me explain first! Please listen to me! :(
Nick : What is it?!
Donghae : Your birthday is tomorrow lahh!
Hearing those words came from Donghae's mouth makes Nick stunned.
"What? Tomorrow?", she thought. Donghae showed the date in his cellphone.
It writes : 14/1/2011
Nick opened her cellphone and look at the date carefully. She froze herself
when she looked at the date wrote : 14 Jan 2011
Her birthday is tomorrow! Nick felt shy and embarrass.
Nick : B-but how..?? My calendar shows 15 January 2011!
Donghae : Your calendar must be wrong *grinned*
Nick : My bad! I'm sorry to mad at you! *blushed*
Donghae smirks at Nick's red face.
Donghae : It's okay! Next time, check your calendar    carefully...Hehe you must be super excited for your birthday! What a wild imagination you got there.... *smiles*
Nick : Huhu...I thought you forget about my birthday...
Donghae : There's no way I would forget about my girl's birthday..
Donghae suddenly kissed on Nick's forehead. Now, Nick is gettin' more embarrass!
Suddenly, Aimie & Sara came towards them.
Aimie & Sara : Yaaa Nick! What's wrong with you earlier?
Nick : Oops! *whisper to Donghae* Please don't tell them! I will be more embarrass if they know!
Donghae : *Grinned* Okay~


P/S : This FF is dedicated to my wonderful fishy friend NICK! :D


// Just the way you are Saturday, January 15, 2011 | 7:17 PM | 1 comments

Syasya : Ishhh! Mane lak mamat nie? Da satu jam aq tunggu die dari pagi tadi, x sampai jugak!

Syasya mengeluh sambil melihat jam tangannya. Jarum jam sudah menunjuk pukul 11 pagi.
Dia sudah penat menunggu kawan karibnya, AJ. Akhirnya, mata dia terlelap.

10 minit telah berlalu...

Syasya dikejut oleh seorang lelaki.

AJ : YO!!!

AJ tergelak-gelak melihat telatah kawannya itu. Tetapi, gelaknya terhenti apabila melihat
ekspresi muka marah Syasya.

Syasya : Ish! Ke mane ko menghilang? Sudah 1 jam lebih aq tunggu tau x?!
AJ : Chill la brader...oops! I mean sis! Aq bergayut ngan BoA tadi...hehe...Sorry!
Syasya : BoA? Who's that? Your tutor?
AJ : Ishh minah ni...BoA pon x kenal...Pabbo!
Syasya : Ha? Ape ko panggil aq?
AJ : Errr...x de papew...hahaha!

Syasya termenung dengan gaya rambut AJ yang nerd itu lalu menggosok-gosok rambut kawannya itu.
AJ cepat-cepat menghentikan Syasya daripada mengusik rambutnya.

AJ : WOI! Ape ni usik-usik rambut org ha...
Syasya : Ko x de style rambut lain ke? Mcm nerd la ko ni...geram aq tengok!
AJ : Alah..ko pon sme nk ckp org lakk...
Syasya : What? My hair is practically fine...
AJ : Ermm ye la ye la...

AJ menggaru-garu kepalanya sambil bertanya kepada Syasya.

AJ : Ha! Aq da datang nie...apa hal ko nk jumpe aq?
Syasya : nk ajak ko gi konsert die sama-sama ngan aq...
AJ : Ha?? Spe si die tu?? Justin Bieber ke??

Syasya terbatuk terbahak-bahak apabila mendengar kata-kata yang disebut oleh AJ.

Syasya : Euu! Budak Bieber tu? Pliz la...smpai bile-bile pon aq x ingin jd fan die!
AJ : Yah yah yah! Abes tu??

Syasya mendiamkan dirinya lalu menunjuk sebuah poster gambar besar kepada AJ.
AJ terpegun melihat poster itu.

Syasya : TADA!!!
AJ : Wow! Besar gilew poster ni!!
Syasya : Ish! Orang suruh ko tgk ape dlmnye bkn saiz poster ni ngok!
AJ : Aduss...nk melawak pon x leh...
Syasya : Sapew nk dngr lawak kosong ko tuh?? haha..kidding.. :)

AJ membetulkan cermin matanya lalu melihat poster itu dengan teliti.

