Annyeong !

Annyeonghaseyo! KimChi imida. You are now in my Kawaii land. I'm a SPM victim. Aaaahh! Study! Blogger! Noo! #Oops! Don't forget to click that navi's ok. By the way, thanks for visit here. Sa Rang Hae Princess(es) online


// My terrible drawing of Lee Sungyeol lmao :B Thursday, August 30, 2012 | 4:10 PM | 0 comments

No need to say anything, here it is !! /hides/

my terrible drawing skills...

close up pic XD

my terrible drawing skills...ah I'm sorry for the low quality pic. Honestly, I draw this on Sungyeol's birthday and suddenly I had an idea to post it in my blog. [ just in case if the pic was stolen :P ] 

Sudah lama tak melukis ._. and so, inilah hasilnya. lol....

 AHH before I forget, Happy Independence Day Malaysia <3 Today at school, they play Gangnam Style after the event end. You don't know how excited I was and spazzing with my friends XD and there's this chinese boy dance to Gangnam Style :B so cuteeeee

I was so happy and giddy until I went back home and found out a ksafhjagfhjagj news. A FRIGGIN' BAD NEWS!!! I went crazy when I saw one of my lucky stars were MISSING ! *punch teddy bear*

this is my MCM bag. ignore at the background? lmao XDD

 If you don't know what I of the stars on my MCM bag is gone ._. I think it fell off in school. shiettzzzz. I can't wait to go to school and find it T___T my baby star, where are you?

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// #HappyYeolliDay Monday, August 27, 2012 | 5:02 PM | 1 comments

fully made by me :)

KYAAAAH. The day I was waiting for ! Happy Birthday, hubby ! Uri Yeollie is 21st now. 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 ~ Oppa, I wish you could stay like you are right now. A choding. A manly choding is fine. It's ok if your image is destroyed *lol* I still love you whatever you are and whatever you do :3

  Infinite's Brain & also Infinite's Vitamin, Uri choding yeol, Saengil chukkahamida !! I can't imagine what will happen to me, inspirits, & infinite if you didn't exist ;_; what a nightmare! Although you don't have many parts, but your presence already makes me so happy. Please don't lose that cute gummy smile of yours. Infinite is not Infinite without Sungyeol. You are really special , please know that! I'm glad that you are in the group...and I know Inspirits and Infinite oppars will agree this. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM WHEN YOU RANK 1ST IN KNOWLEDGE KING *cry niagara falls* and you almost win in Courage King but that old grandpa cut you. lol joke!! *bow 90 degree to Sunggyu's wives*

 Have a wonderful Birthday! You are 21st right now and still counting. We inspirits will support you till the end. 27/8/91 This date aren't just any's a special date to infinite & also inspirits. Stay the awesome choding in the world, Sungyeol oppa! And uhm I'm sorry if I spam your twitter > 3 < Now, let's wait for next year birthday. I will always remember you, oppa. Don't forget, I love you. I love you yesterday, now, and forever! INSPIRITS LOVE INFINITE FOREVER !

also made by me ^^
Although I still got affection from D.O, you're still my first & my last ;u;

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// Things to do after PMR :) Saturday, August 25, 2012 | 5:13 PM | 0 comments

kyeopta > 3 <

Assalammualaikum & annyeonghatheyoooo ~

 New . skin . again ._. My previous skin won't last long even for a week. lol. Ah before I carry on the main title, I'll write about my Raya. Firstly, Raya this year isn't fun as last year *sobs* We didn't go 'beraya' except for my cousins & grannies house. My family only beraya in KL & JB. We stay in JB for a week, doing nothing. lmao. And for a week, I online. It was really boring to be honest, because not many online T___T and we didn't play any firecrackers ! * that suppose to be a good thing but idk why I felt like this * So we only watch the neighbors play instead. -_-

 Now for the main title. Things to do after PMR. I already plan it too early. But anywaaaays...

1. Learn to play piano / keyboard
Blehh... I don't even own one. Not yet... But I want one! I'm so envious seeing people playing my fav music instrument. To me, they are so cool and classy. There this one time when my family go visit to my father cousin's house, they have a piano. Their daughter plays 'Fiction' by B2ST. It was so so so so beautiful! I felt like a pudding.

2. Write fanfiction / stories
THIS. I want to do it so bad but because of PMR, I don't have the time to write drafts or online. Plus, my grammar isn't good either. What about malay? ohmyyy no need to ask about it. My malay is ten times awful than my english :/ For now, I'll just do oneshots only. Please wait for next year :)

3. Learn to take&edit pictures
I don't even have my own camera...but my family has two. So I'll just lend it XD and maybe I should buy one for myself. Pink hello kitty polaroid juseyo ~~ *pleading eyes*

4. Collect K-pop merchandise
Currently progressing :) the money is the problem -.-

5. Vacation with my BFFs
HAH! Ina said she want to take me & my other BFFs go for a vacation in Pulau Pinang. Entah lor jadi ke tak .___.

