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Annyeonghaseyo! KimChi imida. You are now in my Kawaii land. I'm a SPM victim. Aaaahh! Study! Blogger! Noo! #Oops! Don't forget to click that navi's ok. By the way, thanks for visit here. Sa Rang Hae Princess(es) online


// Miss my friends :( Sunday, November 21, 2010 | 10:44 AM | 0 comments

5 days had past...since school's over :(
I'd already miss my friends! Old friends, new friends, & enemies? (definitely No)
I miss my teachers, friends, school, & my BEAST (LOL) 
Aaaa miss gilew kt korg :(
hurm... I wanna turn back the time! I wanna show you guys something :(

Sijil ni tuk korg! Hehe :)
Kalau la korg dpt bace T^T
You guys are my Buddies~ Always & Forever

Specially to my BFF! :

Siti Ulfa
Nur Irdina
Iliaa Ilani
Amira Izzati
Aisyah Humairah
Siti Fatimah Izzati
Eesyah Eeyah


My life is nothing without the LOVE of a FRIEND!