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// Lonely Yoseobie :( Friday, January 14, 2011 | 6:54 PM | 0 comments

Annyeonghaseyo~ the DiGi Kpop Party yesterday were successfully launched *But I didn't even come T^T*

& the B2st boys, 4Minute & G.Na already fly to Korea T^T
Boohoo... I will MISS THEM! cube family!!!! >.<
aah... *cries like a baby*

Read the title?? yeapp...Look at the pictures above....guess who??
Right! It was Yoseob! my cute lil aegy^^ hurmm he's alone in a room....bored....
Since KiKwang his appa didnt come, so he must sleep alone in a room...huhuhu ciannyeww
both of them :P

P/S : I dunno wat to write about..hehe so I write it short & I use my own language *syasya's language*
       LOLLLL!! hahaha...phm2 je la ape aq ckpkn nie...kekeke