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// Jealous? T.T Monday, March 21, 2011 | 6:00 PM | 0 comments


Heyy guys! syasya nk tanya korg...
korg pernah x rse jeles kt org len??
mesti pernah kn? kalo yg x pernah tu...
mesti kne gak!! *mwahahaha!*

Bnyk kali x? hurmphh! aq??
errr kdg2 jew! ( nahh i'm lying )
wuuu.. T.T

nk tau x knp syasya jeles ari ni?
& dgn spe? sbb ap?
korg tgkla vid kt bwh nie...

* kalo nk tgk, bkk link @ new tab *

O em Gee...
KiKi!!! U r soooo sexxyyy *dr00ling*
hehe ur sexxayy dance is really Daebakk ^^
Heee~ u also cute while singing with.... IU !! 

But there is ONE thing that i hate....
( okkayy make that FOUR things i hate.. )

First :
I hate when you (KiKi) hold hand with IU. It makes me feel jealous! T.T 

Second :
I hate when you & IU are...are...are...attached heads together (what to say) at the end.

Third :
Hawaiian Couple? I hate it!! :P

Fourth :
IU shuld be with Wooyoung! Shipped Milky Couple T.T