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~In the cube~

Yoseobie : Mama, lookie! I'm in the magazine! *shows the magazine to Mama*

Mama : *Looks* Oh! You look great! *smiles*

Yoseobie : *pout* But not as great as Papa... *points to KiKi*

Mama : *grins* HeHe...Papa is handsome!

Yoseobie : Mama! Do you love me or Papa better? *serious*

Mama : Of course I love your Papa better *jokingly*

Yoseobie : *jealous* *Run to Grandpa Doojoon's room*

~Mama follow him to the room~

*In Grandpa's room*

Yoseobie : Grandpa~ *sobs sobs*

Grandpa : What is it child?

Yoseobie : *piggyback Grandpa* Mama doesn't love me...*sad*

Grandpa : Mama? Why... She loves you very much and you know it... *blur*

Yoseobie : *shook head* Mama loves Papa more than me... *frowns*

~Mama went into the room~

Mama : Yoseobie! *worried*

Yoseobie : *get off from Grandpa's back* *runs away*

Mama : *sight*

Grandpa : Go and look for him...He is a good hider!

Mama : *nods* Yes, father!

*Mama searched for Yoseobie everywhere but can't find him*

*Suddenly, KiKi came from work*

Papa : I'm back from work~ *sit on a couch*

Mama : Nampyeon~ Yoseobie is gone! I've searched everywhere but still can't find him! Eottoke?

Papa : Bho?? *shock*

*They search for Yoseobie & search & search until...*

~1 hour later~

Mama : Nampyeon~ Do you found him? *worried*

Papa : No, hun... *worried*


They heard a weird sound came from their closet.

KiKi opened the closet door and surprised.

*Yoseobie sleep in the closet!*

Mama & Papa : Yoseobie!! *surprised & glad*

Yoseobie : *woke up* Huh...? Mama..? Papa..? *rubbed eyes*

Papa : *picks up Yoseobie from the closet* Hey, kiddo! Why are you hiding in there?

Yoseobie : Mama hates me... *hugged Papa tightly*

Papa : *stares at Mama*

Mama : Oohh no bie... Of course I love my cute aegy... I love my aegy so much than anything!       *smiles*

Yoseobie : *Looked at Mama* Mama loves me more than anything?

Mama : *nods* Of couse dear~

Yoseobie : More than Papa?

Mama : *laugh* Yes..More than Papa!

Yoseobie : *smiled & hugged Mama*


*Papa jealous*

Papa : *pout*

Yoseobie : Papa~ *hug Papa*

Mama : Aww... Papa sulk! *smiled*

Yoseobie : *kiss Papa on cheek* chu~♥
But KiKi doesn't show any reactions...
Yoseobie : Papa!! *about to cry*

Mama : *sit next to Papa & bbobo~*smiles*


Papa : *smiles* Hehehehe~

Yoseobie : Papa!! :D

*KiKi & my child!! wahaha*


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Goshhh~ who is this cute aegy?? hehe he's mine~ my aegy!!! hahaha xD
Me & KiKi's of course (LOL!) ahh...plz dun ask me when!! ngehehehe... 

Grrrrr!! geram gilew aq tgk dak ni~ cute sesngt!!! I wanna pinch his chubby cheeks~ 
*Gilew* ^w^ ahhh~ his eyes sparkes <3



 Alalalala~ cumeynye die~ that a peach fruit he's holding?? *ntah*

a heart shaped peach!!!!!!! so cuttteeee *but my aegy is cuter than the peach!* :D

 Awww~ his past pictures *that I took* hehehe...Just look at his face!!

So cute & Innocent~



he looks like a child here!! ehhehe :3

 LOL! bile lak die tumbuh misai ni?? hahaha so cute~



he's kinda hot in this pic :3


*melts!* aahhh so kyyeopta my aeygy ^w^

Peace no war!! :)

Wae?! Yoseob & Grandpa Doojoon~ :D

So cute of them! :)

Naneun nae aegyul sarang~ I luv ma bebeyh <3

I meant 'WE' * KiKi & Me * kahkahkah~


Aww~ Father & Son ^w^

// My Flower Boy Ep.5 Tuesday, December 28, 2010 | 10:45 PM | 0 comments

I love his smile..*simply I love all about him*
 Episode 5

"Ouch! What's this?", Hae Ra murmured alone. She stares at a 'thing' that hit her. It was a paper aeroplane. Then, she hold the paper aeroplane. "A message?", she asked alone and opened the paper. It was a message! By who? She read carefully the message.

Yah! Did you peek me? Are you a snoop, huh?
What a great attitude you got there... 

"What? Hurmphh...This must be Ki Kwang!", Hae Ra murmured. Then, she takes a pen and begin to reply the message. After done writing, she make a paper aeroplane and toss it to the next door. The paper aeroplane flew into Ki Kwang's room.

Ki Kwang who noticed the paper aeroplane opened it and read.

No I'm not! I just happen to hear noise came from outside.
And then I saw you singing! Hate telling you this...
You have amazing voice. Did you create the song? 

As Ki Kwang finished reading, he smiled like a goofy clown! He was about to reply the message but suddenly, he saw another message behind the paper. There are numbers on it. "Her phone number?", he thought. He saved her phone number in his cellphone. He then text a message and sent it to Hae Ra's cellphone.

BZZzzrrrr! Hae Ra's cellphone vibrate itself. There is a message sent by an unknown number. Hae Ra opened her inbox and read the message

Thanks. I made that song specially for someone 
I Love. Do you like it??
-Ki Kwang

Hae Ra is kinda surprised when suddenly, she and Ki Kwang are texting together. And the way Ki Kwang talk is bizarre. He suddenly changes his attitude.
Hae Ra smiled and reply the message. After that, she saved Ki Kwang's number.

Now, Ki Kwang's cellphone vibrate. He quickly opened his inbox and read the message that sent by Hae Ra. He smiled after he read the message.

I love it!!! You should sign up for
the school audition tomorrow! There's a
Show & Tell contest next week! I bet you
will win the first prize! Go and try it
-Hae Ra 

Ki Kwang begin to text the message and sent it to Hae Ra. Here what he text :

Really?? Can you tell me more about the
information more? And uhm- Can you be our guide?
 Well, me and my bro are new to here...
-Ki Kwang 

He then smiled and chuckled alone on his bed. The noise makes his brother notices him. Hong Ki stared at his brother with an odd expression. 
  "Hoiii~ What's up with the silly smile?", Hong Ki surprised him. Ki Kwang who notice his brother, his smile gone in a flash. "Nothing~", Ki Kwang smirks. "There must be a reason behind those smirks!", Hong Ki thought. 

  Then suddenly, he heard a weird loud noise came from Ki Kwang's hand. It was his cellphone! It must be Hae Ra send a message to him. Without a doubt, Hong Ki quickly try to snatch the phone from Ki Kwang's hand! Both of the boys struggled to have the phone.
"Ah! Hyung! Give it back!", Ki Kwang yelled as he saw Hong Ki success snatched his phone from him. But Hong Ki didn't reply. He quickly opened the inbox and read the message before Ki Kwang snatched it back.

