Annyeong !

Annyeonghaseyo! KimChi imida. You are now in my Kawaii land. I'm a SPM victim. Aaaahh! Study! Blogger! Noo! #Oops! Don't forget to click that navi's ok. By the way, thanks for visit here. Sa Rang Hae Princess(es) online


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(whats up with the weird title?)

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yah! No comment :P

Anyeong, blog-walkers!

Ughh.. Just like my previous post... my RESULTS!!
Grrr x puas ati! My results r so bad sial *haa..tgk! Kan da terlps ckp nie!*
I got C's!!! *but not all the papers*

60 marks - 69 marks (grade C !)
70 marks - 79 marks (grade B !)
80 marks - 100 marks (grade A !)

aigoo... I'm so right now! 

Hurm.. mesti korg tertanye2 subjek ap yg aq dpt C tu, kan? kan? kan? 
But I ain't tellin' you right now...tunggu aq dpt sume kertas & results,
then I will tell you guys, arasso?? 

Just to keep my mood bright up...
Korg watch vid ni! Lwk + Cute !! hehehe..


Bwhahaha! Lawak kn?? Yoon Leader what r u doing to the Unstoppable Joker??
Hahaha!! B2ST r such dorks! They are really ADORKABLE 

Aw naughty DooJoon! Btw, what r those meanings on the paper that
you stick in behind Junhyung's back?? Is it said 'Son Dong Woon'??
Kekekeke~ so cute! ROFL I laughed so hard when DooJoon pointed at Junhyung's
back to the audiences / reporters to take a picha of Junhyung's back!!!
Geezz u guys are funny XD

support 2JUN couple^^ But I support DooSeob more!