AJ : Errr...Sya...Who are they?
Syasya : Laaa...x kan x kenal kot! Diorg ni ialah grup band favourite aq, BEAST!
AJ : BEAST? Peliknyew name grup dorg...
Syasya : EEE! Daripada ko asyik mengutuk dorg depan aq, lebih baik aq balik rumah

Syasya sudah mengamuk lalu menyimpan posternya di dalam beg galasnya;
bersedia untuk pulang ke rumah.

AJ : Ehh! Sorry sorry! Please don't go! Ya ampunkan lah, tuanku!
Syasya : Ade-ade je ko ni...Just say wanna come or not?
AJ : Err nak nak! nak! hehe...
Syasya : Ok it's settle then! Meet you next Saturday, jumpe kt sni. Jangan lambat tau or
            tau-tau je la aq kenakan ko nanti...
AJ : Yes, boss! :)

Keesokan harinya...

Mama : Sya! Tolong mama gi beli 1 paket garam & gula! Nah ni duitnya...
Syasya : Alrightyyy~ *salute dkt mama mcm askar*

Syasya pergi ke kedai untuk membeli garam dan gula yang dipesan oleh mamanya.
Selepas membeli, dia terus pulang kembali ke rumahnya. Tiba-tiba, die terserempak
dengan kawan karibnya, iaitu AJ. AJ juga terkejut dapat berjumpa dengan Syasya.

AJ : Hai makcik, shopping ke?
Syasya : Ishh nak kene gak budak nie!

Syasya menggosok rambutnya lagi.

AJ : Woi! Da la tu! X abes-abes rambut aq yg jdi mangsa!
Syasya : Hahaha! Padan muke! =P

Tiba-tiba, mata Syasya terbeliak apabila melihat sesuatu di belakang AJ.
AJ mula berasa pelik.

Syasya : WAAA!
AJ : Huh? What's wrong?

AJ menoleh belakangnya. Rupa-rupanya ia hanyalah sebuah poster BEAST.

AJ : Laaa...ingatkn amende tadi...
Syasya : My GiKwang! Plz wait for me~
AJ : GiKwang?

Syasya mengangguk laju lalu menunjuk ke arah gambar GiKwang dalam poster itu.
AJ merenung tajam.

AJ : Hurmph! x lah sehemsem aq ;)
Syasya : Bluekk...pliz larhh! Hurmmm da nk balik nie...see u tomorrow!
            Ingat..datang awal!!
AJ : Sya, wait!!! I can't go with you!
Syasya : Huh? Why not?
AJ : Errrr...Aq ade bnyk kerja laa...busy esk...
Syasya : Busy? Ko?? X penah tgk ko busy pon...kerja ape??
AJ : *Ishh bnyk songeh la minah ni* Housework...Homework...blabla...
Syasya : Ouhhh...ok...x leh g sorg-sorg..

Syasya memukul bahu AJ dengan begnya.

Syasya : Ni la sbbnye x nk temankn aq..huhu...sorry ahh...sakit ke??
AJ : X la sedap gilew rasenyew! Ish ko ni...da tau sakit, nk tnye org lgi...

Tiba-tiba, ada sesuatu benda terjatuh dari beg Syasya. AJ cepat-cepat mengutipnya.

AJ : Ha? Gambar ape nie...siap ade ayat I...Love...-
Syasya : WOI! Bagi balik!!

Syasya merampas gambar itu daripada AJ.

AJ : Kedekutz!
Syasya : Pencurik! :P *phew! nseb bek die x nmpk!*

On the next day...
Syasya bangun awal untuk pergi ke konsert BEAST. Selepas bersiap, dia terus keluar
dari rumah.

Semasa dalam perjalanan ke Konsert BEAST, ada sesuatu menangkap mata Syasya.
Dia terjumpa dengan AJ lagi! Kali ini, dia bersembunyi di belakang kedai. Dia tidak
mahu AJ jumpa dia. "Ckp busy? Hurmphh leh lepak lagi pulak tu!", kata hatinya.
Syasya bercadang untuk mengikut AJ dari belakang. "Huhu macam spy la pulak!",
kata hatinya lagi.