  "Sure, of course! Let's go to school together, tomorrow...", Hong Ki read out loud. And that annoys Ki Kwang. He felt embarrassed. "From Hae Ra??", Hong Ki grinned. Ki Kwang quickly snatched his phone back. He is too embarrassed and ignore his brother. Hong Ki chuckled to see Ki Kwang's reaction. 

Ki Kwang annoyed with his brother. So he throw a pillow at him. DUSHH! Right on the face! Now Hong Ki is annoyed and angry. He throw the pillow at his brother. But Ki Kwang is fast to cover himself. And yeah, the pillow fight begin. Both of the boys are not really mad, but they are having fun hitting themselves.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

   On the next morning...

  Hae Ra woke up really early than usual. She also shocked when she looked at the time. It's 5.45am now. She set the alarm clock at 6.30am. She woke up 45 minutes earlier. Hae Ra have many time to get ready for school.

  "Good morning, KoKo-", she said to KoKo as she walked out from her room. But, there still no any reply. It was very silent that morning. "Weird! Where's KoKo?", she scratched her head and searched for her poodle. KoKo is nowhere to be found. Hae Ra worried.

  "KoKo ah~", she kept called KoKo's name. Still no reply. Then, she heard something from the outside. She opened the door and surprised as she saw Ki Kwang playing with KoKo. Ki Kwang is already ready to school but Hae Ra still not ready yet.

  Ki Kwang looked behind him and surprised to see Hae Ra in her pajamas! Hae Ra also surprised to see him so early. "Oh! You already set to school? Wait for me!", she said and run to the bathroom.

  After done bathing, she wears her uniform and stuff. Then, she out to see Ki Kwang if he is still waiting for her. And yes, he is. "It's still early. Have you eat breakfast yet?", Hae Ra asked to Ki Kwang. Ki Kwang shook his head. "Nope. I'm not hungry.", he replied. 

  Hae Ra looked around the place. "Oh...Where's your brother?", she asked. "He will go later.", Ki Kwang replied short. Hae Ra sigh. "Okay, let's go!", Hae Ra said and locked up the house. But then, she saw a bike next to Ki Kwang. 

"Let's go! Ride on!", Ki Kwang is already sit on his bike. He waits for Hae Ra to sit behind him. Hae Ra slowly walks towards the bike and sit behind Ki Kwang. "This is weird...", she murmured. Her heartbeat skipped fast. 

But, before Ki Kwang started to paddle the bike, a sudden voice stopped them.

  "Yah! You two are leaving me?", Hong Ki said. He is kinda angry though. "Oh man!", Ki Kwang murmured alone. Hae Ra surprised seeing Hong Ki behind her. "Oh...hyung you're...early?", Ki Kwang reacts."Oh...I thought you are going late...", Hae Ra said softly and then she stared at Ki Kwang. She doesn't know anything but still she is kinda guilty.

  Hong Ki smirks as he hears the excuses. Then, he sit on his bike, ready to paddle. But...

"Hae Ra sshi...Isn't it to obvious you ride on Ki Kwang's bike together? I mean, after the misunderstood news yesterday...", Hong Ki said, before he start to paddle. Hae Ra silent a while.
"How about you ride with me?", Hong Ki suggested with a smile. Hae Ra smiled back.

  She get off from Ki Kwang's bike and sit on behind Hong Ki. "Aishhh!", Ki Kwang groaned. His brother is the obstacle to get Hae Ra and him together. Hong Ki who noticed Ki Kwang's reaction, grinned. He know what his younger brother is thinking about.

   "Let's go!", Hae Ra said cheerfully. But suddenly, Hong Ki put Hae Ra's hands around his waist. "Safety first! Hold me tightly!", Hong Ki said and grinned at Hae Ra. Hae Ra blushed and embarrassed. "Omo! I'm holding him?", Hae Ra thought. Her heartbeat make a wild beat. She can't control of her emotions. So she just smiled and hold Hong Ki tightly.

   Seeing Hae Ra happy makes Ki Kwang jealous again. His plan of getting closer with Hae Ra is ruined by his brother. Ki Kwang started to paddle his bike before Hong Ki does. After that, Hong Ki paddled his bike and follow his brother. 

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋
In the middle of the destination...

  "Ki Kwang love you, you know?", Hong Ki suddenly ask Hae Ra. But because of the wind blows hard that time, Hae Ra can't hear clearly what Hong Ki said. "What did you say again?", she blur. Hong Ki sight. "Nothing~", Hong Ki said and smirks. Hae Ra frowned. She really want to know.
✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋
A few minutes later...

  Hong Ki, Hae Ra and Ki Kwang finally arrived at school. They park the bikes and went into the building. The guiding session is in progress. Hae Ra showed them around the school. They got 30 minutes more before teaching lesson started. Hae Ra guided them to the library,toilets,Principal Office,Teachers lounge,cafeteria,hall, and lastly they went to their classes.

  Ki Kwang and Hae Ra are classmates, their class is 1-A which is the first class. While Hong Ki class is 3-B. Before going to their own classes...

"The bell will ring soon. We should go back to class.", Ki Kwang suggested. "Okay see ya!", Hong Ki said goodbye. "Umm see you at lunch~", Hae Ra said and wave at Hong Ki. Both of them waved and said goodbye.

  But suddenly, a girl came from nowhere suddenly hugged Hong Ki. Hae Ra, Ki Kwang and Hong Ki surprised. "Who is that girl?! How dare he hugged my hubby!", Hae Ra murmured alone. She is jealous by the girl's action towards Hong Ki.

  "Hubby~I miss you~", the girl said, still hugging Hong Ki from the back.
"HUBBY?!", both Hae Ra and Ki Kwang shrieked.

To be continued...

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My yeobo~❤
 Episode 4

There are two familiar faces at the door. Hae Ra's face shocked as she sees the two familiar boys at the door. The boys look at her in shock, too.

  "Hae Ra sshi?!", both of the boys said at the same time.

"Hong Ki Oppa?! Ki Kwang?!", shrieked Hae Ra.

Their eyes cannot even blink! They're shock to see each other again. Mrs.Yui froze to see that kind of situation. Everyone in the living room froze. Hae Ra gulped and try to open her mouth. "W-What are you two doing here?", she asked nervously. "We live here.", Hong Ki answered calmly. "And what are you doing here?", Ki Kwang added.

   Hae Ra almost faint when the boys replied. "They...Are...My...Neighbors...", Hae Ra said in her heart. Now, she is more nervous to reply Ki Kwang's question. "I....-", Hae Ra's sentence didn't finished yet but Mrs.Yui disturbed. "She is our neighbor.", Mrs.Yui said. Both of Ki Kwang and Hong Ki shocked. "What?", Ki Kwang disbelief just what he'd heard.

