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// Day 22 : Your favourite thing about Dongwoo Wednesday, November 23, 2011 | 1:42 PM | 0 comments

  Annyeong ~ Firstly, i want to wish LEE BYUNG HUN aka L.JOE oppa happy birthday! *squeals* Congratz on turning 19! You're officially illegal now xD
Back to le challenge~

Day 22 : Your favourite thing about Dongwoo
    • His LIPSS! He is sho adorbs when he pouts or kiseu :3
    • Dino Teeth!! His Dino Smile are the bestt!
    • His laugh! [ i like his the most ]
    • His raps
    • A genius but acts dumb otl :P  //i like his innocence -__-
KKeu. Da habis challenge hari ni ~
My my oh my~ syasya da addict ngan lagu Apink ^^ MV dorang pun da keluar, click here to watch. Siyesli cute je dorang especially BOMI, my bias! lol xD *fangirling