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welcome, new family! TASTY2wins <3 my new fandom :D /throw rainbow sprinkles/

Assalammualaikum & hi-yeoms!

 My previous post I promised to share about my trials..Promises are kept :) so here it is. I'm sorry to bored you with this post. I know it's going to be boring ._.

 About my trials...they went a wittle wittle wiiiiiittle well. This trial is difficult but I think I can gain more marks than my mid year exams. goshh they were horrible ;~; My trials suppose to be end by yesterday BUT .. !! Something horrible happened. My entire class BM papers were missing. Not paper 1 but paper 2 !! ASDFGHJKL!@#%& all my hard works vanished like thin air. The thing is, only my class papers were gone. We have to re-do our BM paper on the next day [ which is today ] . But I didn't come to school today because of my....personal life :P But blehhh.. I still have to do it on Monday =_=

 Seriously, I feel like pass out already. I don't want to re-do it. Plus, it was a different paper which means, different questions. Hurmm bersabar je lar... > < This trial, I target for at least 3A's . English, BM & Agama. And the rest might be B's or C's or might be a D O_O Ughh math is killing me. My poor brain can't rest. Speaking about math, the paper 1........mindfvck!! Sorry for the rude word..bulan puasa ni..ish2. #mentallyslapface. 1 hr 15 min for 40 questions? U outta yo mind, dude! Everyone kept fussing & complaining because most of them didn't even finish their solutions etc. so they just shoot random answers. Nado T_T About paper 2, I'm relieve because it was a little bit easier than paper 1. This time 1 hr 45 min for 20 questions. Got so many time ~~ but I can't really promise you a good grade. I'm scared ;u;

 Like usual, English & Agama is the easiest! Ok I don't want to be a boaster. mian. But yeah, I can predict I got A. Next, History. Just to let you know, History, Science & Math are my weakest subj. EXO oppars, wae you no teach me History? I heard from my classmate, they said I get a C ! And I was like 'WHUTTT' but *sigh* at least my score increase than my mid yr. AND YES, I get a D for my prev History paper. Awful, right? I'm not really a smarty pants although I'm in the first class. [ i don't know why i'm there ] Science & KH? not good :( I might get B or C. *le cries*

Jaaaa...that's all. I'm scared to take my results next week. Bye-yeom!

Jung Daeryong, welcome to my bias list :)

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