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My yeobo~❤
 Episode 4

There are two familiar faces at the door. Hae Ra's face shocked as she sees the two familiar boys at the door. The boys look at her in shock, too.

  "Hae Ra sshi?!", both of the boys said at the same time.

"Hong Ki Oppa?! Ki Kwang?!", shrieked Hae Ra.

Their eyes cannot even blink! They're shock to see each other again. Mrs.Yui froze to see that kind of situation. Everyone in the living room froze. Hae Ra gulped and try to open her mouth. "W-What are you two doing here?", she asked nervously. "We live here.", Hong Ki answered calmly. "And what are you doing here?", Ki Kwang added.

   Hae Ra almost faint when the boys replied. "They...Are...My...Neighbors...", Hae Ra said in her heart. Now, she is more nervous to reply Ki Kwang's question. "I....-", Hae Ra's sentence didn't finished yet but Mrs.Yui disturbed. "She is our neighbor.", Mrs.Yui said. Both of Ki Kwang and Hong Ki shocked. "What?", Ki Kwang disbelief just what he'd heard.

    "You all know each other?", Mrs.Yui suddenly asked. Hong Ki nodded. Hong Ki and Ki Kwang still froze at the outside. But Hong Ki suddenly pull Ki Kwang's arm and enter the house. The atmosphere in the house is very quiet. But Mrs.Yui broke the quiet scene. "Hae Ra, these two boys are my nephews. They're just moved in here last night. I don't know they go to the same school with you!", Mrs.Yui said.

    "Ki Kwang, how's your foot? Is it okay?", Mrs.Yui added. "My ankle sprained a little.", Ki Kwang replied. The boys still surprised about Hae Ra. The situation made Hae Ra felt embarrassed again. So, she stand up and say goodbye to Mrs.Yui. "I need to go, now. Goodbye, Mrs.Yui!", she said and try to make a move. But, Mrs.Yui stopped her.

    "Oh, leaving so soon?", Mrs.Yui asked.
"Erm, yeah! I got works-", Hae Ra's sentence being cut as Hong Ki open his mouth.
    "Why don't we have tea together?", Hong Ki suggested.

Hae Ra and Ki Kwang gasped.

    "Since you're our neighbor, how about we have some time to know each other better? Well, I mean, we're in the same school...", Hong Ki added with a cute cheeky smile on his face. And yeah, Hae Ra can't denied to day no. She fell for his smile again!

    "That's a wonderful idea! Come and have some tea with us!", Mrs.Yui agree with Hong Ki's suggestion.
"Oh, great-", Ki Kwang mumbled annoyed. He then walks with his crutches to his room.

    "A tea would be nice...Okay!", Hae Ra replied and nodded at the same time.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

At the dining room, Hae Ra, Mrs.Yui and Hong Ki are having a fun conservation while drinking tea.

   "Oh! So that's why his ankle sprained and his lips injured? Haha...", Mrs.Yui asked and laughed. When Mrs.Yui started to laugh, Hong Ki also participate the laughing. This makes Hae Ra blushed and embarrassed. She then takes a big sip of her tea.

   "Hae Ra, so you live next to our house, how's your family?", Hong Ki asked to Hae Ra. He seems curious to know.
"My parents are busy working at US and I don't have any siblings.", Hae Ra said softly.
   "Oh...I'm sorry...You must be very lonely.", Hong Ki felt guilty. Hae Ra shook her head.
"It's okay, but I have a poodle named KoKo. She is like a sister to me.", Hae Ra said smiling.
   "Cool! I always wanted a dog...", Hong Ki expressed.

Then, Mrs.Yui stand up. "You guys keep talking, I've got works to do.", she said and leave the dining room. Hong Ki and Hae Ra continued their conservation.

"Omo! Me and Hong Ki Oppa sat alone?! Just us?!", Hae Ra murmured alone. She felt embarrassed and shy with Hong Ki. THUMP! THUMP! Hae Ra's little heartbeat goes wild. It's just like a dream come true. She can't control her emotions towards Hong Ki. Her face goes red again. Hong Ki noticed.

