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// Day 8: An Infinite member you want to go shopping with Monday, November 14, 2011 | 5:15 PM | 0 comments

Talkin' about shopping, I want to buy this pretty hot shoes!! Anyone know where does it sell in Malaysia? ._.
 \Hello Earthlings!/ syasya nak tanya korang kenal tak "Greyson Chance" ? Ala dia kan the 2nd Bieber...PFFT. syasya bukan PEMINAT dia pun tapi semua orang sibuk update post pasal dia dekat FB / Twitter / Blog. Menyampah + meluat aq tengok tau tak?  #sorrysebabkutukdiatanpaberbayar.

Okeh enough with that. I dun wanna hear or see his name anymore. Now let's start le challenge~

Day 8 : An Infinite member you want to go shopping with

MWOH?! Apa punya soalan nih?? Tsk tsk takpe takpe, syasya still nak jawab :P Hmm syasya nak pegi shopping ngan siapa eh? Jeng jeng jengg!!

SUNGJONGIE!! otl the maknae ish pretty :3 Lagipon mesti ramai jugak orang pilih dia kan?

Reasons : Bcuz he looks like a GURRRLL & Girls like shopping...Plus, the maknae is very fun to play with~ We will dance into every song played inside the store. We're DIVAS! you jelly? LAWL XD
If I went shopping with Yeollie & Woohyun, we probably end up eating in a restaurant. Goshh those two are trolls! xD