Syasya terkejut apabila AJ masuk ke pintu belakang Stadium Negara. Disitu lah
konsert BEAST mengadakan! Tanpa melengah lagi, Syasya turut masuk.

"Phew! Nseb bek x de guard! But...AJ nk buat ape kt sni?", bisik hatinya lagi.

Tiba-tiba, AJ sudah tiada di pandangan Syasya. Syasya menggaru-garu kepalanya.
"Alamak! Hilang pulak dia!", bisik hatinya. Sebelum melangkah keluar daripada
bangunan itu, ada sesuatu membuat Syasya berhenti.

Manager : GiKwang! Asal datang lambat huh?

"GiKwang?!", Syasya cepat-cepat mengintip dalam sebuah bilik. Dia ternampak
GiKwang sedang bersiap sedia untuk konsert.

GiKwang : Sorry...ade hal larh....
Manager : Tanggalkan cermin mata ko tu! Pelik uh...asal ko pakai cermin mata
GiKwang : Ni sebab....

Syasya yang sedang mengintai dari luar, terkejut melihat GiKwang.

Pintu bilik dibuka serta-merta. GiKwang terkejut apabila melihat Syasya.

Syasya : AJ....A-apa...semua ni??
AJ : Syasya! What are you doing here?
Syasya : What am I doing here? Sepatutnya I yang patut tanya!
AJ : Sya...I'm sorry to lie to you! But...memang inilah hidup aq sebenar...
      I'm sorry...I was about to tell u...
Syasya : B-but...why??
AJ : It's because...well after hearing u said that u like GiKwang & not me..
      aq rse takot sngt nk bgtau ko...sbb tu r aq rahsiakn bende ni dari ko..
      I'm really sorry!
Syasya : Since you're already said sorry to me...Nah!

Syasya menunjuk sekeping gambar kepada AJ.

Syasya : Inilah gambar yang aq sorok aritu!

Terbeliak mata AJ apabila melihat gambar yang ditunjuk Syasya.

Syasya : Saranghaeyo!
AJ : Saranghaeyo :)


On the next day...

Syasya : Jd ape lgi yg u sorokkan rahsia u??
AJ : Ooppss....


P/S : Amacam?? how is my fanfic?? best x?? plz comment yehhh :D


// Interview with B2ST! :) | 3:33 PM | 0 comments

MC : What is your best or funniest dance move?
JH : Gikwang sometimes does his facial expressions on stage & we couldn't follow what
      he was doing. *waving his head like GK*
GK : *laughed* What's that?
JH : He always do this *waving his head again*
ALL : *laughed*
YS : Sometimes we don't know if we are on a music program or musical...
JH : Although it is a little bit different from our actual dance, but the fans happily 
      accept it.
GK : I'm sorry *bowed*

ME : Nampyeon~ Ur goofiness always makes us smile so epic-ly like NOW! x)

MC : What do you think is the most exciting about Malaysia?
YS : KLCC! It was really tall & I want to climb on it!
ALL : *Laughed*

ME : LOL! My baby want to climb the KLCC Twin Tower?? omo~ no! it's dangerous!

MC : What is your favourite food?
HS : Korean food!
DW : Malaysia's Satay! Although at Korea also have satay but their sauce is different!
ME : DongWoon really loves satay x)

MC : Are you interested in marrying a foreign woman?
HS : I want to marry with Miranda Kerr.
ALL : *Knock out laughing*
GK : Forget about it...

ME : Aww...Hyun Seung wanna marry with Miranda Kerr but she already married...
       Poor our Prince Jang! xD

P/S : Miranda Kerr is a model from Victoria Secret!!!

MC : Who in B2ST loves to cook?
YS : All six of us doesn't have the desire to cook..
JH : But Dongwoon has the desire to eat a lot!
ALL : *laughed*

ME : LMAO...poor Woonie is hungry~ We must feed our BEAST often! hehe...

MC : Which cartoon character represents you the best?
DW : *Shyly* I like Chopper from One Piece...
GK : I like Luffy!
YS : I like Dooly the Dinasour!
ALL : *laughed*

ME : ROFL! Yoseob is such a cutie like Dooly *except he is more cuter than Dooly!

