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Kyyeopta~ (♥.♥)
Episode 3
   Hae Ra's footstep stopped as she heard someone called her name.
"Excuse me, are you Yoo Hae Ra?", a voice called her name.

Hae Ra quickly turned around to see who called her name.  Seohyun, her classmate called her. She sigh in relief that she'd found Hae Ra. It looks like Seohyun had trouble searching for Hae Ra everywhere but at last, she'd found her.

  "Yes, Seohyun? What's up?", Hae Ra asked with an odd expression on her face.
"There's a letter for you from a handsome guy.", Seohyun said, smiling.

The word 'handsome' had just broke the clue on Hae Ra's mind. "Hong Ki Oppa?", Hae Ra thought. Then, Seohyun took out a letter from her pocket and handed it to Hae Ra. Hae Ra takes the letter and said "Thanks!" to Seohyun. Both of them smiled. "No prob!", Seohyun said, happily to help someone.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

In the classroom...

   Everyone stared at Hae Ra and begin to whisper to each other. The gossip session still haven't over yet. Still, it was a hot issue. But Hae Ra don't care about that. It was just an misunderstanding. She hope the issue will be over and change into a misunderstood news so her name can be clear.

   The teaching lesson is still in progress. But the students still didn't get enough gossiping on Hae Ra. "Hae Ra kissed a hot guy?","Oh my gosh...How could she?","The girl goes wild","That girl don't have any shame?"."Girls these days...", Hae Ra's ears are painful to hear those words by some of her classmates. "Aish~ When will they stop cursing me?", Hae Ra thought. She even can't focus on the teacher teaching because her classmates kept cursed and gossip about her.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋   

   The kissing accident is a very hot issue in school! All the students from every classes talks about this. Hae Ra will blushed of embarrassment. Every time she passed the place, students near her kept doing their stupid smirks and grins on their faces. Now, Hae Ra is very popular in school. Everyone in school knows her. And this makes Hae Ra felt uneasy.

   During the lunch break...

"Yenny, let's eat at the rooftop today. I don't want to be embarrassed again.", Hae Ra whisper to Yenny. Yenny nodded as she understand her best friend's feeling.Both of them bring their lunch boxes to the rooftop. Luckily, there's no one there. Hae Ra sigh in relief. She doesn't want to be a paparazzi anymore.

    "What is in your lunchbox today?", Yenny ask Hae Ra.
"Kimchi. What's yours?", Hae Ra reply as she open her lunchbox.
    " isn't a lunch at all...", Yenny said softly.

She opened her beautiful pink lunch box slowly. Hae Ra's eyes wide-open as she look at Yenny's lunch. There's some juicy strawberries aside, sushis, carbonara spaghetti. What a mouth-watering lunch! Yenny almost laughed seeing her best friend's funny expression.

    "Here! Have some! I can't eat all of it by myself!", Yenny said as she sharing her 'delicious lunch' with Hae Ra. Hae Ra can't deny to say no to food. "Thanks!", Hae Ra said happily. "Have some of my kimchi, too!", she added. Yenny smiled and take some of Hae Ra's kimchi. Both of them eat happily together with peacefully.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋ 

Meanwhile at the hospital...

    "Kwangie~ How are you?', Hong Ki asked with a worried voice. He really worried about his younger brother. He is the only brother he had. "I'm okay, hyung~", Ki Kwang replied. He looked at his sprained ankle already wrapped with bandages.

    Hong Ki smiled. He glad that his younger brother is fine. Then, he sits on a chair, next to Ki Kwang. He took out a picture and show it to his brother.  A big shock covered Ki Kwang's face.
He quickly snatched the picture and look into it closer. It was a picture of Hae Ra and Ki Kwang's kissing.

   "W-WHAT?!", he screamed. Hong Ki quickly cover Ki Kwang's mouth with his hand. The patients who are sitting at the lounge room looked at Ki Kwang with a little shock expression from the scream. "Shuh~", Hong Ki whisper to Ki Kwang.

  "Who took this picture? I wanna kill that person!", Ki Kwang said angrily. Hong Ki snatched the picture from Ki Kwang. "I don't know. I saw this picture lying on the floor. Maybe someone took this picture with his or her camera. You're going to be popular in school, you know?", Hong Ki said crystal clear. Ki Kwang irritated.

    Sneaky Hong Ki tried to put the picture in his pocket but he being caught by his brother. Ki Kwang hold Hong Ki's arm with his fist. Hong Ki surprised seeing Ki Kwang's fast action.

   "What are you doing, hyung?", Ki Kwang asked slowly and clear. He smiled like an evil boy.
"Nothing? Hahaha!", Hong Ki smirks and laughed. He had been caught.
   "What are going to do with that picture, huh, hyung?", Ki Kwang asked again.
"Okay-okay-okay! I'd been caught! Let go of your hand! You're crushing my arm here!", Hong Ki shrieked. His arm hurt. Ki Kwang automatically let go off his hand.

   Ki Kwang took the picture and crushed it with both of his strong hand. Then, he threw it into a trashcan. "Hey, let's go home now.", Hong Ki suggested. Ki Kwang nodded. Hong Ki helped his brother to get up. Ki Kwang must use two crutches to walk. Both of the boys ride a taxi to go home.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋
Back with Hae Ra...

