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// Jealous little Yoseobie (SSS) Thursday, December 30, 2010 | 5:27 PM | 0 comments

~In the cube~

Yoseobie : Mama, lookie! I'm in the magazine! *shows the magazine to Mama*

Mama : *Looks* Oh! You look great! *smiles*

Yoseobie : *pout* But not as great as Papa... *points to KiKi*

Mama : *grins* HeHe...Papa is handsome!

Yoseobie : Mama! Do you love me or Papa better? *serious*

Mama : Of course I love your Papa better *jokingly*

Yoseobie : *jealous* *Run to Grandpa Doojoon's room*

~Mama follow him to the room~

*In Grandpa's room*

Yoseobie : Grandpa~ *sobs sobs*

Grandpa : What is it child?

Yoseobie : *piggyback Grandpa* Mama doesn't love me...*sad*

Grandpa : Mama? Why... She loves you very much and you know it... *blur*

Yoseobie : *shook head* Mama loves Papa more than me... *frowns*

~Mama went into the room~

Mama : Yoseobie! *worried*

Yoseobie : *get off from Grandpa's back* *runs away*

Mama : *sight*

Grandpa : Go and look for him...He is a good hider!

Mama : *nods* Yes, father!

*Mama searched for Yoseobie everywhere but can't find him*

*Suddenly, KiKi came from work*

Papa : I'm back from work~ *sit on a couch*

Mama : Nampyeon~ Yoseobie is gone! I've searched everywhere but still can't find him! Eottoke?

Papa : Bho?? *shock*

*They search for Yoseobie & search & search until...*

~1 hour later~

Mama : Nampyeon~ Do you found him? *worried*

Papa : No, hun... *worried*


They heard a weird sound came from their closet.

KiKi opened the closet door and surprised.

*Yoseobie sleep in the closet!*

Mama & Papa : Yoseobie!! *surprised & glad*

Yoseobie : *woke up* Huh...? Mama..? Papa..? *rubbed eyes*

Papa : *picks up Yoseobie from the closet* Hey, kiddo! Why are you hiding in there?

Yoseobie : Mama hates me... *hugged Papa tightly*

Papa : *stares at Mama*

Mama : Oohh no bie... Of course I love my cute aegy... I love my aegy so much than anything!       *smiles*

Yoseobie : *Looked at Mama* Mama loves me more than anything?

Mama : *nods* Of couse dear~

Yoseobie : More than Papa?

Mama : *laugh* Yes..More than Papa!

Yoseobie : *smiled & hugged Mama*


*Papa jealous*

Papa : *pout*

Yoseobie : Papa~ *hug Papa*

Mama : Aww... Papa sulk! *smiled*

Yoseobie : *kiss Papa on cheek* chu~♥
But KiKi doesn't show any reactions...
Yoseobie : Papa!! *about to cry*

Mama : *sit next to Papa & bbobo~*smiles*


Papa : *smiles* Hehehehe~

Yoseobie : Papa!! :D

*KiKi & my child!! wahaha*