MC : Who sleeps on the bunk bed below the fluorescent lights?
DJ : It's still me. But the light is further away & the ceiling is higher.
YS : It is not a fluorescent light to tan your skin but more of a soft light *laugh*

ME : We should get A tan :D

MC : GiKwang & Yoseob, You two were a high school friends, what were
       you two like then?
YS : When we were in high school Gi-kwang was a trainee under JYP and he
       would hand in an official letter and leave. As for me, I didn’t do much and
       I did everything the school told us to do. I was in the band but I was also
       envious of Gi-kwang whenever he left...
JH : I don't think he has a lot of memories. I bet you only saw GiKwang sleeps!
YS : *laugh* Yeah! He always sleep!

ME : Aww~ KiKi must be really tired T^T

MC : What is your first reaction when you first saw your members?
GK : The first time I saw DongWoon, His face is so manly I though he is the oldest
       but it turns out he is the maknae! I was really shock!
ALL : *laughed*

ME : Same with me too!! DongWoon is so manly & beastly than the others :) 

Credits : Syasya aka KiKwang's Wifey!

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Pic #3 !!! For the highest vote^^

Thank you for participate with us~~~

// Lonely Yoseobie :( Friday, January 14, 2011 | 6:54 PM | 0 comments

Annyeonghaseyo~ the DiGi Kpop Party yesterday were successfully launched *But I didn't even come T^T*

& the B2st boys, 4Minute & G.Na already fly to Korea T^T
Boohoo... I will MISS THEM! cube family!!!! >.<
aah... *cries like a baby*

Read the title?? yeapp...Look at the pictures above....guess who??
Right! It was Yoseob! my cute lil aegy^^ hurmm he's alone in a room....bored....
Since KiKwang his appa didnt come, so he must sleep alone in a room...huhuhu ciannyeww
both of them :P

P/S : I dunno wat to write about..hehe so I write it short & I use my own language *syasya's language*
       LOLLLL!! hahaha...phm2 je la ape aq ckpkn nie...kekeke

// saranghaeyo Thursday, January 13, 2011 | 5:20 PM | 0 comments nampyeon isn't coming to Malaysia becuz of his busy schedule~
*cries* uwaaa I miss my Gie T^T 
huhu... You must be really lonely right now...since your hyungs & maknae are not there o_O
But don't worry~ I'll always be there for u *everyday* ^^
Like u always said...

"No matter 24 hours I spent with you, it is not a waste!"
I'll always remember that lovely quote of yours =)


// I support gay marriage Wednesday, January 12, 2011 | 6:19 PM | 0 comments


I love these couples :
  • Dooseob
  • Kiseung
  • Kiwoon
  • 2Jun
  • Junseob
  • DooWoon
  • KiSeob

// AAA! They are at Malaysia now!! | 5:29 PM | 0 comments

Oh em gee!! Is this true? *slap face* OHGOSH ITS REALLY ARE TRUE! 
*slap face many times* I dun know wat my mood now...its mixed epic + psycho!! lol....The good news is they r at Malaysia rite now...& the bad news is, i can't go to their concert =.= *hit face mny times* grrr geramnyew!! esk skola so cnt go... :(
so saddd i think i wanna cry hard...huhuhu T^T 

Huuuuuu i wonder wat r they doing rite now & where they r...
saket kepale aq pikir..aaahh i miss them so much especially my nampyeon KIKI!! 

To my KiKi : "Gie, I'm sorry that i cnt go to your concert tomorrow...mianehyo!" T^T
Plz know tht i LOVE U!! & I'll always support u!! huhu~

ok2...stop with the mushy love stuff :P
Ughhh seriously!! Wat r they doing rite now??? mkn satay ka??
hahaha!! i still remember the time tht *B2ST* came to Malaysia for
the first time...DONGWOON oppa really loves Satay!! hahaha
I hope they cn eat satay a lot now since they'r HERE!! hoho...

Ahh...I think i cnt go to sleep tonight!! xD
I kept wondering around "WHERE ARE THEY?" & "WHAT ARE THEY DOING?"
ngehehe...risaunyew aq~ Ah...btw, Doojoon upload a pic tht their
on the plane *Air Asia* on the way to Malaysia.... 