    "You all know each other?", Mrs.Yui suddenly asked. Hong Ki nodded. Hong Ki and Ki Kwang still froze at the outside. But Hong Ki suddenly pull Ki Kwang's arm and enter the house. The atmosphere in the house is very quiet. But Mrs.Yui broke the quiet scene. "Hae Ra, these two boys are my nephews. They're just moved in here last night. I don't know they go to the same school with you!", Mrs.Yui said.

    "Ki Kwang, how's your foot? Is it okay?", Mrs.Yui added. "My ankle sprained a little.", Ki Kwang replied. The boys still surprised about Hae Ra. The situation made Hae Ra felt embarrassed again. So, she stand up and say goodbye to Mrs.Yui. "I need to go, now. Goodbye, Mrs.Yui!", she said and try to make a move. But, Mrs.Yui stopped her.

    "Oh, leaving so soon?", Mrs.Yui asked.
"Erm, yeah! I got works-", Hae Ra's sentence being cut as Hong Ki open his mouth.
    "Why don't we have tea together?", Hong Ki suggested.

Hae Ra and Ki Kwang gasped.

    "Since you're our neighbor, how about we have some time to know each other better? Well, I mean, we're in the same school...", Hong Ki added with a cute cheeky smile on his face. And yeah, Hae Ra can't denied to day no. She fell for his smile again!

    "That's a wonderful idea! Come and have some tea with us!", Mrs.Yui agree with Hong Ki's suggestion.
"Oh, great-", Ki Kwang mumbled annoyed. He then walks with his crutches to his room.

    "A tea would be nice...Okay!", Hae Ra replied and nodded at the same time.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

At the dining room, Hae Ra, Mrs.Yui and Hong Ki are having a fun conservation while drinking tea.

   "Oh! So that's why his ankle sprained and his lips injured? Haha...", Mrs.Yui asked and laughed. When Mrs.Yui started to laugh, Hong Ki also participate the laughing. This makes Hae Ra blushed and embarrassed. She then takes a big sip of her tea.

   "Hae Ra, so you live next to our house, how's your family?", Hong Ki asked to Hae Ra. He seems curious to know.
"My parents are busy working at US and I don't have any siblings.", Hae Ra said softly.
   "Oh...I'm sorry...You must be very lonely.", Hong Ki felt guilty. Hae Ra shook her head.
"It's okay, but I have a poodle named KoKo. She is like a sister to me.", Hae Ra said smiling.
   "Cool! I always wanted a dog...", Hong Ki expressed.

Then, Mrs.Yui stand up. "You guys keep talking, I've got works to do.", she said and leave the dining room. Hong Ki and Hae Ra continued their conservation.

"Omo! Me and Hong Ki Oppa sat alone?! Just us?!", Hae Ra murmured alone. She felt embarrassed and shy with Hong Ki. THUMP! THUMP! Hae Ra's little heartbeat goes wild. It's just like a dream come true. She can't control her emotions towards Hong Ki. Her face goes red again. Hong Ki noticed.

"Hae Ra sshi...", Hong Ki called her name.
"W-wha-t...?", Hae Ra answered nervously. Even her words are cut. She surprised that Hong Ki called her name again. She wait for Hong Ki to reply.

"You're cute when you shy.", Hong Ki praised her. He smiled.

"Cute...cute...cute...", the words played in Hae Ra's mind. She blushed again, but even harder. Her eyes can't blink! She froze. Her tongue is twisted.

"@#$*&%#!...", she also can't say right! "Fool! What are you saying about?!", Hae Ra blamed herself alone. When Hong Ki hears the strange words, he blast out giggling. Hae Ra can only tilt down her head and looked at her feet. Too embarrassed to look at Hong Ki.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

Ki Kwang take a peek from his door room. He looked at Hae Ra and his brother having fun time. He then stares at Hae Ra. "Look at her red face! She looks like a devil!", he murmured alone. "A cute one...", he continued. "What the heck am I talking about?", he snapped. The thing is, Ki Kwang is jealous over Hae Ra and Hong Ki having fun time. He has a crush on Hae Ra since the first time they met. But, don't know why his attitude suddenly change into a rude boy.

Ki Kwang slapped his handsome face many times. Mrs.Yui, who is staring at him, felt weird. She goes to her nephew and surprise him. "What are you doing?", Mrs.Yui said odd. Ki Kwang shocked when his aunt came into his room without knocking the door.

   "Nothing...It's just when I looked into the mirror, I saw a handsomest boy! So I kinda furious of my good looking face and I slap my face many times. HeHe...", Ki Kwang said with a smile on his face. "Stop praising yourself!", Mrs.Yui sigh and she pinch Ki Kwang's cheek. "Auuuww!", He groaned in pain.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

Back with the two people...

It was really quiet at the dining room. Hae Ra tried to escape from the 'silent room'. She looked at her wrist watch. It's almost 6.00pm! She had to feed KoKo. She takes a deep breath and looked at Hong Ki's beautiful face. "I need to go now. I'd to feed my poodle.", she stand up and takes her school bag with her. Hong Ki face looks like he is going to sulk.

   "Oh okay...See you tomorrow.", he frowned. Hae Ra eyes can't blink again. "See you.", she said and leave the house. In her mind, she also don't want to leave Hong Ki. "Aww...His face just now is cute and sad..", she murmured.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

In Hae Ra's house...

   "KoKo ahh~ I'm home!", she said happily. Then, a beautiful and cute brown poodle running towards its owner. "Wuff! Wuff!", KoKo barked happily. She then licked Hae Ra's cheek. "Oh! I miss you, too!", Hae Ra said in a happy tone. She then goes to the kitchen and KoKo followed her. "I'm sorry that I'd forgot to feed you.", Hae Ra said with a sad face on her face.

She takes out a box of dog food and pour it into KoKo's food bowl. KoKo quickly eats the food. She is really hungry. Hae Ra kept stroking KoKo's head.

   After a few minutes later, KoKo finished eating. Hae Ra takes the bowl and washed it at the sink. After done washing the bowl, she heard a beautiful sweet voice came from the house next door. She looked at her window and stunned as she saw a boy singing in a room next to her house.

   It was Ki Kwang! She dazzled as she hears his beautiful voice. "Wow! That jerk can sing too!", she thought. Suddenly, her heartbeat thumps super fast. She fell for Ki Kwang's amazing voice! When she look closer, she sees Ki Kwang sings and play the piano too! Amazing! Her mind went blank as she hears the beautiful song by Ki Kwang.

  But suddenly...

Ki Kwang's voice cracks. As Hae Ra heard that, she burst out laughing non-stop. Her laugh noticed by Ki Kwang. Ki Kwang looked out the window to find the weird laugh. And then, he saw Hae Ra stare at him funnily. He and Hae Ra blushed.

   Ki Kwang felt embarrass because his crush just heard his voice cracks and Hae Ra embarrass because Ki Kwang notices her.

"Oh man! Did she just heard my voice crack?", Ki Kwang murmured.

"Kyah! He saw me! He will think I am a snoop or a stalker!", Hae Ra murmured.

