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// Day 27 : Your favourite thing about Sungjong Tuesday, November 29, 2011 | 5:17 PM | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum & hello earthlings. This entry is going to be in ENGLISH. Let's start with today challenge~

Day 27 : Your favourite thing about Sungjong

SJ : Tergoda tak U alls? :P

 I will just blurt out things that I like about him. Firstly, I like his personality. He is not ashame doing something embarrassing. He will do anything to achieve his goal. Plus, he follow his hyungs orders very well. Though he always being bullied, he never fight back to his hyungs. He also has a bright personality, he always look more cheerful and energized everytime. [ He is the best maknae ! ]

 He has a cute image. His face looks very pretty and feminine like a GURL. His aegyo never fails as he is the maknae. [ but i think woohyun aegyo is better lol ] His appearance makes girls jelly. [ like me otl ] He's too beautiful I think I'm going to cry ;~; Lastly, I like about his DIVA-ness(?) He can dance every girl group dances he knows. It's too perfect. [ in my opinion, i think he is better than any girl idols out there ]

Jajjang~ Mission accomplished ! Just 3 more days to go ~

 Before you close this tab, I want to remind to the kpoppers out there. Mnet Asia Music Awards will be aired on TV8 [ channel 708 ] @9:30pm ! TONIGHT ! DON'T BE LATE NOR FORGET ! I can't wait to see B2ST performance :3