// I shit Math! Tuesday, January 11, 2011 | 1:50 PM | 0 comments 
LOL!! Like the pitcha said...haha xD

I'mma dummy in MATH! =,=

I'm soooooo gonna fail at it!! & yeahhh I <SHIT> MATH! :D

// Vote for the Cutest Picture :D Sunday, January 9, 2011 | 6:37 PM | 3 comments


How to vote?? choose 1 of these pictures below and send a comment..
example : "i choose pic #0"
1 person can only vote 1 picture only...Thanks for participate^^







The picture with the highest vote will win '2011 CUTEST PICTURE AWARD'

P/S : The contest will end on next Saturday 15/1/2011

// FanFic!! "Cooking! Cooking!" Saturday, January 8, 2011 | 5:30 PM | 0 comments

 Juz to let u know...this is not my fanfic! yeahh i'm not the writer~~ 
I juz wanna share this cool FF to everyone^^ *& yeahh..obviously I stole it :P

Title: Cooking Cooking!
Author: [info]hyuukie

"Try it."

"I dare you."

Doojoon stared at Yoseob and Kikwang and couldn't help but laugh at their seriousness. "You dare me?"

"Yes! I dare you!" Kikwang repeated, slamming his hand down on the dining table so hard that the plate of questionable food hovered in the air or a second before landing.

"Okay, okay, take it easy." Doojoon picked up the fork lying next to the plate and lifted it, ready to dig in. "It smells kinda good," he commented.

Before his fork could touch the food, Yoseob grabbed the older's hand.

"Did I hear correctly, Kikwang? Did Doojoon just say this smelled kinda good?"

"Yup, you heard right."

"What now, guys?" Doojoon rolled his eyes, irritated. "Do you want me to eat this or not?"

"We want you to eat it, but how could you think this smells good?" Kikwang leaned down and inhaled. His face contorted in digust. "Remind me to never do that again."

Yoseob let go of Doojoon's hand and let the man stick his fork into the pile of food.

Doojoon poked some pieces of the unknown onto his fork and shoved it into his mouth.

Yoseob and Kikwang watched, waiting for a reaction.

The leader surprised them when he spit the food out onto the table and started coughing.

"I guess he doesn't like it." Yoseob whispered, pushed a glass of water closer to the older.

"Who---"Cough. "---made this?" Doojoon gulped down the water, hoping to get the taste out of his mouth.

"Junhyung." Kikwang answered, scratching his head.

Doojoon, mouth full of water, sprayed the liquid everywhere. "What?!"

"Yeah, manager hyung said we were buying too much take out food." Yoseob shrugged, "Apparently we spent too much money and we could loose our figures."

"So last night, Junhyung decided to cook." Kikwang shivered at the memory. "You weren't here because you wanted to practice at the dance studio. I envied you that night."

"Loose our figures? Spent too much money? Who the hell cares!" Doojoon stood up and got some paper towels from the cupboard. "I'd rather be fat, flabby and broke than to eat whatever that crap is."

"Dongwoon suggested it was spaghetti..." Yoseob and Kikwang helped the leader clean up the mess on the table.

"How long do we have to go without decent food?"

Kikwang thought. "I think manager hyung said two weeks."

"Two weeks?!" Doojoon frowned. "Well, do any of you guys know how to cook?"

Both boys shook their heads. "And I'm pretty sure Dongwoon and Hyunseung can't either. We know how to boil ramen though. And there's a cooking book in the kitchen."

"Let's live on ramen." Doojoon said flatly, throwing the used paper towels in the garbage.

"Or," Yoseob dumped the 'food' in the compost and placed the dirty dish in the sink. "We could just tell Junhyung that his cooking sucks."

Doojoon looked at the younger as if he had three eyes. "No way. If we tell him, he'll start moping around and never talk to us again."

Kikwang smiled brightly, "That's why you'll be the one to tell him, hyung!"

"Me? I'm not telling Junhyung anything!"

"Telling me what?" As if on cue, the rapper entered the kitchen.

"Oh! Hyung! Doojoon has---" Yoseob pushed said man forward, "---something to tell you."