Both of them felt embarrassed.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

   A paper aeroplane hit Hae Ra's head.

To be continued...

continue episode 5  | previous episode

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Annyeonghaseyo~ hoho korg da dengar lagu b2st units x??? 
Best gilew!! B2ST dibahagikn ngn 3 grup ; 
Junseob & Doowoon & Kiseung <3
grup masing2 ade sediakn sbuah lagu specially to us fans B2UTY!
yupp dorg yg cipta lirik sndiri tau x??? hargai their love :3
aaaaa....lagu paling best *in my opinion* is...
Junseob - Thanks to ^^
*in fact, sume lagu best but this song is more *bermakna* to me*
I love this song bcuz... They r saying thank u to B2UTY *Oh gosh*
They r appreciate our support & love <3
*ahhh syg kt korg gak* YOU'RE WELCOME!! hehehe ^^
hurmmm...lagu ni buat aq nanges gak *huhuhu*

& Yeapp their teasers r funny & cute~ *best*
Lagu "When the door closes" pon best gak!!!!
the DooWoon bro make this song~ the song is sad & sweet...
dorg main piano tau x?! *gentleman gilew* hehehe
yeahhh this song makes me wnna make a river!! sedeyh mehhh...
kalo x caye, tgk la eng subs die!! khas utk org yg sdg *deeply in love*
hehehe...*Don't let go your hands to the precious person* Okay??
*yeap mine is KiKi! huahuahua*

And lastly but not least.... KISEUNG <3
dorg nyanyi lgu "Let it Snow"
A sexy ballad song *juz for me* hahaha 
It's for everyone :P *No! Us B2UTY^^*
Bilew KiKi nyanyi lagu ni... I felt something...
I MISS AJ!!!!!! T^T oOoo my hubby~
HuHu~ I wish AJ is back again...
But nvm, since he is B2ST now... I will still support him & love him than anyone! :)
Waaaa...when he sing this song... *goosebumps* haha!
his voice is sexy as ever!!! kekekeke~ & his dance...*uwaaahhh flawless*
Our Prince Jang~ *I dun like him much but when he sing...I hav this aura...
*but i cant tell u guys what is it* hehe...

영원히 당신을 사랑

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Kyyeopta~ (♥.♥)
Episode 3
   Hae Ra's footstep stopped as she heard someone called her name.
"Excuse me, are you Yoo Hae Ra?", a voice called her name.

Hae Ra quickly turned around to see who called her name.  Seohyun, her classmate called her. She sigh in relief that she'd found Hae Ra. It looks like Seohyun had trouble searching for Hae Ra everywhere but at last, she'd found her.

  "Yes, Seohyun? What's up?", Hae Ra asked with an odd expression on her face.
"There's a letter for you from a handsome guy.", Seohyun said, smiling.

The word 'handsome' had just broke the clue on Hae Ra's mind. "Hong Ki Oppa?", Hae Ra thought. Then, Seohyun took out a letter from her pocket and handed it to Hae Ra. Hae Ra takes the letter and said "Thanks!" to Seohyun. Both of them smiled. "No prob!", Seohyun said, happily to help someone.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

In the classroom...

   Everyone stared at Hae Ra and begin to whisper to each other. The gossip session still haven't over yet. Still, it was a hot issue. But Hae Ra don't care about that. It was just an misunderstanding. She hope the issue will be over and change into a misunderstood news so her name can be clear.

   The teaching lesson is still in progress. But the students still didn't get enough gossiping on Hae Ra. "Hae Ra kissed a hot guy?","Oh my gosh...How could she?","The girl goes wild","That girl don't have any shame?"."Girls these days...", Hae Ra's ears are painful to hear those words by some of her classmates. "Aish~ When will they stop cursing me?", Hae Ra thought. She even can't focus on the teacher teaching because her classmates kept cursed and gossip about her.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋   

   The kissing accident is a very hot issue in school! All the students from every classes talks about this. Hae Ra will blushed of embarrassment. Every time she passed the place, students near her kept doing their stupid smirks and grins on their faces. Now, Hae Ra is very popular in school. Everyone in school knows her. And this makes Hae Ra felt uneasy.

   During the lunch break...

"Yenny, let's eat at the rooftop today. I don't want to be embarrassed again.", Hae Ra whisper to Yenny. Yenny nodded as she understand her best friend's feeling.Both of them bring their lunch boxes to the rooftop. Luckily, there's no one there. Hae Ra sigh in relief. She doesn't want to be a paparazzi anymore.

    "What is in your lunchbox today?", Yenny ask Hae Ra.
"Kimchi. What's yours?", Hae Ra reply as she open her lunchbox.
    " isn't a lunch at all...", Yenny said softly.

She opened her beautiful pink lunch box slowly. Hae Ra's eyes wide-open as she look at Yenny's lunch. There's some juicy strawberries aside, sushis, carbonara spaghetti. What a mouth-watering lunch! Yenny almost laughed seeing her best friend's funny expression.

    "Here! Have some! I can't eat all of it by myself!", Yenny said as she sharing her 'delicious lunch' with Hae Ra. Hae Ra can't deny to say no to food. "Thanks!", Hae Ra said happily. "Have some of my kimchi, too!", she added. Yenny smiled and take some of Hae Ra's kimchi. Both of them eat happily together with peacefully.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋ 

Meanwhile at the hospital...

    "Kwangie~ How are you?', Hong Ki asked with a worried voice. He really worried about his younger brother. He is the only brother he had. "I'm okay, hyung~", Ki Kwang replied. He looked at his sprained ankle already wrapped with bandages.

    Hong Ki smiled. He glad that his younger brother is fine. Then, he sits on a chair, next to Ki Kwang. He took out a picture and show it to his brother.  A big shock covered Ki Kwang's face.
He quickly snatched the picture and look into it closer. It was a picture of Hae Ra and Ki Kwang's kissing.

   "W-WHAT?!", he screamed. Hong Ki quickly cover Ki Kwang's mouth with his hand. The patients who are sitting at the lounge room looked at Ki Kwang with a little shock expression from the scream. "Shuh~", Hong Ki whisper to Ki Kwang.

  "Who took this picture? I wanna kill that person!", Ki Kwang said angrily. Hong Ki snatched the picture from Ki Kwang. "I don't know. I saw this picture lying on the floor. Maybe someone took this picture with his or her camera. You're going to be popular in school, you know?", Hong Ki said crystal clear. Ki Kwang irritated.

    Sneaky Hong Ki tried to put the picture in his pocket but he being caught by his brother. Ki Kwang hold Hong Ki's arm with his fist. Hong Ki surprised seeing Ki Kwang's fast action.

   "What are you doing, hyung?", Ki Kwang asked slowly and clear. He smiled like an evil boy.
"Nothing? Hahaha!", Hong Ki smirks and laughed. He had been caught.
   "What are going to do with that picture, huh, hyung?", Ki Kwang asked again.
"Okay-okay-okay! I'd been caught! Let go of your hand! You're crushing my arm here!", Hong Ki shrieked. His arm hurt. Ki Kwang automatically let go off his hand.

