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cantik gilos lukisan ni D:

Hello Earthlings! Siapa dapat RM100 angkat kerusi korang!! XD #pshh sya enough with your cheesy jokes. =,= ok let's start le challenge...

Day 12 : Your Favourite Infinite Quote/Interview

Automatically, ada beberapa quote/line ni terlindas dlm otak syasya...
"Omma where do we live? Tell me our address." -Sungyeol
While cleaning Dongwoo's room...
Sunggyu : *Holds up a bubble wrap* What about this?
Dongwoo : I'm not done popping it yet.
A phone call with Hoya...
Hoya : Did you guys leave well?
Sungjong : Hoya hyung! Are yo watching the house well?
Hoya : AM I A DOG?
Sungjong : A-Ani ani!! XD  ( infinite : *laughs* )
LOL. Dipetik dari Infinite Sesame Player. (if you haven't watch it yet, watch it NOW!)


Q : Your favourite colour?
Hoya : Purple!
Q : What do you do as soon as you wake up?
Hoya : Put on purple clothing.
Q : Something you always carry around your bag?
Hoya : Purple items.
Q : Someone you look up to?
Hoya : Usher.
Sungyeol : Not purple? xD
Q : A habit you need to fix?
Hoya : Only liking one colour.

Q : A thing you dislike the most?
Dongwoo : Oyster and bleeding..
L : Sungyeollie !!
Sungyeol : L!
Sunggyu : Not sleeping -___-
Woohyun : Having a 1:1 talk with CEO
Hoya : When I'm alone with Woohyun!
Sungjong : Woohyun-hyung lies!
Ok that's it for today. BTW, korang suka tak template baru syasya? Cute tak? Send your comments in le tagboard :3