"Um..." Doojoon smiled nervously at Junhyung. "Hi."

"Hey." Junhyung smiled back, waiting for what the leader had to say.

"So... Uh, I have this friend."


"And he can't... Well, he doesn't know how to... do laundry."

Kikwang raised an eyebrow. "Laundry?"

"Shut up!" Doojoon hissed, picturing an angry Junhyung hurling pots and pans in his direction once he told the rapper he couldn't cook. "Basically, babe, what I'm trying to say is that you..."

"I what?"


Junhyung motioned for Doojoon to continue.

"Just say it, hyung!" Yoseob shouted, desparate.

"You look really hot today." Doojoon blurted.

"WHAT?!" Kikwang's eyes widened, hoping he was dreaming, hoping that the older hadn't really said that.

"Really? I mean, I just got out of bed, so..." Junhyung ruffled his hair to smooth it out and he glanced at the clock. It read one o'clock PM.

"You always look cute. Um, give me a hug," Doojoon wrapped his arms around his boyfriend let out a shaky sigh.

"Is something wrong? You can tell me, you know."

"Uh, nothing's wrong."

Junhyung parted from the leader and walked over to the fridge. "What do you want for breakfast?"

"Are you making breakfast, hyung?" Kikwang asked.


"I just remembered! Yoseob and I already had breakfast. We ate at like... Uh, we ate before you got up so we're good." Kikwang tried to push the image of breakfast made by Junhyung out of his head.

Yoseob gave thumbs up and exited the kitchen, Kikwang in tow.

"Then I guess it's just you and me."

Doojoon started to panic when Junhyung pulled eggs out of the fridge. "What about Hyunseung and Dongwoon?"

"They're sick. They left the table after dinner last night and you could hear them puking in the bathroom."

He gave them food poisoning. Doojoon feared for his life. "Uh, honey, I'm not hungry..."

"Why aren't you hungry? Everybody's hungry in the morning."

"I had a huge dinner last night. Dancing really worked up an appetite."

"But you haven't even tried my cooking yet."

"I'll try it some other time."

Junhyung put the eggs back in the fridge. "Alright. You can try it tonight. I'm making dinner." The rapper patted Doojoon on the back and went up to his bedroom.

"Oh..." Doojoon collapsed onto the kitchen floor and rolled over onto his back. He closed his eyes. "What am I going to do...?"

"I'll tell you what you're going to do!" Doojoon felt Kikwang's breath tickling his right ear.

The leader opened one eye and found Kikwang looming over him. "I'm not telling him anything."

"But you have too! For the sake of the world, hyung!"

Doojoon sat up and turned his head so he was staring Kikwang in the eye. "Why me?"

"Because you two love each other. He won't be as mad."

"I'm gonna say that doesn't make sense because I don't want to tell him."

"Please! You got it easy!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Kikwang pouted, "When me and Seob fed you his 'experiment' or whatever that monster thing was, you had the freedom to spit it out. Imagine the four of us sitting at the dining table, plates of poison in front of us, and Junhyung watching us. We had to swallow it."

Doojoon felt sympathy for his members. "But that doesn't mean I have to tell him."

"Come on! Take one for the team!"

The two stayed in silence before Doojoon sighed. "Did you guys really swallow it?"

Kikwang nodded in horror.

The leader flopped backwards onto the tiled floor. "Fine, I'll do it."

"Um... Junnie?"

"Yes...?" Junhyung was sprawled across his bed on his stomach playing Tetris on his laptop.

"I have a confession."

"Uh huh."

"I love you."


"And you love me too, right?"


"Since we love each other so much, you wouldn't be offended if I said something that you do was bad, right?"


"So, if I said something like you're cooking isn't very good... Would you throw something at me?"


Maybe? "I'm just going to say this. Junhyung," Doojoon took a deep breath.

"I won!" Junhyung grinned and sat upright. He stretched his arms out and blinked a few times.


"I WON!" The rapper hopped off his bed and jumped on top of his boyfriend, their lips smashing together, both tumbling down to the floor.

"I'm sorry, what were you about to say?"

Doojoon stared at Junhyung sitting on top of him and all thoughts were erased from his head.

