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// When This Door Closes Wednesday, February 2, 2011 | 5:35 PM | 0 comments

Before saying your last farewell to me

Please stop for just a moment and look at me while smiling

Stay for just a bit, you who had given light to me

Even if it's the end, I don't want to show you my tears, so you

(While putting on a smile for you) I say thank you, for making these happy memories

(Shining with an awkward smile) I'm sending you away like this but

When this door closes, when the image of you disappears

I'll probably spend the day in tears, because of the memories with you, I'm left alone

I wish that you'll be happier

When I let go of this hand now

I'll no longer have any reason to smile but when I see you smiling

in another's embrace, I'll try to smile

At the end of your long relationship with him

Please know that it'll be me standing there, waiting

Even if you ever get flashes of memories with him

I'll try to promise that I'll make you smile even more than those times but you

(If you show me your tears)

And say that it's difficult, because there is only farewell by that person's side

(While I hold onto your hand with a blank expression) I'm holding onto you like this but

My heart has become weak, before I can be with you again

So that you won't see me while my tears come out, please don't look back and just go

When this door closes


Huhu sedeyh kn?? aq pon nk nanges nie T^T
Ni aq amek drpd lirik lgu feveret aq^^
DongWoon & DooJoon - When this Door Closes *English Trans*

Aq sje je nk post bende nie...I wanna share this to u all^^
Mmg DAEBAK lirik die! *Luv it sooo much!*

Thanks to our Yoon Leader & Our God-Like Arabian Prince DongWoon!
They give so much LOVE & TEARS to this lyric! So B2UTY appreciate it :3