   RING~! The school bell rang. Lunch break is over. All the students went back to their classes. Hae Ra and Yenny clean up the place and pack their lunchboxes. The learning sessions is still conducted.

  "Good afternoon, class!", greeted their teacher, Mrs.Hee happily.
"Good afternoon, teacher!", greeted the students cheerfully.

Mrs.Hee is their Music Teacher and also their homeroom teacher. Everyone likes her because she is very supporting, active and cool! Not like the other teachers. Mrs.Hee hates to be called by her name; Mrs.Hee. And, that's why everyone in school called her, teacher. She is the popular teacher in school! All the students likes her.

   "Before I started our lesson today, I want to ask Hae Ra something...", Mrs.Hee said and look at Hae Ra. All the students looked at Hae Ra.
  "Yes, teacher?", Hae Ra asked with a weird expression on her face.
"I heard that you're hooking up with the new guy in front of the Health Inspection room.", Mrs.Hee said cheerfully. Now, everyone in the class make a big fuss. Some of them whistling happily and some of them clapped their hands.

   Hae Ra blushed. Her face is red again! "No! It was an accident!", she wanted to open her mouth and explain about everything but don't know why her mouth is too heavy to open. Then, Yenny came to the rescue. "Oh, teacher! How's your dinner with your husband at the finest five star restaurant?", she asked and giggled at the same time.

  Now everyone make a big fuss again. They all laughed at their teacher's red blushing face!
Hae Ra smiled at Yenny and whisper to her "Thanks!". Yenny winked at her and smiled.

  "Okay, kiddos! Let's start our lesson today.", Mrs.Hee said, still embarrassed.
Now the class went a little quiet. Mrs.Hee started the teaching lesson.

  Suddenly, Hae Ra remembers something. Her letter! "Where is it?", Hae Ra struggled finding her letter silently without being caught by anyone. At last, she'd found it! "I will read you at home...", she talks alone.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

RING~! The school bell rang again. It's time to go back home. Hae Ra and Yenny say goodbye to each other and waved. "See you tomorrow, Hae Ra!", Yenny waved and smiled. "You too!", Hae Ra waved and smiled. Yenny go home with a car ; her brother drive. While Hae Ra go home with a bus.

   In the bus, Hae Ra read the letter. She can't wait to read it. The letter writes ;

To : Yoo Hae Ra sshi
From : Lee Hong Ki
I'm sorry that we leave you in the room. Well, there is an accident occurred with you
and my younger brother, Ki Kwang. Both of your heads and lips clashed and knocked out. So, I sent you into the Health Inspection room. But, Ki Kwang's ankle injured. So I took him to a hospital and leave you without a word. I'm sorry on my brother's behalf. I'm really sorry...I hope we can meet tomorrow.

Hae Ra read it slowly and clearly so she can understand it. The word "I hope we can meet tomorrow" makes Hae Ra wanna jump up and down like crazy. But she's in the public bus, everyone will see her crazy actions. So she had to skipped the 'crazy jumping' part.

   Then, the bus stopped at a bus stop near Hae Ra's house. She stand up and walk out from the bus and headed home in a delightful heart.

   Hae Ra takes out her keys and unlock the door. Before she could open the door, she heard a terrified scream came from her neighbor's house, Mrs.Yui!


She quickly run and go into Mrs.Yui's house. As she opened the door, she shocked as she saw an abandoned dog! She looked at the place. There are many small pieces of a broken vase on the floor.
From Hae Ra's concern, the dog must be go into the house and accidentally broke the vase.

   "Shoo! Shoo! Go out!", Mrs.Yui chased out the abandoned dog from the house. Hae Ra also help her frighten away the dog. At last, the dog successfully being chased out from the house. Hae Ra wiped her sweat on her face with her hand. Mrs.Yui who are noticed Hae Ra, thanks her.

   "Thank you, Hae Ra. I thought that dog would never go out!", Mrs.Yui said with a bright smile on her face. "Your welcome!", Hae Ra smiled. Then, she look on the messy floor. "Oh,dear! That pesky dog broke my vase!", Mrs.Yui sigh. Her smile suddenly gone.

   "Let me help you clean the floor, Mrs.Yui.", Hae Ra said generously. She really loves helping people especially for those who are in needed. Mrs.Yui can't denied Hae Ra's demand. She give Hae Ra a broom. "Thank you!", that's the only word Mrs.Yui can say to a kind and generous person like Hae Ra.
Hae Ra just smiled and continue to sweep the floor.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋ 
After done sweeping the floor...

   "Thanks again for helping me. I'm also sorry for all the works and also, I'm sorry for bothering you.", Mrs.Yui apologized again. She frowned. She felt guilty to Hae Ra. Hae Ra shook her head many times. "Oh no! It's okay! I love to help people! No need to be guilty at me. Just call me anytime if you need any help.", Hae Ra said. She then gave Mrs.Yui a beautiful warm smile of hers. Mrs.Yui smiled again.

   But suddenly...

There are two familiar faces at the door. Hae Ra's face shocked as she sees the two familiar boys at the door. The boys looked at her in a shock, too.

   "Hae Ra sshi?!", Both of the boys said at the same time.

"Hong Ki Oppa?! Ki Kwang?!", shrieked Hae Ra.

To be continued...

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