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// AAA! They are at Malaysia now!! Wednesday, January 12, 2011 | 5:29 PM | 0 comments

Oh em gee!! Is this true? *slap face* OHGOSH ITS REALLY ARE TRUE! 
*slap face many times* I dun know wat my mood now...its mixed epic + psycho!! lol....The good news is they r at Malaysia rite now...& the bad news is, i can't go to their concert =.= *hit face mny times* grrr geramnyew!! esk skola so cnt go... :(
so saddd i think i wanna cry hard...huhuhu T^T 

Huuuuuu i wonder wat r they doing rite now & where they r...
saket kepale aq pikir..aaahh i miss them so much especially my nampyeon KIKI!! 

To my KiKi : "Gie, I'm sorry that i cnt go to your concert tomorrow...mianehyo!" T^T
Plz know tht i LOVE U!! & I'll always support u!! huhu~

ok2...stop with the mushy love stuff :P
Ughhh seriously!! Wat r they doing rite now??? mkn satay ka??
hahaha!! i still remember the time tht *B2ST* came to Malaysia for
the first time...DONGWOON oppa really loves Satay!! hahaha
I hope they cn eat satay a lot now since they'r HERE!! hoho...

Ahh...I think i cnt go to sleep tonight!! xD
I kept wondering around "WHERE ARE THEY?" & "WHAT ARE THEY DOING?"
ngehehe...risaunyew aq~ Ah...btw, Doojoon upload a pic tht their
on the plane *Air Asia* on the way to Malaysia....