   Ki Kwang took the picture and crushed it with both of his strong hand. Then, he threw it into a trashcan. "Hey, let's go home now.", Hong Ki suggested. Ki Kwang nodded. Hong Ki helped his brother to get up. Ki Kwang must use two crutches to walk. Both of the boys ride a taxi to go home.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋
Back with Hae Ra...

   RING~! The school bell rang. Lunch break is over. All the students went back to their classes. Hae Ra and Yenny clean up the place and pack their lunchboxes. The learning sessions is still conducted.

  "Good afternoon, class!", greeted their teacher, Mrs.Hee happily.
"Good afternoon, teacher!", greeted the students cheerfully.

Mrs.Hee is their Music Teacher and also their homeroom teacher. Everyone likes her because she is very supporting, active and cool! Not like the other teachers. Mrs.Hee hates to be called by her name; Mrs.Hee. And, that's why everyone in school called her, teacher. She is the popular teacher in school! All the students likes her.

   "Before I started our lesson today, I want to ask Hae Ra something...", Mrs.Hee said and look at Hae Ra. All the students looked at Hae Ra.
  "Yes, teacher?", Hae Ra asked with a weird expression on her face.
"I heard that you're hooking up with the new guy in front of the Health Inspection room.", Mrs.Hee said cheerfully. Now, everyone in the class make a big fuss. Some of them whistling happily and some of them clapped their hands.

   Hae Ra blushed. Her face is red again! "No! It was an accident!", she wanted to open her mouth and explain about everything but don't know why her mouth is too heavy to open. Then, Yenny came to the rescue. "Oh, teacher! How's your dinner with your husband at the finest five star restaurant?", she asked and giggled at the same time.

  Now everyone make a big fuss again. They all laughed at their teacher's red blushing face!
Hae Ra smiled at Yenny and whisper to her "Thanks!". Yenny winked at her and smiled.

  "Okay, kiddos! Let's start our lesson today.", Mrs.Hee said, still embarrassed.
Now the class went a little quiet. Mrs.Hee started the teaching lesson.

  Suddenly, Hae Ra remembers something. Her letter! "Where is it?", Hae Ra struggled finding her letter silently without being caught by anyone. At last, she'd found it! "I will read you at home...", she talks alone.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

RING~! The school bell rang again. It's time to go back home. Hae Ra and Yenny say goodbye to each other and waved. "See you tomorrow, Hae Ra!", Yenny waved and smiled. "You too!", Hae Ra waved and smiled. Yenny go home with a car ; her brother drive. While Hae Ra go home with a bus.

   In the bus, Hae Ra read the letter. She can't wait to read it. The letter writes ;

To : Yoo Hae Ra sshi
From : Lee Hong Ki
I'm sorry that we leave you in the room. Well, there is an accident occurred with you
and my younger brother, Ki Kwang. Both of your heads and lips clashed and knocked out. So, I sent you into the Health Inspection room. But, Ki Kwang's ankle injured. So I took him to a hospital and leave you without a word. I'm sorry on my brother's behalf. I'm really sorry...I hope we can meet tomorrow.

Hae Ra read it slowly and clearly so she can understand it. The word "I hope we can meet tomorrow" makes Hae Ra wanna jump up and down like crazy. But she's in the public bus, everyone will see her crazy actions. So she had to skipped the 'crazy jumping' part.

   Then, the bus stopped at a bus stop near Hae Ra's house. She stand up and walk out from the bus and headed home in a delightful heart.

   Hae Ra takes out her keys and unlock the door. Before she could open the door, she heard a terrified scream came from her neighbor's house, Mrs.Yui!


She quickly run and go into Mrs.Yui's house. As she opened the door, she shocked as she saw an abandoned dog! She looked at the place. There are many small pieces of a broken vase on the floor.
From Hae Ra's concern, the dog must be go into the house and accidentally broke the vase.

   "Shoo! Shoo! Go out!", Mrs.Yui chased out the abandoned dog from the house. Hae Ra also help her frighten away the dog. At last, the dog successfully being chased out from the house. Hae Ra wiped her sweat on her face with her hand. Mrs.Yui who are noticed Hae Ra, thanks her.

   "Thank you, Hae Ra. I thought that dog would never go out!", Mrs.Yui said with a bright smile on her face. "Your welcome!", Hae Ra smiled. Then, she look on the messy floor. "Oh,dear! That pesky dog broke my vase!", Mrs.Yui sigh. Her smile suddenly gone.

   "Let me help you clean the floor, Mrs.Yui.", Hae Ra said generously. She really loves helping people especially for those who are in needed. Mrs.Yui can't denied Hae Ra's demand. She give Hae Ra a broom. "Thank you!", that's the only word Mrs.Yui can say to a kind and generous person like Hae Ra.
Hae Ra just smiled and continue to sweep the floor.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋ 
After done sweeping the floor...

   "Thanks again for helping me. I'm also sorry for all the works and also, I'm sorry for bothering you.", Mrs.Yui apologized again. She frowned. She felt guilty to Hae Ra. Hae Ra shook her head many times. "Oh no! It's okay! I love to help people! No need to be guilty at me. Just call me anytime if you need any help.", Hae Ra said. She then gave Mrs.Yui a beautiful warm smile of hers. Mrs.Yui smiled again.

   But suddenly...

There are two familiar faces at the door. Hae Ra's face shocked as she sees the two familiar boys at the door. The boys looked at her in a shock, too.

   "Hae Ra sshi?!", Both of the boys said at the same time.

"Hong Ki Oppa?! Ki Kwang?!", shrieked Hae Ra.

To be continued...

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Saeng-il chukka haeyo, YONG JUNHYUNG^^
*Happy Birthday, Yong Junhyung* 

Heee~ our Joker is turning 21st  this year^^
Yet, he is matured & handsome!!!
BTW, Oppa.... I made a BDAY Card for you heehee x)
I edit it by myself & u won't mind if i use ur pic eh?? hehehe..

I hope you & ur maknaes/hyungs are feeling good today^^


// My Flower Boy Ep.2 Saturday, December 18, 2010 | 4:52 PM | 0 comments

Gi Kwang Singing 
*Can't stop looking cute eh you! ♥

Episode 2 

  Ki Kwang had lost his balance. Suddenly, he fell off from the bench! Hae Ra quickly capture him with both of her hands. But she failed... Ki Kwang fell and accidentally, his head knock on Hae Ra's head and both of them fell down and temporary lost of consciousness.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

  Hae Ra suddenly opened her eyes. She's on a bed! She quickly got up and looked around the familiar place. She's in the Health Inspection room! Hae Ra felt easy and calm. She is also felt weird and odd. "How did I get here?", she thought. She can't remember a thing what had just happened.


  "Omo! What happened to my lips?", she shrieked as she look herself in the mirror. Her lips are injured a little at the end of her lips. There's a little blood on it. "Ouch!", she touched her bruised lips. After a few seconds, Ms.Park, the doctor, came into the room.