6. Shop shop shop & shop !
Well hey! How manly I am, I'm still a girl. Girl shops too :P Although I'm not really craze about it. I will buy purple things starting for now on. Thanks to LEE HOWON, I got attached to purple. Plus, I will also buy kawaii & pink stuff! Never forget PINK :P

7. Drawing & Doodling
My doodle sucks. But I'll try my best to do better !

8. Marry bias is not an option

Kkeu. There's many more which I don't really know what to list XD

Hot 1 minute and then being a adorkable derp ;u;

Oh and I think I'm losing my faith to Sungyeol o_o D.O is seducing meh how can't I love him?! /flails/

School is starting. Must study now @_@

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// Selamat Hari Raya :) Saturday, August 18, 2012 | 10:37 PM | 1 comments

so beautiful ;~;

Please pause the music

Assalammualaikum & annyeong yeorobun;

 Before it's too late or anything, I just want to wish you guys a Happy Eid Fitri especially to all muslims out there. Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir & batin :) Ok I know I'm late on wishing but heeeyy I did it :P I've just finished ironing the baju raya clothes~

 I'm really sorry if I did anything wrong to you guys. Jeongmal, I'm really sorry if I make you sad , mad, cry,  annoyed & etc. I'm sorry if I curse too much in this blog. Pardon my bad temper. Forgive me, neh?  Please forgive me ;_______; Sincerely, I'm apologize to you.

 I don't want to write/type too long bcuz I got so many things to tell you but the time won't let me huhu. I hope you guys will have a blastful, wonderful & meaningful Raya ! And remember, reduce playing the fire crackers or whatever it called. Do come to my house if you want duet rayeol cookies & yummy food :3

I'm hoping for an entry about your Raya after this ^^

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// We are not twins Wednesday, August 15, 2012 | 8:58 AM | 3 comments

asdfghjkl kyungsoo whyyyy ;u;

Assalammualaikum & hiyeoms!

 Yeah yeah new post + new skin ! The theme is now black, grey & white. Maybe after this, I'll change into a new kawaii skin. Neo na ara, I always change skins when I'm bored.

 Straight to le dumb title. We are not twins. A funny incident happened last last Saturday ( 6/8/12 ) to be exact. That time, me & my eonnie went to IOI mall for certain reason which you guys don't really care :P So yeah, after we bought some things, we headed to the counter to pay  like duhh of course .

 As we were waiting in line, an ahjumma behind us gawked at us. She said :

MakCik : Ehhh korang berdua ni kembar ek?
Me&Sis : *O M G* takde lah makcik...kitorang bukan kembar
MakCik : Bukan? Tapi muka sama jek... *O___O*
Sis : Saya kakak, ni adik saya *points to me*
MakCik : Umur berapa?
Sis : Saya 22 tahun, pelajar Uni.
MakCik : Adik kamu pulak?
Sis : Dia 15 tahun, pelajar sekolah menengah...
MakCik : *gawked at me* Ehhhhhhh ni form 3? Da besar panjang ni 15 tahun?
Me : ._.

 Haaaa hampir sama mcm tu ah conversation kitorang. Like really, I'm so surprised by her comment. That's why I just stand there quietly while my eonnie do the talking. Not only that, after a while, the ahjumma's family came, she boast about how 'twins' we look. And her family just shrugged off, looking at us. I was like "I don't see any identical thing between me & my sis".

 Jeongmal. I don't think we look the same. Except for our same height and maybe our fashion style :P I look old eh .___. Besides, this is not really abnormal to us, because many people said we look identical. After we done paying & left the place, my sis whisper to me ;

Sis : Lain kali, kalau ada orang tanya kita kembar...jawab 'ya, kitorang ni 17 tahun' :D


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// PMR trial Friday, August 10, 2012 | 2:49 PM | 0 comments

welcome, new family! TASTY2wins <3 my new fandom :D /throw rainbow sprinkles/

Assalammualaikum & hi-yeoms!

 My previous post I promised to share about my trials..Promises are kept :) so here it is. I'm sorry to bored you with this post. I know it's going to be boring ._.

 About my trials...they went a wittle wittle wiiiiiittle well. This trial is difficult but I think I can gain more marks than my mid year exams. goshh they were horrible ;~; My trials suppose to be end by yesterday BUT .. !! Something horrible happened. My entire class BM papers were missing. Not paper 1 but paper 2 !! ASDFGHJKL!@#%& all my hard works vanished like thin air. The thing is, only my class papers were gone. We have to re-do our BM paper on the next day [ which is today ] . But I didn't come to school today because of my....personal life :P But blehhh.. I still have to do it on Monday =_=

