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I love his smile..*simply I love all about him*
 Episode 5

"Ouch! What's this?", Hae Ra murmured alone. She stares at a 'thing' that hit her. It was a paper aeroplane. Then, she hold the paper aeroplane. "A message?", she asked alone and opened the paper. It was a message! By who? She read carefully the message.

Yah! Did you peek me? Are you a snoop, huh?
What a great attitude you got there... 

"What? Hurmphh...This must be Ki Kwang!", Hae Ra murmured. Then, she takes a pen and begin to reply the message. After done writing, she make a paper aeroplane and toss it to the next door. The paper aeroplane flew into Ki Kwang's room.

Ki Kwang who noticed the paper aeroplane opened it and read.

No I'm not! I just happen to hear noise came from outside.
And then I saw you singing! Hate telling you this...
You have amazing voice. Did you create the song? 

As Ki Kwang finished reading, he smiled like a goofy clown! He was about to reply the message but suddenly, he saw another message behind the paper. There are numbers on it. "Her phone number?", he thought. He saved her phone number in his cellphone. He then text a message and sent it to Hae Ra's cellphone.

BZZzzrrrr! Hae Ra's cellphone vibrate itself. There is a message sent by an unknown number. Hae Ra opened her inbox and read the message

Thanks. I made that song specially for someone 
I Love. Do you like it??
-Ki Kwang

Hae Ra is kinda surprised when suddenly, she and Ki Kwang are texting together. And the way Ki Kwang talk is bizarre. He suddenly changes his attitude.
Hae Ra smiled and reply the message. After that, she saved Ki Kwang's number.

Now, Ki Kwang's cellphone vibrate. He quickly opened his inbox and read the message that sent by Hae Ra. He smiled after he read the message.

I love it!!! You should sign up for
the school audition tomorrow! There's a
Show & Tell contest next week! I bet you
will win the first prize! Go and try it
-Hae Ra 

Ki Kwang begin to text the message and sent it to Hae Ra. Here what he text :

Really?? Can you tell me more about the
information more? And uhm- Can you be our guide?
 Well, me and my bro are new to here...
-Ki Kwang 

He then smiled and chuckled alone on his bed. The noise makes his brother notices him. Hong Ki stared at his brother with an odd expression. 
  "Hoiii~ What's up with the silly smile?", Hong Ki surprised him. Ki Kwang who notice his brother, his smile gone in a flash. "Nothing~", Ki Kwang smirks. "There must be a reason behind those smirks!", Hong Ki thought. 

  Then suddenly, he heard a weird loud noise came from Ki Kwang's hand. It was his cellphone! It must be Hae Ra send a message to him. Without a doubt, Hong Ki quickly try to snatch the phone from Ki Kwang's hand! Both of the boys struggled to have the phone.
"Ah! Hyung! Give it back!", Ki Kwang yelled as he saw Hong Ki success snatched his phone from him. But Hong Ki didn't reply. He quickly opened the inbox and read the message before Ki Kwang snatched it back.

  "Sure, of course! Let's go to school together, tomorrow...", Hong Ki read out loud. And that annoys Ki Kwang. He felt embarrassed. "From Hae Ra??", Hong Ki grinned. Ki Kwang quickly snatched his phone back. He is too embarrassed and ignore his brother. Hong Ki chuckled to see Ki Kwang's reaction. 

Ki Kwang annoyed with his brother. So he throw a pillow at him. DUSHH! Right on the face! Now Hong Ki is annoyed and angry. He throw the pillow at his brother. But Ki Kwang is fast to cover himself. And yeah, the pillow fight begin. Both of the boys are not really mad, but they are having fun hitting themselves.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

   On the next morning...

  Hae Ra woke up really early than usual. She also shocked when she looked at the time. It's 5.45am now. She set the alarm clock at 6.30am. She woke up 45 minutes earlier. Hae Ra have many time to get ready for school.

  "Good morning, KoKo-", she said to KoKo as she walked out from her room. But, there still no any reply. It was very silent that morning. "Weird! Where's KoKo?", she scratched her head and searched for her poodle. KoKo is nowhere to be found. Hae Ra worried.

  "KoKo ah~", she kept called KoKo's name. Still no reply. Then, she heard something from the outside. She opened the door and surprised as she saw Ki Kwang playing with KoKo. Ki Kwang is already ready to school but Hae Ra still not ready yet.