"Hae Ra sshi...", Hong Ki called her name.
"W-wha-t...?", Hae Ra answered nervously. Even her words are cut. She surprised that Hong Ki called her name again. She wait for Hong Ki to reply.

"You're cute when you shy.", Hong Ki praised her. He smiled.

"Cute...cute...cute...", the words played in Hae Ra's mind. She blushed again, but even harder. Her eyes can't blink! She froze. Her tongue is twisted.

"@#$*&%#!...", she also can't say right! "Fool! What are you saying about?!", Hae Ra blamed herself alone. When Hong Ki hears the strange words, he blast out giggling. Hae Ra can only tilt down her head and looked at her feet. Too embarrassed to look at Hong Ki.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

Ki Kwang take a peek from his door room. He looked at Hae Ra and his brother having fun time. He then stares at Hae Ra. "Look at her red face! She looks like a devil!", he murmured alone. "A cute one...", he continued. "What the heck am I talking about?", he snapped. The thing is, Ki Kwang is jealous over Hae Ra and Hong Ki having fun time. He has a crush on Hae Ra since the first time they met. But, don't know why his attitude suddenly change into a rude boy.

Ki Kwang slapped his handsome face many times. Mrs.Yui, who is staring at him, felt weird. She goes to her nephew and surprise him. "What are you doing?", Mrs.Yui said odd. Ki Kwang shocked when his aunt came into his room without knocking the door.

   "Nothing...It's just when I looked into the mirror, I saw a handsomest boy! So I kinda furious of my good looking face and I slap my face many times. HeHe...", Ki Kwang said with a smile on his face. "Stop praising yourself!", Mrs.Yui sigh and she pinch Ki Kwang's cheek. "Auuuww!", He groaned in pain.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

Back with the two people...

It was really quiet at the dining room. Hae Ra tried to escape from the 'silent room'. She looked at her wrist watch. It's almost 6.00pm! She had to feed KoKo. She takes a deep breath and looked at Hong Ki's beautiful face. "I need to go now. I'd to feed my poodle.", she stand up and takes her school bag with her. Hong Ki face looks like he is going to sulk.

   "Oh okay...See you tomorrow.", he frowned. Hae Ra eyes can't blink again. "See you.", she said and leave the house. In her mind, she also don't want to leave Hong Ki. "Aww...His face just now is cute and sad..", she murmured.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

In Hae Ra's house...

   "KoKo ahh~ I'm home!", she said happily. Then, a beautiful and cute brown poodle running towards its owner. "Wuff! Wuff!", KoKo barked happily. She then licked Hae Ra's cheek. "Oh! I miss you, too!", Hae Ra said in a happy tone. She then goes to the kitchen and KoKo followed her. "I'm sorry that I'd forgot to feed you.", Hae Ra said with a sad face on her face.

She takes out a box of dog food and pour it into KoKo's food bowl. KoKo quickly eats the food. She is really hungry. Hae Ra kept stroking KoKo's head.

   After a few minutes later, KoKo finished eating. Hae Ra takes the bowl and washed it at the sink. After done washing the bowl, she heard a beautiful sweet voice came from the house next door. She looked at her window and stunned as she saw a boy singing in a room next to her house.

   It was Ki Kwang! She dazzled as she hears his beautiful voice. "Wow! That jerk can sing too!", she thought. Suddenly, her heartbeat thumps super fast. She fell for Ki Kwang's amazing voice! When she look closer, she sees Ki Kwang sings and play the piano too! Amazing! Her mind went blank as she hears the beautiful song by Ki Kwang.

  But suddenly...

Ki Kwang's voice cracks. As Hae Ra heard that, she burst out laughing non-stop. Her laugh noticed by Ki Kwang. Ki Kwang looked out the window to find the weird laugh. And then, he saw Hae Ra stare at him funnily. He and Hae Ra blushed.

   Ki Kwang felt embarrass because his crush just heard his voice cracks and Hae Ra embarrass because Ki Kwang notices her.

"Oh man! Did she just heard my voice crack?", Ki Kwang murmured.

"Kyah! He saw me! He will think I am a snoop or a stalker!", Hae Ra murmured.

Both of them felt embarrassed.

✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋

   A paper aeroplane hit Hae Ra's head.

To be continued...

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