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// Watching "Tangled 3D" :D Saturday, November 27, 2010 | 6:00 PM | 0 comments

Hey all! Td aq gi tngk wayang crite Tangled in 3D 
with my cousins!! Crite tu strt kul 11 mlm abes kul 1 mlm!
Bestnye crite tu! Lawak gile!!!! Hahahaha!
Tapi crite tu ade gak lah part sedih :(
Hurm...smpai keluar air mata aq tau x !!!
(Yeap! I'm so emotional! So please be caution when you're talkin' to me)

P/S : I wanna say thanks to...

Mak Uda
Kak Farah
Kak Lisa
Abang Iman
Kak Zafirah

Thanks for ajak aq ! Hahaha!
And also, I wanna thank to my bro,Abg Shafiq, for 
buying my ticket (with ur own money!) XD