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Bday Card Originally designed by Syasya^^


Weee~ It's 30 of March already!
Today is my nampyeon birthday! *scream my hears out*
He is twenty-two years old now..

Ahh.. BTW, syasya ade design birthday card for him^^
look at the pic above ( cantik x? )
Kalo korg x nmpk jelas yg ucapan kt ats tuh..
bce bwh ni !

Happy Birthday Lee Gikwang, I’m so glad you
were born, because you brighten my life
and fill it with joy. With each year I’ll love
you more. Remember that your best years
are still ahead of you and I’ll be there
for every up down and in between. -syasya-

Ishh.. rindunyerr kt die.. T^T
Ari ni da msk 348 days anniversary :)
( yeap! we've been together for 348 days! )
lgi bbrp ari je nk dkt 1 year anniversary <3

Happy birthday, nampyeon !
I Hope you're having a great time today !
Saranghae !

We sing happy birthday to you
3 months of your dreams come true
We sing happy birthday to you
3 months of your dreams come true

3 ho ho ho ho
This is your birthday song
3 ho ho ho ho
Celebrate the night
3 ho ho ho ho
All your dreams come true
Happy birthday to you: We all sing together

We sing happy birthday to you
Everyone always achieve your dreams
We sing happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, celebration
The night of the party, came to feel the vibrations
Light is brilliant, and we feel fine
We dance until the morning light
Happy birthday, celebration
Anyone tempted to
Another one, this is your day
I think all right

It's the perfect motivation
Enjoy the charm, and feel the atmosphere
Today, all my friends here
Happy anniversary, and we hold you tight
It's a perfect situation
Hale and hearty what a combination
Once again, this is your day
I think it'll be alright