  Ki Kwang looked behind him and surprised to see Hae Ra in her pajamas! Hae Ra also surprised to see him so early. "Oh! You already set to school? Wait for me!", she said and run to the bathroom.

  After done bathing, she wears her uniform and stuff. Then, she out to see Ki Kwang if he is still waiting for her. And yes, he is. "It's still early. Have you eat breakfast yet?", Hae Ra asked to Ki Kwang. Ki Kwang shook his head. "Nope. I'm not hungry.", he replied. 

  Hae Ra looked around the place. "Oh...Where's your brother?", she asked. "He will go later.", Ki Kwang replied short. Hae Ra sigh. "Okay, let's go!", Hae Ra said and locked up the house. But then, she saw a bike next to Ki Kwang. 

"Let's go! Ride on!", Ki Kwang is already sit on his bike. He waits for Hae Ra to sit behind him. Hae Ra slowly walks towards the bike and sit behind Ki Kwang. "This is weird...", she murmured. Her heartbeat skipped fast. 

But, before Ki Kwang started to paddle the bike, a sudden voice stopped them.

  "Yah! You two are leaving me?", Hong Ki said. He is kinda angry though. "Oh man!", Ki Kwang murmured alone. Hae Ra surprised seeing Hong Ki behind her. "Oh...hyung you're...early?", Ki Kwang reacts."Oh...I thought you are going late...", Hae Ra said softly and then she stared at Ki Kwang. She doesn't know anything but still she is kinda guilty.

  Hong Ki smirks as he hears the excuses. Then, he sit on his bike, ready to paddle. But...

"Hae Ra sshi...Isn't it to obvious you ride on Ki Kwang's bike together? I mean, after the misunderstood news yesterday...", Hong Ki said, before he start to paddle. Hae Ra silent a while.
"How about you ride with me?", Hong Ki suggested with a smile. Hae Ra smiled back.

  She get off from Ki Kwang's bike and sit on behind Hong Ki. "Aishhh!", Ki Kwang groaned. His brother is the obstacle to get Hae Ra and him together. Hong Ki who noticed Ki Kwang's reaction, grinned. He know what his younger brother is thinking about.

   "Let's go!", Hae Ra said cheerfully. But suddenly, Hong Ki put Hae Ra's hands around his waist. "Safety first! Hold me tightly!", Hong Ki said and grinned at Hae Ra. Hae Ra blushed and embarrassed. "Omo! I'm holding him?", Hae Ra thought. Her heartbeat make a wild beat. She can't control of her emotions. So she just smiled and hold Hong Ki tightly.

   Seeing Hae Ra happy makes Ki Kwang jealous again. His plan of getting closer with Hae Ra is ruined by his brother. Ki Kwang started to paddle his bike before Hong Ki does. After that, Hong Ki paddled his bike and follow his brother. 

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋
In the middle of the destination...

  "Ki Kwang love you, you know?", Hong Ki suddenly ask Hae Ra. But because of the wind blows hard that time, Hae Ra can't hear clearly what Hong Ki said. "What did you say again?", she blur. Hong Ki sight. "Nothing~", Hong Ki said and smirks. Hae Ra frowned. She really want to know.
✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋
A few minutes later...

  Hong Ki, Hae Ra and Ki Kwang finally arrived at school. They park the bikes and went into the building. The guiding session is in progress. Hae Ra showed them around the school. They got 30 minutes more before teaching lesson started. Hae Ra guided them to the library,toilets,Principal Office,Teachers lounge,cafeteria,hall, and lastly they went to their classes.

  Ki Kwang and Hae Ra are classmates, their class is 1-A which is the first class. While Hong Ki class is 3-B. Before going to their own classes...

"The bell will ring soon. We should go back to class.", Ki Kwang suggested. "Okay see ya!", Hong Ki said goodbye. "Umm see you at lunch~", Hae Ra said and wave at Hong Ki. Both of them waved and said goodbye.

  But suddenly, a girl came from nowhere suddenly hugged Hong Ki. Hae Ra, Ki Kwang and Hong Ki surprised. "Who is that girl?! How dare he hugged my hubby!", Hae Ra murmured alone. She is jealous by the girl's action towards Hong Ki.

  "Hubby~I miss you~", the girl said, still hugging Hong Ki from the back.
"HUBBY?!", both Hae Ra and Ki Kwang shrieked.

To be continued...