  "Good morning, Hae Ra! You're already woke up!", Ms.Park greeted her with a nice warm smile. Hae Ra smiled back at the doctor."Good morning to you too, Ms.Park!", she greeted her back.

  "How's your lips? Is it still hurt?",Ms.Park asked as she checked Hae Ra's lips.
Hae Ra nodded means "Yes". She was about to ask the doctor about what happened to her just then. But, the doctor is distracted by the ringtone of her cellphone.

♪  So beautiful my girl~ Oh oh girl~

  'Beautiful by B2ST' was played. Hae Ra were a little surprised by the ringtone. It was her favourite song too! Ms.Park quickly grab her cellphone. Just looking at Ms.Park's face expression, Hae Ra can tell that it was her boyfriend called her.

  "Your lips will be better soon. You can go back to your class now.", Ms.Park said to Hae Ra before answering her cellphone. "Okay.", Hae Ra reply short and leave the room.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

   Hae Ra still felt weird and strange. She tried to remember what had happened to her before her lips
hurts. But she can't think of anything! Her mind went blank suddenly. She scratched her head roughly.
"Gahh! What's happened to me?", she murmured softly.

   Then, Hae Ra realized that many eyes stare at her! But, she keep herself calm and continue to walk. Now, all the students who are coincidence walk by there are started to whisper and gossiping to each other as they saw Hae Ra. She felt uneasy. The faster she walks, the bigger the gossiping issues.
"Why are they staring at me like that? Did I did something wrong?", questions popped out in her head.

   Suddenly, there's a hand on Hae Ra's left shoulder. Someone grabbed her shoulder! Hae Ra is almost screamed of surprise-ness! "Wah!", she shrieked. Hae Ra turned around to see who grab her.
It was her best friend, Park Ye Eun a.k.a Yenny. She is Hae Ra best friend since kindergarten.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋ FLASHBACK ✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

   It all started when a new exchange student come to a kindergarten school at Seoul. The new girl is Park Ye Eun. She is the daughter of a rich family. Her parents owned a famous company.

  Everyday, she will bring her cool toys to school and that makes everyone jealous of her. One day, Ye Eun is being bullied by a secondth grader boy. He is jealous of Ye Eun's cool toys and he want it. But Ye Eun refused. She doesn't want to give her special toys to anyone. And that's made the boy mad.

  The boy tried to hit Ye Eun but, Hae Ra quickly stopped them. She tried to protect Ye Eun from the bully.

  "Hey! Stop bullying my friend! Or else...", she said bravely and cover Ye Eun behind her. The boy laughed.

  "Or else what? Little girl!", the boy said and teased her. Then, he laughed non-stop. Hae Ra hates when anyone teased her. Without a doubt, Hae Ra run towards the boy and kick his *crotch*.

  "Arrrggghhh!", the boy cried in pain. He rolled on the ground because of his painfulness. He doesn't have the energy to fight with Hae Ra back. He is too scared to fight with her. He also can't believe a little girl beat him!

  "Next time, don't call me 'Little girl' anymore...", Hae Ra said dramatically. The boy only nodded, too much pain to talk. Hae Ra smiled to Ye Eun.

  "Are you alright?", Hae Ra asked worriedly. She looked around the new girl as if she is injured. But she is practically fine. "Yeah...I'm alright. But, it's not me you should worry, but you!", Ye Eun pointed out to Hae Ra. Hae Ra chuckled after hearing those words. "Thanks!",
Ye Eun said softly. "No biggie", Hae Ra smiled.

  "Can your friend?", Ye Eun asked shyly. "Best friend!", Hae Ra added. Both of them smiled and hold hands together like best friends does. Hae Ra also gives a nickname to Ye Eun. She called her 'Yenny'. They've become best friends till now.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋ Continue ✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋  

   "Hae Ra! Is it true that you kissed the new boy?", Yenny asked shockingly.
"WHAT?!", Hae Ra shouted freakishly. All the students near them surprised by the loud noise and stared at Hae Ra.

 Now Hae Ra remembered the accident. Flashback came into her mind.

    Ki Kwang fell off the bench and Hae Ra tried to catch him but she failed. Instead, both of them accidentally knocked their heads. But not just their heads, their lips also meet together! And both of them fell and lost consciousness on the floor. And that's why her lips are injured!

    It was a long pause since she remembered the accident. Hae Ra's heartbeat are so fast like the beat of a rapper song. She froze herself like a statue and stared her class front door. She seemed scared and shy to go in there.

Yenny snaps her fingers in front Hae Ra's face. Hae Ra quickly woke up from her stare.

    "Hae Ra! You didn't answer my question yet.", Yenny wanted to hear Hae Ra's explanation.
"It was an accident...", Hae Ra said softly. Then, she started to explain the whole situation.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋ 

   After she tells the whole misunderstanding situation, Yenny held out her breath in relief. "That's why your lips injured a little? Are you okay?", She really cares and worries about her best friend too. "Yeah! I'm fine!", Hae Ra said with a smile. "That's good but you must apologize to him later because, Mrs.Kim wants to see you in the Principal Office, right now!", Yenny said. Hae Ra rolled her eyeballs.

"Why she wants to see me?", Hae Ra asked, odd. She scared if she do anything wrong.
"I don't know. But, I think it's about the kissing accident.", Yenny replied and giggled.

   Hae Ra started to pinch Yenny's arm. Yenny stopped giggle but she screams when Hae Ra pinched her arm. "Ouch!", Yenny cried in pain after her best friend pinched her. She knows that her best friend is mad about the accident thing. "I'm sorry...", Yenny apologized. "Laugh again and I will pinch your cheeks!", Hae Ra said jokingly and she giggled at the same time. Yenny laughed.

  Then, Hae Ra stops laughing. She then wave at Yenny, it means, she got to go to the Principal Office. Yenny waved back. "Good luck!", Yenny said silently.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

At the Principal Office...

  "Hae Ra sshi!", Mrs.Kim snapped. Hae Ra surprised when the Principal called her name in a high pic tone. "Yes, ma'am?", Hae Ra answered. "What is the meaning of this?", Mrs.Kim asked angrily as she showed a picture of a girl and a boy kissed each other. It was Hae Ra and Ki Kwang! Hae Ra almost flipped herself as she looked the picture.

   "WHAAAAT?!", she shouted. Mrs.Kim almost scream of surpriseness hearing Hae Ra's amazing high pic tone. Hae Ra's eyes wide-open when she sees the embarrassing picture. "I...It was a...big misunderstanding!", she said nervously and blushed. Her face are red as a lobster! Mrs.Kim stared at Hae Ra's red blushed face. She raised up her eyebrows.

   "What misunderstanding?", Mrs.Kim asked.

And so, Hae Ra told the principal about the accident earlier. She even show the evidence, her injured lips. It was clearly show that, Hae Ra is innocent and not guilty at all. Mrs.Kim believe her for now. She let her to leave the room. But before leaving the room, Hae Ra want to ask something.

