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// Jln2 @ KLCC Tuesday, December 7, 2010 | 12:22 PM | 0 comments

Helloww :D
Pagi td, me,family,kazens,aunts,uncles pegi KLCC~
Kitorg nk pegi PETROSCIENCE^^ 
We all siap2 & bertolak pkul...11am lebih kot.. :P
We all arrived at the KLCC entrance @ 1pm...
Smpai lmbt sbb no parking space & then we naek LRT >.<
Tapi naseb lah x ramai org dlm LRT tuh :)

Abg Faiz & Abg Ngah lead kitorg sume...
But, tetibe dorg stop tngk MAP kt sne... (technical difficulty)
Selepas da tau jlnnye, kitorg pon bergerak ke sne~
Then, kitorg da smpai ke tmptnye!!!
We all menuju ke pintu masuk but... we saw a sign
says 'CLOSE' ! (NOOOO!) Bad luck =.="
We all look at the small signboard & read...
It's the PETROSIENCE schedule/ working hour! 
And it says the PETROSCIENCE will close on Mondays
( except for festive events ) 

Kitorg pon pegi ke AQUARIA~ ( wee~ )
X dpt msk PETROSCIENCE so we go to AQUARIA!
Tmptnye jauh la jugak... but before tht, kitorg amek
gmbr sme2 kt luar ngn air pancut yg besar giler~ :P
& also the Twin Tower :) ( besar/tinggi giler )

Off we go to AQUARIA...
After a few minutes later, we'd arrived to 
AQUARIA! Mak Long, Abg Ngah & my Sis strted to calculate
hw mny tickets to buy... ( ah! aq lupe brp org ) :P
Selepas da beli tiket2 sume, we all went in :P
There's so mny different kinds of fish/insects/reptiles/animals there!
Smbil tngk2 setiap exhibit, kitorg pon amek gmbr gak :)

My fave part is when we go into the big aquarium tunnel ! xD
I almost faint when I saw a BIG SHARK infront of me!! scary~~
Then, I saw a BIG RAY FISH swimming above us! 
Hee~~ sempat amek gmbr dlm tu~

Me, my Mum, my Sis, Kazens ( Paan, Abg Fikri ) da kluar drpd
AQUARIA...Da abes puas tngk2 dlm tu.. But the others were still
in the AQUARIA... So we wait until they come out...
Lama jugak tunggu dorg dlm tu...perut pon da berbunyi2 ni..
My Mum pon belanja kitorg mkn^^
After about an hour waiting, yg laen pon da kluar~
Then kitorg gi sembahyang kt surau~ 
After that, we all went home naek LRT~
But before tht, I saw KiKi's tank top!!! (AHHHHHH!)
It is a plain white V-Shirt~ hehehe...

Hurmmm...smpai sni je lah aq nk critew~
Esk kitorg g Genting Highlands! I will write
about the journey tomorrow~
Annyong~ <3