"Did you forget?" Junhyung slid a hand under his boyfriend's shirt. "Wanna tell me later?"

"Yeah." Doojoon hooked an arm behind Junhyung's neck and pulled him down for a kiss.

"It took you an hour to say 'Jun baby, you can't cook.'?" Kikwang noticed the older's shirt was missing a few buttons, his jean pants were open, and his hair was messy.

"I didn't actually get to that part."

"Then what did you do for an hour? Screw him into the floor?"

Doojoon didn't answer.


"I'll tell him, Kikwang! I just couldn't tell him at that moment."

"Tell him before dinner, at least. You know, before we all die."

"I've got time. Dinner is in three hours."

"I might wanna add that Junhyung takes an hour to cook, so dinner is in two hours and our deaths are in three."

"Stop exaggerating."

"You ate what he made. You know what it tastes like."

Doojoon tried not to think about it. "I'm going to do it!"

"What are you going to do?"

Kikwang and Doojoon turned around to find Junhyung standing there, a cookie in his hand.

"Junhyung, Doojoon is going to explode if he doesn't say this." Kikwang shoved the leader in front of the rapper.

"Say what?"

Doojoon thought his boyfriend looked really cute eating the chocolate chip cookie. "Promise you won't get mad?"

"I can't really make that promise." Junhyung stuffed the rest of the cookie into his mouth and chewed.

"Here goes..." Doojoon placed a hand on the slightly younger's shoulder. "Junhyungie, you're not very good at cooking."

"... Huh?" Kikwang took a glance at Junhyung to see how he was taking it. The poor rapper looked like a kicked puppy.

"Don't do that face, Junnie. You know I love you and everything about you, just not your cooking."

"But... You haven't even eaten anything I've cooked."

"Before you got up, Kikwang and Yoseob fed me leftovers of your food from last night. Honestly, it was terrible."

"Is that why Dongwoon and Hyunseung are sick?"


"Well..." Junhyung bit his lip. "What are we going to eat for two weeks?"

"Instant noodles." Kikwang smiled at the delightful picture of ramen in his head.

"For two weeks...?" Junhyung picked up a cooking book off the counter. "If I read this, will you let me cook again?"

Doojoon stared at the book in the rapper's hand. "You didn't follow a book?"

"Nope. I just threw in everything in our fridge that I thought would taste good together."

Kikwang raised an eyebrow. "Maybe that's why your spaghetti made us want to vomit."

"Spaghetti? I made rice and potatoes last night."

"Reading the book is a wise choice." Kikwang tried to imagine how the 'spaghetti' could've been 'rice and potatoes'.

"So we're having ramen tonight and I can try cooking tomorrow?"

Kikwang smiled. "Yeah, as long as you don't make rice and potatoes ever again."

"Ow!" Doojoon held his head where Junhyung hit him in the head with the book. "What was that for?"

"For saying that my cooking sucks. But, thank you for being honest."

"Hey, Kikwang, could you leave the kitchen for a second?" Doojoon said, pointing to the doorway.

"Are you guys gonna do it on the counter or something?"

"Stay away form the counter for a while."

"Oh ew." Kikwang ran out of the room and up the stairs.


P/S : How was it?? Funny wasn't it?? hehe~ The author rockssss~ love the story :D

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My favourite song :3
my hubby & Hyunseung sings it^^
huhuhu my hubby voice is Fking Wonderful-ish supa AWESOME-ness!
But y everyone said he cnt sing?? I think his voice is just too awesome :/
ughh nvm~ Gie~ don't get upset! I love u juz the way u r~
cute & funny & lovable Gie 4eva^^

Let it snow, Let it snow
dagawa anajwo naege dorawajwo
Let it snow, Let it snow
nan dasi jamdeureo kkumeseo gidaryeo neol
haengbokhaetdeon neowaui sigani dasi ol sun eomneunji
(neo doraol su eomneunji, neol naege jul su eomneunji)

I don’t know why I’m doing this
You’re ma sweetie, girl, ma lady
chagawojin nal anajwo my love

neoui ipsureul neoui kiseureul barae
neoui sarangneul wonhae (ne sarangeul wonhae)
neoui jinsimeul barae (ne jinsimeul barae)
oneul bam neoreul wonhae
neoui jeonbureul neoui modeun geol wonhae
(baby love you girl, baby love you girl)