   "Ma'am? Where is Ki Kwang? I meant the new student in the picture.", Hae Ra asked, curiously.
"He's at a hospital nearby.", Mrs.Kim replied short.
   "Omo! Is he badly injured?", Hae Ra asked, worriedly.
"He is not badly injured. His ankle sprained.", Mrs.Kim said calmly.
   "Oh...Thank you for the information and goodbye, ma'am!", Hae Ra thank her school principal and wave goodbye to her.
   "Bye~", Mrs.Kim waved her hand.

Hae Ra leaved the room and headed to her class. "I hope he will be okay.", Hae Ra thought. She really worried about Ki Kwang although he is rude to her.

  But suddenly, her footstep stopped as she heard someone called her name.

"Excuse me, are you Yoo Hae Ra?", a voice called her name...

To be continued...

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// My Flower Boy Ep.1 Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | 1:28 PM | 0 comments

Lee KiKwang ft Lee HongKi ♥~
  *KiKi & HongKi*

Episode 1

It was a beautiful day, today. The sun shines brightly and the wind blows calmly. You can hear birds singing beautifully and sweetly on that morning. But, it was also a hard day to Yoo Hae Ra. She wakes up a little late than usual and she might missed her school.

  "ARGH! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!", she groaned to herself as she looked at her alarm clock. It's already 7.40am and school morning bell will rang at 8am. Only 20 minutes more! She almost faint when she look at the time! It was her fault for not setting the alarm clock to the usual time! She forgot.

   "Ouch!", she groaned. She slipped and fell down on the floor. She quickly stood up even though her butt hurts. She doesn't want to miss school or else, she will be punished by the school principal, Mrs.Kim but even worse her parents, Mr.Yoo and Mrs.Yoo.  But luckily, her parents weren't there. They're at US, working and working. So, Hae Ra stays in the house alone.

   Hae Ra doesn't have much time so she skipped shower and just wash her face and wear her school uniform. 10 minutes left, she'd to skipped breakfast too! She quickly grabbed her backpack and the house keys. Then, she lock the doors and ran off to school.

   "Oh dear God! Please let me passed the school gate!", she kept praying to her God as she was running quickly. She could hardly breathe and sweat comes out from her face. She run as fast she can. When she reached the school gate, the guards was about to close the gate.

   "No! Wait!", she shouted and begin to run faster. Her heart is beating so fast as she successfully passed the guard. She made it! After that, the school bell ring. "Victory is mine!", she cheered proudly. But still, she need to go to her class before her teacher did!

    As she was running, she didn't see someone who're standing in front of her.

"Bump!", Hae Ra and the person crashed to each other and both of them fell onto the ground.

  "Ouch! Aww!", both of them cried in pain. And again, Hae Ra's butt hurts. The boy in front of her seemed in a lot pain than her. She quickly apologized and help him.

  "Oh my! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry that I crashed into you! Are you o...-", Hae Ra can't finished her sentence. But, something weird happen to Hae Ra as she looked at the boy's face. "Omo! He is so handsome!", Hae Ra's heart beat so fast! She fell for him. She never seen him before. "An exchange student?", she thought.


  The boy selfishly push her hand aside. "What? How could I touch a blind girl's hand?", he said rudely.
Hae Ra's eyes widened as she heard the boy teased her. Her love for him suddenly disappear in a flash. But still, she is patient and calm. In her heart, she says "Blind? Hello, who's fault is this? Who ask you to stand in the middle like a statue? You think this path is yours? Hurmph! Only his face is handsome but his heart is ugly!", her heart is burning fire!

   "I-I'm sorry...It's my fault that I cause you the accident...Lee Ki Kwang?", she said calmly as she looked at the boy's name tag. The boy looked at her in a displease. "Yeah! It's your fault!", he then tried to stand up but he failed."Argh!", he cried in pain. His foot injured. Hae Ra panicked.

   But suddenly...

A handsome prince charming came into the scene. Hae Ra's eyes sparkles and her mouth turn into an 'O' shape. "Kyaaa~♡ Who is this lovely Prince Charming?", Hae Ra murmured alone. Her eyes cannot blink! Her mind went lost to the 'Prince'. Hae Ra stared at his name tag. The 'Prince' name is Lee Hong Ki. 

   "Kwangie!", Hong Ki called out his younger brother. He quickly bend his knees beside Ki Kwang.

   "Hyung!", Ki Kwang called out.
"Hyung? So this 'Prince' is his older brother?", Hae Ra though. 

   "Are you okay?", he asked, worriedly.
-"My foot hurts...", Ki Kwang replied. He hold his left foot that injured.

Hong Ki checked Ki Kwang's foot and then he realized that there's someone in front of him. He stares at Hae Ra with his 'odd' expression. And that wakes her up from her 'Dream Land'. She's surprised when Hong Ki looked at her. Without a doubt, Hae Ra opened her mouth and said...

   "I'm sorry! It's my fault! I'm on a rush so I run and crashed into him without purpose! I'm really sorry! Is there anything that I could help with?", Hae Ra explained and begin to apologized to the two boys. She also wanted to help them.

   "Hmm...It's okay...", Hong Ki said softly.
"Hae Ra sshi?", he stuttered a bit spoke Hae Ra's name as he looked at her name tag.

Hae Ra surprised when the 'handsome prince' spoke her name correctly and clearly. Otherwise some people spoke her name wrongly like ; HaRa, HeRa and the new one is RahRah by an old grandmother from the market. Plus, Hong Ki added 'miss' into her name.

   "Hong Ki Oppa is such a gentleman!", Hae Ra murmured alone. She also happy because her crush just spoke her name! She tries to control her emotions and smiling too much or she will get caught by the two boys. She nodded.

    Hae Ra's smile does not last longer as Ki Kwang opened his mouth and say...

"Hae Ra? What kind of name is that? And uhm...Hello? Need help here?", Ki Kwang rudely interrupts.

Hae Ra's ears are painful to hear those words came out from Ki Kwang's mouth. But still, she admit it, her name is kinda weird. She took a big breath and calm herself down. But good thing, Hong Ki cover her.

"Kwangie! Don't be rude!", Hong Ki scold his younger brother to behave. But Ki Kwang doesn't want to listen to his advise. He just give a big stare at his brother.

 Hae Ra stops the 'Staring Session' as she say...

 "Urm... shouldn't you bring him to the Health Inspection room?", she suggested.

    -"Can you lead us the way?", Hong Ki asked politely.

"Sure!", Hae Ra replied and nodded. In silent, she said "Of course! I will do anything for my prince!".

    -"Thanks!", Hong Ki smiled.

Hae Ra almost faint as she seen the other side of Hong Ki. His killer smile can kill everyone! She feels like her heartbeat stopped beating. "Kyaaa~♡", the only word she can say.

     Without wasting the time,  Hong Ki helped his brother to climb up on his back to piggyback him. They succeeded! After that, Hae Ra lead them to the Health Inspection room.

