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// MBLAQ'S BABY MIR! Tuesday, November 23, 2010 | 1:30 AM | 0 comments

Ello~! Sorry baru dpt main laptop :( U guys miss me?? Ngee~ haha
I'm still at my cousin's house @ JB :) & there's so mny people wants to play
the laptop (BooHoo T^T) hurm anyways, I'm here now! :D
Now about this conversation.... I wanna talk about MIR from MBLAQ!
*Wootz!* The cutest maknae^^ Ahhh~ He's the lil baby from MBLAQ! haha :D
Besides he's cute & handsome, he has a weakness... that is he is a COWARD!
Hahaha~ He's still young... yup! of course he's afraid of anything~
Aah~ I love his cute/shocking/scared/funny expressions! 
BTW, He is a funny guy! What a dork... a cute dork :)

*Omgee He looks so adorable in Hangbok! Just look at him :)

Haha! Cute gilew kan?? Mir scared of gettin' shots (Me Too) XD
Waaa Look at Mir's shocking face when he see the needle...(So cute!)
I love his funny laughs & screams :) Kekeke~
& Wow o.O he looks so ADORABLE even he is scared!
(Tp kesian gak tngk baby ni XD )
But he is still a brave boy even he is a coward :D
BTW, sometimes, he looks like LEE HONG GI from FT ISLAND... XD
Well, thats it for today :) Until we meet again... (tomorrow) :D