Let it snow, Let it snow
neoege dagaga dasi soneul jaba
Let it snow, Let it snow
nan dasi tteollyeowa geuttaero doraga
sojunghaetdeon neowaui siganeul dasi jul sun eomneunji
(dasi neo ol sun eomneunji, neol gajeul suneun eomneunji)

I don’t know why I’m doing this
You’re ma sweetie, girl, ma lady
dasi naegero dorawa my baby

neoui ipsureul neoui kiseureul barae
neoui sarangeul wonhae (ne sarangeul wonhae)
neoui jinsimeul barae (ne jinsimeul barae)
oneul bam neoreul wonhae
neoui jeonbureul neoui modeun geol wonhae
(baby love you girl, baby love you girl)

nuni oneun oneuldo i goseseo
nega ogil naneun gidaryeo, dasi neo useumyeo ol geot gataseo
hoksi an ondedo naneun yeogi isseulge
Baby love you girl, baby love you girl
Baby love you girl

Let it snow
Let it snow
Let it snow 


Let it snow, let it snow
Come to me, come back to me
Let it snow, let it snow
I’m going back to sleep again
I’ll wait for you in my dreams
Can’t the happy times between us come back again

Can’t you come back?
Can’t you give yourself to me?
I don’t know why I’m doing this
You’re my sweetie girl, my lady
Hug my coldness, my love

I want your lips, your kiss
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All of my all wants all of you

Baby love you girl,
Baby love you girl

Let it snow, let it snow
I’ll come to you
I’ll hold your hand again

Let it snow, let it snow
I start to shake again

When I go back to those times

Those precious times between us
Can you return those times to me?
Can’t you come back to me again?
Can’t I have you?

I don’t know why I’m doing this
You’re my sweetie girl, my lady
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My baby

I want your lips, your kiss
I want your love (your love)
I want your honesty (your honesty)
Tonight, I want you again
All of my all wants all of you

Baby love you girl
Baby love you girl

At this place, where the snow falls
I’m waiting for you to come
I think that you will come back to me with a smile

Even if you say that you won’t return
I will be here

Baby love you girl
Baby love you girl
Baby love you girl

Let it snow, let it snow
Let it snow


My hubby is just TOO AWESOME :)
Love ya Gie~

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Just like the title says....TOMORROW IS SCHOOL DAY!! ughhhh but I dun wanna go to school :(
Aish...malasnyeww! must studeyh studeyh & studeyh!! Homework homework homework!!
It's killing me T^T

All I want is to play all day~ Internet surfing is ma thing~ Yea I'm a computer GEEK :D
HuHu...tomorrow strt skola dahhh...skejap gilew cuti eheheh...and the time sure fly fast!
Errrhhh...I'm going to tuisyen class this year -.-" mybe I won't have time to FB-ing or
Blogging :( sedeyhnyew...

I will miss u guys!!Especially my hubby, KiKi!!!

Yea...I know u r sad right know >.<
But sorryy KiKi I cn't always stick wit u everyday~ *mianehyo*
But plz remember...I'm always be by ur side... :)

If I could, I wanna play everyday~ hehehe!!

*"Let's samba!!!" crazy KiKi~ hahaha*

Hurmmm kalo aq ade mase, bole la aq online~ hehe...
Xpe xpe... on weekends, saturday & sunday I can online!! InsyAllah :)

Grgrgrgrgrgrrrrr I will miss u every second!!!!!! cn't stop thinking of u...
wat will my life will be without u?? heee~ Namplyeon, take care~ so I cn marry u *LOL*

[Kikwang] Baby girl
Even if I try to erase your presence
And even your name
I can’t forget you

Boohooo~ I think I wanna hear 'I'm sorry' song again T^T
*too much sadness to sing...cuz saket tekak!* lol...

Wanna see my Heart??

A Heart of Lee GiKwang <3

HUhuhuhu...wish the time stopped!! Like my dead clock in my room! hahahaha...
Or...I wish Doraemon is exist! LOLL...I wanna kill him & steal his Magical Pocket!
hahaha kejamnye aq~