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// Interview with B2ST! :) Saturday, January 15, 2011 | 3:33 PM | 0 comments

MC : What is your best or funniest dance move?
JH : Gikwang sometimes does his facial expressions on stage & we couldn't follow what
      he was doing. *waving his head like GK*
GK : *laughed* What's that?
JH : He always do this *waving his head again*
ALL : *laughed*
YS : Sometimes we don't know if we are on a music program or musical...
JH : Although it is a little bit different from our actual dance, but the fans happily 
      accept it.
GK : I'm sorry *bowed*

ME : Nampyeon~ Ur goofiness always makes us smile so epic-ly like NOW! x)

MC : What do you think is the most exciting about Malaysia?
YS : KLCC! It was really tall & I want to climb on it!
ALL : *Laughed*

ME : LOL! My baby want to climb the KLCC Twin Tower?? omo~ no! it's dangerous!

MC : What is your favourite food?
HS : Korean food!
DW : Malaysia's Satay! Although at Korea also have satay but their sauce is different!
ME : DongWoon really loves satay x)

MC : Are you interested in marrying a foreign woman?
HS : I want to marry with Miranda Kerr.
ALL : *Knock out laughing*
GK : Forget about it...

ME : Aww...Hyun Seung wanna marry with Miranda Kerr but she already married...
       Poor our Prince Jang! xD

P/S : Miranda Kerr is a model from Victoria Secret!!!

MC : Who in B2ST loves to cook?
YS : All six of us doesn't have the desire to cook..
JH : But Dongwoon has the desire to eat a lot!
ALL : *laughed*

ME : LMAO...poor Woonie is hungry~ We must feed our BEAST often! hehe...

MC : Which cartoon character represents you the best?
DW : *Shyly* I like Chopper from One Piece...
GK : I like Luffy!
YS : I like Dooly the Dinasour!
ALL : *laughed*

ME : ROFL! Yoseob is such a cutie like Dooly *except he is more cuter than Dooly!

MC : Who sleeps on the bunk bed below the fluorescent lights?
DJ : It's still me. But the light is further away & the ceiling is higher.
YS : It is not a fluorescent light to tan your skin but more of a soft light *laugh*

ME : We should get A tan :D

MC : GiKwang & Yoseob, You two were a high school friends, what were
       you two like then?
YS : When we were in high school Gi-kwang was a trainee under JYP and he
       would hand in an official letter and leave. As for me, I didn’t do much and
       I did everything the school told us to do. I was in the band but I was also
       envious of Gi-kwang whenever he left...
JH : I don't think he has a lot of memories. I bet you only saw GiKwang sleeps!
YS : *laugh* Yeah! He always sleep!

ME : Aww~ KiKi must be really tired T^T

MC : What is your first reaction when you first saw your members?
GK : The first time I saw DongWoon, His face is so manly I though he is the oldest
       but it turns out he is the maknae! I was really shock!
ALL : *laughed*

ME : Same with me too!! DongWoon is so manly & beastly than the others :) 

Credits : Syasya aka KiKwang's Wifey!