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// Day 30 : Your perfect date with your infinite bias *FINAL* Saturday, December 3, 2011 | 1:57 PM | 0 comments

 Assalamualaikum & annyeong ~ Today is the day that I'd be waiting for. Hari ini last Infinite challenge. WHOPPEEE =,= Penat jugak menaip sepanjang bulan ni. InsyaAllah, lepas ni nak join challenge lain pulak :3  //kalau rajin lerr.

Day 30 : Your perfect date with your infinite bias

The day I was waiting for. Syasya siap buat satu fanfic lagi nih! Kalau sudi bacalah ~ Tak panjang sangat pun :3   [ warning : It sucks =_= ]

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 "Oppa!" I shout at him while reaching out my cotton candy from his hand. My boyfriend is really a kid sometimes most of the time! That's why his members call him 'choding'. "Take it if you can~" Sungyeol takes up the cotton candy up high from my reach. I tried to jump and reach for it, but it was a total failure. He is too high, no, I'm too short -,-

 After all the jumping, I felt tired and gave up. "Fine. Eat by yourself then!" I started to walk away until I felt my wrist been pulled. "Ow...sulky baby." he teased. He then gave me back my cotton candy. I hesitantly, take the cotton candy. But before I could even touch it, Sungyeol takes it away from me. "In a condition, kiss me first." he said with a smirk. Aishhh this kid.

 Automatically, I had a brilliant idea. "Fine then~" I said in a sing song voice. Sungyeol arch his eyebrows. I was planning to kiss his cheek but instead, I'd kiss his lips. And how was this happen? It's because Yeollie oppa had knew my plan after all. As I was heading towards to his cheek, Sungyeol is fast like a lightning, turned his head to the side. And our lips crashed together.

 With a flash, I back off away, surprised. "Heh! I thought you'd do that!" he stick-out his tongue at me. I don't know why, but I felt my face is heating up. "Tch. Whatever. Give back my cotton candy." I command him and tried to act cool. He handed me my cotton candy and this time, he wasn't playing again. But seriously, that smirk irritates me!

 Now I got my cotton candy back, I walk away fast from him. Before he could catch up with me, I started to run away. I don't want to get humiliate again. Wrong move. I slipped and fell down on my butt. My knee scraped. I couldn't help it but to cried in pain. Sungyeol quickly run towards me, feeling worried. He stared at my scraped knee then stared in my eyes. He wipe away my tears using his fingers. "It's okay. Your doctor is here." he smiled and carry me bridal style.

 "O-oppa! Put me..down!" I stuttered a bit. "No. I won't let my princess gets hurt again." he beamed. Aww How can a choding be such cheesy! Maybe Woohyun oppa teach him this? "But you will get tired and hurt because of me. I'm heavy.." I pout. "Aniya. You are so light as a cotton candy!" he smiled. "Oppa! Stop talking about cotton candy anymore!" I hit him. I'm sooooo embarrassed about the earlier accidents. Sungyeol couldn't help but to laugh at his girlfriend's cuteness.

 Once we'd arrived at my house, Sungyeol immediately treats my wound. Unusually, I don't even feel any pain at all. "Our date is ruined...because of me..." I mumbled loud enough for Sungyeol to hear me. He shook his head. "I don't care about that." he said. What? He doesn't all? "I rather spending time alone with you only~" he cooed. And again with his cheesy lines. But still, I felt so touching. "Although this is not the perfect date, but I still love you. And you will forever be my girlfriend." he gave the most sweetest smile ever.

 "Uhh I want the old choding boyfriend not a cheesy boyfriend!" I giggled. I'm sorry to ruining the sweet atmosphere, but I can't help it. And those words brings the choding Sungyeol back to life. He started to tickles me. "Woohyun hyung spends a lot time teaching me, you know?" he said, still tickling me. I quickly let out from his grasp. "Pwahaha! Oppa just be yourself! It feels like I'm dating with that greasy namstar!" I said and that makes Sungyeol chuckles. "And that's why you love me.." he whisper to my ear seductively. Our face are just a few inches away until...DUSHH! //the sound of a face being smacked by a pillow. Take that for making me falling for you, AGAIN! "I hate you oppa". "I love you too^^"

: : T H E  E N D : : 

How was it? I know it was awful. Sudah lama tak buat fanfic. And my engrish is just uhh...Sorry for any grammar mistakes. I'm still learning > < p/s: i love you yeollie oppa

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