Annyeong !

Annyeonghaseyo! KimChi imida. You are now in my Kawaii land. I'm a SPM victim. Aaaahh! Study! Blogger! Noo! #Oops! Don't forget to click that navi's ok. By the way, thanks for visit here. Sa Rang Hae Princess(es) online


// OMG KIKI !! O.O Wednesday, January 19, 2011 | 9:59 PM | 0 comments


OMG! SO CUTE! Neomu kyeopta!!! Neomu neomu neomu Yeppeunde!!
Nampyeon~ y u r dressing like a girl?? Haha! U make me jealous! *cuz u r cute* hehe xD
Wowww! So pink!! haha...I love ur flower headband the most :3
It looks good on u *than me* haha dun misunderstood me...u look cuter in that pinky outfit than me T^T
haha...anyways~ Nampyeon...i miss u!! T^T

Plz come back soon >.<

P/S : I heard that u will be in 'My Princess' drama! Can't wait to watch it~Hee <3