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// Day 24 + Infinite survey Friday, November 25, 2011 | 2:07 PM | 0 comments

 Hey hooo~ Today last online -,- Esok syasya pegi PD for 2 days. \yeaah/ I'm going to miss my Yeollie now. lol >_< Hari ni syasya nak sambung terus infinite challenge tu + Infinite Survey. 2 in 1 post :>  //jimat skit.

Day 24 : Your favourite thing about Hoya

    • Manly + Charismatic Image :>
    • Aegyo problems.
    • Purpleholic xD
    • Dance machine + rapper + good vocal ^^
    • YaDong <3
Itu jew?? OTL I'm not a Hoyatics, so whatev la syasya listkn apa syasya tau je. Mian T^T

Now for 2nd post. Syasya jumpa survey ni dkt tumblr pstu ramai inspirit bloggers join survey ni, so syasya pun nk buat jugak :D

 Infinite Survey 

1. Who has the best hairstyle since debut?
= Sunggyu & Sungyeol ! But me more likey yeol's red hair now ~

2. Best dancer?
= Hoya le dance machine

3. Best rapper?
= Dongwoo's raps got swag but Hoya's raps is sexy! lmao i dunno who to choose so yadong <3

4. Did you watch Children of the night?
= Yes. My choding is friggin' *BEEP* funneh there! :D

5. How about kkael player/sesame player?
= I've watched for 5 times now just to hear Yeol's screams & Dongwoo's laugh XD

6. And Secret T?
= Yup. I want Infinite to come in my school and planted a tree called "Namu" :D

7. What's your favourite song of the moment?
= Amazing, Can U Smile, Paradise //hard to choose.

8. First song you've heard?

9. First member you knew?
= Sunggyu cuz he is the leader~

10. Who's your first bias?
= Yeol oppa dun be mad....Myungsoo is my first bias xD

11. Bias at the moment?
= The awshum choding, Lee Sungyeol ^^

12. Best laugh?
= Dongwoo ! //my laugh is same as him. kekeke

13. First reaction on Infinite?
= They are so handsome I dunno who to pick xD

14. First reaction when you saw the scorpion dance?
=  O__O   <--- my reaction.

15. First reaction on Woohyun?

16. Julia or Can U Smile?
= Can U Smile :)

17. Which dance is better, BTD or Come back again?
= BTD 

18. Myungsoo or Sungyeol?
= Sungyeol of course! ♥ ♥

19. Infinite in Pyjamas or Tuxedos?
= PYJAMAS! I bet they all look cute in it :D

20. Infinite in bikinis or lame chicken maskot?
= Lame chicken maskot. Yeollie would look adorkable in it with his gag dance! :3

21. Sungjong or Hoya?
= Mianhae maknae. Hoya fosho~

22. Nothing's over MV or She's back MV?
= Uhh. Nothing's over ~

23. Sungjong with thin arms or with hot muscley biceps?
= Thin arms suits with his cute face.

24. Dongwoo's rap in Paradise or Nothing's over?
= Paradise 

25. Sunggyu's tiny eyes or Sungyeol's cute teeth?
= Yeol cute teeth? I will take it as Yeol's gummy smile :)

26. Being in one of their MV's or a variety show?
= I want to be in variety show like WGM with yeollie oppa 

27. Paradise or Be Mine?
= Paradise moar. //hip thrust. ftw

28. Sunggyu or Myungsoo?
= Gyu Leadah! :>

29. Dongwoo's eyes or Myungsoo's eyes?
= Kenya's eyes are attractive xD

30. What makes you love them?
= Just.Everything. No words can describe about them. They are more than amazing because they are INFINITE 
Dear Inspirits, do join this survey. Just copy le questions but plz erase my answers and replace it to yours. Before I forget, Happy Birthday Kevin! Send my love to AJ, ara? XD