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Assalammualaikum & hiyeoms !
Woot woot esok last challenge. Then I can take my hiatus >_< Firstly, I got something to share with you guys before proceeding my challenge. Here it goes :

Cetera 1
 This incident happened not long ago..If I'm not mistaken, it happened on Tuesday. That day, my mom instructed me to cook the rice for lunch. So I obeyed her. After done doing my job, I continued to play with my lappie and fangirl like usual. 1 hour had mom kept calling me from the kitchen. She sounded angry. And yes, she was. But why? It's because of my short-term memories lost. otl. I FORGOT TO PUT WATER IN IT. ASDFGHJKL but the switch is already on. lol

Cetera 2
 Last Sunday, same thing happened -.- but that time is the opposite of first time incident. I FORGOT TO SWITCH ON THE RICE COOKER. asdfghjkl. what's happening to me? I'm getting old .____. aigoo *facepalmed

k. Let's proceed to the challenge.

Exo Challenge Day 29 - Your favorite picture of your bias in EXO-M


Waaa dah berlambak gambar Kris aq letak dlm blog ni ~ but still tak muak pun tengok muka dia yg HOT gila tu >3< - end challenge -

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