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// Eargasm!! Sunday, March 13, 2011 | 2:39 PM | 0 comments


Gahh!! What's up with the title???
Eargasm?? What's that?? *IDK lol...*
Music stucked in my head rite now.....

Korg!! I think something weird happened to G-DRAGON T.T
He suddenly turned into a MONSTER! BEAST! :P
No,, a Noona Killer!!! XD

wanna know why??
check this out :


Noona killer!! haha!!
Waaaa...from 'High High' to these...what had happened to him?
He looks like.....My Chemical Romance guy......
& What's with the emo-rock song??
He suddenly change into a different person-
He looks really cold & blue in these MV

I miss his old bright-cheerful self :(
& the cool song of his >.<

But, when I heard these songs...
I began to addicted to it! LOL!
I love the beat! But no autotune plz T.T
GD is better without it.

I think I'm gonna like the new GD
although I'm gonna miss his old self...
No Hard Feelings :)


Omo! When I first heard this song...I laughed non-stop!
Kinda weird but addicted >.<
It sounded like a cowboy song?? Lol...

sound like... if it was back in the early 1900s and... I would go into a bar in the midwest...
and there would some guy with a black bow and red/white stripe shirts dancing to this. haha!

Lol at the intro -his moaning >.<
& his "HuHu Kajima~" @ 2:33
so freakin' cuteeee!!

Even the lyrics looks kinda funny..hehe
anyways this song is my new obsession :)

Ooh LaLa Ooh LaLa Oh!!


Haa~ This one is T.O.P :)
I love this song~~~ wuuuu
It makes me wanna do poppin' *LOL*
but too bad my body ached :'(

Ouhh nvm-- who wan to see me poppin??
put yo hands up in da air~
Ok seriously, keep yo head down~
i dun wanna show it to u guyss heheh XD 


Okayy smpai di sini saja post aq...
I wanna watch Oh!my school with KiKi & Yoseob :)