 Seriously, I feel like pass out already. I don't want to re-do it. Plus, it was a different paper which means, different questions. Hurmm bersabar je lar... > < This trial, I target for at least 3A's . English, BM & Agama. And the rest might be B's or C's or might be a D O_O Ughh math is killing me. My poor brain can't rest. Speaking about math, the paper 1........mindfvck!! Sorry for the rude word..bulan puasa ni..ish2. #mentallyslapface. 1 hr 15 min for 40 questions? U outta yo mind, dude! Everyone kept fussing & complaining because most of them didn't even finish their solutions etc. so they just shoot random answers. Nado T_T About paper 2, I'm relieve because it was a little bit easier than paper 1. This time 1 hr 45 min for 20 questions. Got so many time ~~ but I can't really promise you a good grade. I'm scared ;u;

 Like usual, English & Agama is the easiest! Ok I don't want to be a boaster. mian. But yeah, I can predict I got A. Next, History. Just to let you know, History, Science & Math are my weakest subj. EXO oppars, wae you no teach me History? I heard from my classmate, they said I get a C ! And I was like 'WHUTTT' but *sigh* at least my score increase than my mid yr. AND YES, I get a D for my prev History paper. Awful, right? I'm not really a smarty pants although I'm in the first class. [ i don't know why i'm there ] Science & KH? not good :( I might get B or C. *le cries*

Jaaaa...that's all. I'm scared to take my results next week. Bye-yeom!

Jung Daeryong, welcome to my bias list :)

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// She's Back ! Monday, August 6, 2012 | 9:18 AM | 0 comments

"She's coming with a bright smile towards me, forever"

Assalammualaikum & annyeonghaseyo ~

 The owner is finally back. Do you guys miss me? kekeke. I've being hiatus for a long time ;~; I've change my skin now. It's pretty simple. Honestly, I don't know what to talk brain is resting. asdfghjkl my trials > 3 < I don't want to talk about it right now. So, I guess this is my 'serabut' entry. I will just mix up what is playing with my thoughts.

 Happy Ramadhan to my muslim friends ! Remember, to do good deeds in this wonderful month. Pahala berganda-ganda, you want? Of course leee ~ People are struggling to this month to do good deeds & get lots of Pahala , what about you? Get up & kurangkan fangirling. heuheu

old pic. But seriously I miss them ;A;

 BEAST COMEBACK. Okay, just now I just said that reduce my fangirl-ness....but I can't OTL? But I'll reduce it a bit. A day without KPOP is just not me. But I'll try to reduce my spazz while writing this entry. ok no. =_= 6 beasts are back after hiatus for about a year and a half. Seriously I miss them. My first ever fandom. My happiness. It's been a long time since I'm a b2uty. Now I can spazz with all the b2uties in the world . Spazzing & crying with them. Midnight Sun is the title album. I love all the tracks which I have difficulty time to pick one favorite. All the tracks are my favorite ok? :P but I hope they sing all the tracks ;A; selfish me. Their choreo are the best! I love you, Prepix Haw ! XD Lee Gikwang is still my bias although my sister said I'm 'curang' with him. But hey, I still love him and I'm still a B2uty. Doojoon, Junhyung, Hyunseung, Yoseob, Gikwang & Dongwoon oppars, b2uties are hoping for triple crowns ;) Fighting !

 T-ERROR the bullies. I doubt you guys have read the news. Well, I'm never was their fan. So I don't really care much. But poor Hwayoung. Good thing she left because I don't want her to be in the same group as bullies & much worse. She's free now. I'm happy for her. Her rap is the best. I really hate T-ARA now. My sister kept bashing Jiyeon. She once a Jiyeon's fan but now an anti. haha. I bet many of you WAS Jiyeon's fans, am I right? I'm a Eunjung's fan but now I'm Hwayoung's fan. I hope she will join CUBE ent. or Woolim ent. The best company ever! Oh and I ship Hwayoung x Sungjong :D Although I hate T-ARA now but I still hear their songs. kekeke

 EXO. Oh I miss my Dollah. I can't wait to watch 'To The Beautiful You' aka Hana Kimi korean ver. EXO is in there. Minho & Sulli are the main characters. There must be....a kiss scene, right? OMG I cannot bear to watch it. Minho & Sulli? I act them as close friends but I don't ship them. But aaah Lee Hyun Woo is there too! That cutie pie >3< Anyway, the first episode will air on 15th August !

 INFINITE. Nothing particular happen but RANKING KING ! The horror episode is hilarious XD my poor chicken choding. And my baby dinowoo. Ah my poor boys ;A; It must be really scary for them. And I here, in front of the screen laughing at them. But honestly, I'm a coward too -.- I predict that episode 12 is the last episode. Oh no man. I will miss my infinite oppars . But I'm quite relieve because PMR is somewhere in the corner now! T_____T and and and She's Back PV is outttt!! #MyungsooTertinggalSelipar :D

 K. That's all I guess. I'm sorry for my long entry. hoho. Mostly I write about kpop stuff but not my life. I'm sorry about that. Maybe next week holiday, I will write about my trials and some personal stories. Stay tune :D Wish me luck for my trials ~~~


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