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// Epy Valentine's Day~ Monday, February 14, 2011 | 5:44 PM | 0 comments

Anyeonghaseyo, chingu!! Love is in the air~
Yeah It's Valentine's Day!!! x sambut yea?
Orang Islam haram menyambut hari valentine okaaay??
Saje je nk wish kt couple2 kt luar tu~*msti korg da ade kn?kn?kn?*
Haaa~ lookie at the cutie pic above^^ comeyyy x?? Haha...
Happy Valentine's Day B2ST <3
saranghae to my nampyeon KiKi <3

Skrang aq nk crite kt korg about the 1st time I met KiKi <3

Haaa...I fell in love with him since 4 JUNE,2010!
about 284 days we'd been together like now^^

Nk tau x cmne aq knl die & b2st?? (Yes/No)
Well, my kazen introduced them to me x)
Gomawo, Zafirah!~!
And yeah, mse tu, die recommend me to hear B2ST-SHOCK
so aq tgk ar mv die....and then I fell for this 1 boy.....
He is KIKWANG! Slepas tu, teros search BIO die... suda addicted ngan lgu SHOCK & other B2ST
songs! Oh yah, i fell for KiKi in BAD GIRL :D
*you know, my fave part....the wink2*
& that time, i knew i fell for him x)