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Lee KiKwang ft Lee HongKi ♥~
  *KiKi & HongKi*

Episode 1

It was a beautiful day, today. The sun shines brightly and the wind blows calmly. You can hear birds singing beautifully and sweetly on that morning. But, it was also a hard day to Yoo Hae Ra. She wakes up a little late than usual and she might missed her school.

  "ARGH! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!", she groaned to herself as she looked at her alarm clock. It's already 7.40am and school morning bell will rang at 8am. Only 20 minutes more! She almost faint when she look at the time! It was her fault for not setting the alarm clock to the usual time! She forgot.

   "Ouch!", she groaned. She slipped and fell down on the floor. She quickly stood up even though her butt hurts. She doesn't want to miss school or else, she will be punished by the school principal, Mrs.Kim but even worse her parents, Mr.Yoo and Mrs.Yoo.  But luckily, her parents weren't there. They're at US, working and working. So, Hae Ra stays in the house alone.

   Hae Ra doesn't have much time so she skipped shower and just wash her face and wear her school uniform. 10 minutes left, she'd to skipped breakfast too! She quickly grabbed her backpack and the house keys. Then, she lock the doors and ran off to school.

   "Oh dear God! Please let me passed the school gate!", she kept praying to her God as she was running quickly. She could hardly breathe and sweat comes out from her face. She run as fast she can. When she reached the school gate, the guards was about to close the gate.

   "No! Wait!", she shouted and begin to run faster. Her heart is beating so fast as she successfully passed the guard. She made it! After that, the school bell ring. "Victory is mine!", she cheered proudly. But still, she need to go to her class before her teacher did!

    As she was running, she didn't see someone who're standing in front of her.

"Bump!", Hae Ra and the person crashed to each other and both of them fell onto the ground.

  "Ouch! Aww!", both of them cried in pain. And again, Hae Ra's butt hurts. The boy in front of her seemed in a lot pain than her. She quickly apologized and help him.

  "Oh my! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry that I crashed into you! Are you o...-", Hae Ra can't finished her sentence. But, something weird happen to Hae Ra as she looked at the boy's face. "Omo! He is so handsome!", Hae Ra's heart beat so fast! She fell for him. She never seen him before. "An exchange student?", she thought.


  The boy selfishly push her hand aside. "What? How could I touch a blind girl's hand?", he said rudely.
Hae Ra's eyes widened as she heard the boy teased her. Her love for him suddenly disappear in a flash. But still, she is patient and calm. In her heart, she says "Blind? Hello, who's fault is this? Who ask you to stand in the middle like a statue? You think this path is yours? Hurmph! Only his face is handsome but his heart is ugly!", her heart is burning fire!

   "I-I'm sorry...It's my fault that I cause you the accident...Lee Ki Kwang?", she said calmly as she looked at the boy's name tag. The boy looked at her in a displease. "Yeah! It's your fault!", he then tried to stand up but he failed."Argh!", he cried in pain. His foot injured. Hae Ra panicked.

   But suddenly...

A handsome prince charming came into the scene. Hae Ra's eyes sparkles and her mouth turn into an 'O' shape. "Kyaaa~♡ Who is this lovely Prince Charming?", Hae Ra murmured alone. Her eyes cannot blink! Her mind went lost to the 'Prince'. Hae Ra stared at his name tag. The 'Prince' name is Lee Hong Ki. 

   "Kwangie!", Hong Ki called out his younger brother. He quickly bend his knees beside Ki Kwang.

   "Hyung!", Ki Kwang called out.
"Hyung? So this 'Prince' is his older brother?", Hae Ra though. 

   "Are you okay?", he asked, worriedly.
-"My foot hurts...", Ki Kwang replied. He hold his left foot that injured.

Hong Ki checked Ki Kwang's foot and then he realized that there's someone in front of him. He stares at Hae Ra with his 'odd' expression. And that wakes her up from her 'Dream Land'. She's surprised when Hong Ki looked at her. Without a doubt, Hae Ra opened her mouth and said...

   "I'm sorry! It's my fault! I'm on a rush so I run and crashed into him without purpose! I'm really sorry! Is there anything that I could help with?", Hae Ra explained and begin to apologized to the two boys. She also wanted to help them.

   "Hmm...It's okay...", Hong Ki said softly.
"Hae Ra sshi?", he stuttered a bit spoke Hae Ra's name as he looked at her name tag.

Hae Ra surprised when the 'handsome prince' spoke her name correctly and clearly. Otherwise some people spoke her name wrongly like ; HaRa, HeRa and the new one is RahRah by an old grandmother from the market. Plus, Hong Ki added 'miss' into her name.

   "Hong Ki Oppa is such a gentleman!", Hae Ra murmured alone. She also happy because her crush just spoke her name! She tries to control her emotions and smiling too much or she will get caught by the two boys. She nodded.

    Hae Ra's smile does not last longer as Ki Kwang opened his mouth and say...

"Hae Ra? What kind of name is that? And uhm...Hello? Need help here?", Ki Kwang rudely interrupts.

Hae Ra's ears are painful to hear those words came out from Ki Kwang's mouth. But still, she admit it, her name is kinda weird. She took a big breath and calm herself down. But good thing, Hong Ki cover her.

"Kwangie! Don't be rude!", Hong Ki scold his younger brother to behave. But Ki Kwang doesn't want to listen to his advise. He just give a big stare at his brother.

 Hae Ra stops the 'Staring Session' as she say...

 "Urm... shouldn't you bring him to the Health Inspection room?", she suggested.

    -"Can you lead us the way?", Hong Ki asked politely.

"Sure!", Hae Ra replied and nodded. In silent, she said "Of course! I will do anything for my prince!".

    -"Thanks!", Hong Ki smiled.

Hae Ra almost faint as she seen the other side of Hong Ki. His killer smile can kill everyone! She feels like her heartbeat stopped beating. "Kyaaa~♡", the only word she can say.

     Without wasting the time,  Hong Ki helped his brother to climb up on his back to piggyback him. They succeeded! After that, Hae Ra lead them to the Health Inspection room.

After a few minutes later, they've arrived at the room. Hong Ki let down his brother on a bench.
But, Hong Ki forgot that his brother's foot injured!


     Ki Kwang fell off the bench!

"AAARRGGHHH!", Ki Kwang screamed. Hong Ki can't even move. He froze of shockness.
Hae Ra quickly try to capture him with her hands.

But, something weird happen...

To be continued...

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