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// ma LiL Yoseobie~ Wednesday, December 29, 2010 | 11:59 PM | 0 comments

Goshhh~ who is this cute aegy?? hehe he's mine~ my aegy!!! hahaha xD
Me & KiKi's of course (LOL!) ahh...plz dun ask me when!! ngehehehe... 

Grrrrr!! geram gilew aq tgk dak ni~ cute sesngt!!! I wanna pinch his chubby cheeks~ 
*Gilew* ^w^ ahhh~ his eyes sparkes <3



 Alalalala~ cumeynye die~ that a peach fruit he's holding?? *ntah*

a heart shaped peach!!!!!!! so cuttteeee *but my aegy is cuter than the peach!* :D

 Awww~ his past pictures *that I took* hehehe...Just look at his face!!

So cute & Innocent~



he looks like a child here!! ehhehe :3

 LOL! bile lak die tumbuh misai ni?? hahaha so cute~



he's kinda hot in this pic :3


*melts!* aahhh so kyyeopta my aeygy ^w^

Peace no war!! :)

Wae?! Yoseob & Grandpa Doojoon~ :D

So cute of them! :)

Naneun nae aegyul sarang~ I luv ma bebeyh <3

I meant 'WE' * KiKi & Me * kahkahkah~


Aww~ Father & Son ^w^