After a few minutes later, they've arrived at the room. Hong Ki let down his brother on a bench.
But, Hong Ki forgot that his brother's foot injured!


     Ki Kwang fell off the bench!

"AAARRGGHHH!", Ki Kwang screamed. Hong Ki can't even move. He froze of shockness.
Hae Ra quickly try to capture him with her hands.

But, something weird happen...

To be continued...

continue episode 2 

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Hey! What's up?? 
Right now, I'm at Melaka (My cousin's house)
Guess what we will do tonight??

We're going to karaoke at the house,here... 
The things we need to fire up the house :

A colourful Crystal/Disco ball
☑  Speakers/Stereos Set
☑  Musics/Songs (from Laptop or etc.)
A big TV (HD/Non)

All checked & Clear! :D

// Vote B2ST! Friday, December 10, 2010 | 3:21 PM | 0 comments

Hello there peeps!
Just like the title says "Vote B2ST!" 
Open the link above to vote...
But, you must logged into Twitter or Facebook
account to vote! The voting ends on December 31st 2010
@ 11:59PM EST!



And also, stay tune for tomorrow Music Bank & Ingkigayo!

// A trip to Genting Highlands Thursday, December 9, 2010 | 12:55 PM | 0 comments

Anneyeonghaseyo, chingu & my namja KiKi <3
Read the title plz?? Yeah, this post is gonna be long long~
Yesterday, kitorg gi Genting Highlands~ *screams*
Whhhhhhoaaaa! hahaha.... da lama x pegi!
Last time pegi mse kecik2 dulu je...huhu
happynyew dpt pegi smlm! Tp pegi 1 hari jew..
x stay kt hotel... T^T

We all bngun pkul 6am & siap2 mndi~
Bertolak pkul 7.30am & smpai kt sne pkul 8.50am~
But, ade problem skit...Kereta Pk.Long rosak?.?
So, my father goes help him... while me,my mother,sis,
Maksu, Danish, Aiman & Naquib waited & eat breakfast first~
Smbil2 mkn tu, aq bukak lagu 'BEAUTIFUL by B2ST' dlm MP5 aq!
hahaha...Aq x ley nk tinggal MP5 aq...wajib bwk! :P
BTW, it's soooooooo COLD there!! I'm Freeeeeeezzzziinnngg~
Luckily, I'd brought my jacket~ 

Here's a funny moment !!! Read till the end..
Semase tunggu tu, Maksu & my sis; Kak Syaza,
gi toilet... Tapi ade 'cleaner' nk mop lantai dlm toilet tu..
So, dorg kene tunggu kt luar toilet... About 5
minutes later, cleaner tu masih x abes2 nk mop lntai..
Maksu ckp to my sis "Baru td, da ade org cuci toilet ni,
tp asal nk cuci lagi??" Aishh...bengong tol ar...(Oops!) ahaha!
Then, Aiman & Danish tetibe dtg...
Danish nk terberakk!! Omooo!! (incase if u dunno, he's 6 yrs old)
But, ade org dlm toilet kene tunggu..
Tapi die x thn~ lompat2 die...he''s struggles & struggles~
"Cepatla! X  thn ni!! Nk berakk!!", jerit2 die! haha...
mmg lwk ah telatah die tu~ gelak2 aq^^
But, aq risau gak kalo x sempat nieh...hehehe..
Then, org tu da kluar, Aiman cpt2 bwk Danish msk dlm toilet...
fuhhh~ sempat pooon...

It's 9.15am now, tetibe bdk2 laen da smpai...
Abah & Pk.Long g antar kereta kt kedai repair.
So, yg laen pegi ke lobby nk beli tickets tuk naek
CABLE CAR!!! (YEYYYYY!) X sabar nk naek~~
Aq nk dok hujung skali tepi pintu walaupon aq
gayat!! nk tngk gak! hahaha...
Slps da beli tu, off we go naek cable car~

We book 2 cable cars (6 - 8 person per car)
Mse dlm cable car tu, aq dok tepi pintu~ (yey!)
Tapi sbelum bertolak tu, Ade sorg pekerja ni tngkp
gambar kitorg...(it's job!) huh..terkejot aq...
*take pictures of us for what?* hehe...tertanye2 aq..
Off we go! WE'RE FLYING! hahaha...Gilew tinggi!!
Sume org da bising2 cable car tu..*kekeke
TAKE NOTE! This cable cars are the longest & the
fastest in ASIA! *give a big clap* 

About 10-15 minutes, we'd arrived @ Genting Highlands!!
Yeah! Theme Park, here we comes!! kekeke
Brrrrrr~~ Sejuk gilew angin tiup kt luar!
Tngk kt pemandangan luar sume kabus~ x nmpk lngsung!
Slps smpai kt Theme Park entrance, Mk.Long beli tiket kt
counter...Ramai org beratur...So, we have to wait!
Tp, smbil tunggu2 tu, we take pic together~

After da beli tiket sume tu, kitorg msk ke THEME PARK!
yesss! At last!! 1st ride we ride is 'double merry go round'
LOL!! Child ride :P haha sje2 jew~ segan pulak bile sume or pndng!
(so what!) kitorg tngkp gmbr same2 naek ride tu! kekeke...
Lps tu kitorg mkn skejap~
Urmmm... then we all berpecah :P
my mother & Mak Long stay & guard the bags...
My sis & the other boys naik roller coaster & other thrill rides..
While me, Maksu, Danish & Naquib naik ride biaser2 jew...
(ferris wheel,dizzy cups,jumbo,space,train,etc.)
aq x tau what to call them xD

Aq nk naek roller coaster tp pnjng gilew line...
Mls aq nk tunggu :P Tp aq rse menyesal pulak..
x dpt naek roller coaster pon T^T
About 7 hours playin'... aq dok rehat dlu..penat gilew..
Pstu aq bngun balik... AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!
ade kesan ... >.< seluar aq вσcσя ! Tp naseb bek lah skit jew..
Aq cover ngn jacket aq... :P
Mase tu aq stop maen rides...huhu :(

Da pukul 6.10pm, so kitorg amek beg masing2 & kluar dri theme park tu~
It's time to go home... but sbelum tu, I nid to go to toilet...
(Ah! u know what im going to do!) 
Slps da tukar *tu, we head back naek cable car lagi~
hurmm line gilew pnjng... It's 7.30pm, akhirnye
it's our turn...naek cable car! And aq dok tepi pintu lgi~
The staff took our pic again... =P
pemandangan kt luar gelap-gelita! hoho...mcm msk
rmh antu lak...ngn bunyik2 cengkerik.."Crrieee Criiieee..."
SUDDENLY!! The cable car stops!! O_O
Suspens!!!! mule la bunyik2 bising dlm cable car xD
Then, the cable car strt to move again~ pheww...

Da smpai je kt sne, abah & Pk. Long amek kitorg & we go 
back home~ I hope we can go there next time!! I really
really want to ride a roller coaster now >:O
kitorg smpai kt rmh kul 9pm~