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// Now Everyone Can Fly :D Friday, November 26, 2010 | 10:22 AM | 0 comments

Hey, peeps! I'm back from JB & also the airport :D 
Bestnyew naek kapal terbang AIR ASIA~ (WOOOOO!) XD
My 2nd time, tp yg 1st tu mse aq kecik2 dulu...
So ni 1st time lah :) Tapi perjalanan dari JB ke KL sekjap jew..
50 minutes da smpai! Huhuhu... But still it was the best flight :)
Dapat jugaklah aq naek kapal terbang! yahhuu..
Here's a short story...

6:00 a.m.
- Bangun awal pagi nk siap2 for the flight! Kene siap sbelum kul 8:05 a.m. ! If late nnti, kapal terbang tinggalkn kitorg nnti..huhu! Wuuu~ seksanye nk bngun pgi! Selepas suda siap, solat Subuh pulak :)  

6:50 a.m.
 - Angkt brg msk dlm krete...Pk Long & Mak Long tlg antarkn kitorg (Me/ lil bro/ Sis/ Mum) sume ke Airport. brrrr~ sejuk gilew dok dlm krete Pk Long >.<

7:15 a.m. 
- At last, we'd finally arrived at the airport entrance! Aq ingt da x sempat...phew!  We take our bags and went into the airport. Mak Long lead us to the counter (blabla) :P Then, kitorg kene ltk beg2 & handphone kitorg kt ats roller for scanning, takot ad bwk brg2 larangan (But I didn't brought so much things...Only 2 MP4, a headphone, a comic book 'LAWAK KAMPUS' & an empty box...) After that, kitorg kene check/ lalu  'Airport Security' (whatever it's name) Sekejap jaa ;) Me, Mum & my lil bro lepas dari security tu except my sis kene tahan sbb ade besi (Tali pinggang kot) Security yg jage dkt situ pon check my sis! Kakakku kene raba!! HAHAHA XD Then, my sis kene lepas~ fuhh nseb bek :D

7:45 a.m.
 - Da selesai sume check2 ni, kitorg gi tunggu kt counter GATE 4 & wait for the aeroplane to arrive :) Ramai gile org mase tuh! msti full 1 plane tu! Ramai cine pulak tu! Ni yg aq x suke nih =.="

8:00 a.m.
 - At last, the aeroplane has arrived! Sume org bangun dari seats & beratur dkt counter... Cepat2 kitorg beratur..Tp smbil tunggu tu kitorg tngkp gmbr jp xD sempat lgi~~ I can't wait to ride the aeroplane! When giliran kitorg, my Mum gave the boarding tickets to the stewardess. The stewardess was soooo beautiful XD 

8:10 a.m.
 - Semase dlm kapal terbang, kitorg sibuk2 crik seat masing2 :P I sit in the middle of my Mum & my lil brother while, my sis seat is behind us... berebut-rebut aq nk dok tepi tingkap ngn adek aq! But since he's younger than me, I let him go =.=" Aiyaaa~ We then buckled our seat belts... The aeroplane started to move slowly >> fast >> faster & faster!! I felt a little scared there O.O & Then, we're flying!!!! I looked outside the window & watch the gaze! We're really flying! hahaha! The aeroplane goes up,up,up!  We're now up on the clouds :D wow! After 50 minutes later, we're arrive at Sepang Airport~

9:05 a.m.
 - We're landed!!!!! My dad came & pick us up...We went home satisfied with the journey we had :D