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Assalammualaikum & hiyeom ppl ~ Boring Sunday came again ._. Just now, me & my sis watched "The Roommate" . Movie kt HBO. Perghh seram . Bukan cerita hantu but violence. I hate violence and horror. But the mystery and curiosity eats me up. <- word. So tengok je lah. Temankan kakak aq yg penakut nih. *tsk look who talking *  hehe. That movie is so creepy . Nak tahu jalan cerita dia? I don't wanna be a spoiler...I'll just write out some synopsis about the movie.

 The Roommate is the title. It's about a girl named Rebecca ; she is Sara's roommate. Rebecca has a serious obsession over her roommate. She kills people who disturbs or closes to Sara. How will Sara endure this scary nightmare? hoho tengok la sendiri ~~

Now back to the challenges :

EXO Challenge Day 20 - A serious picture of your second ultimate bias

omai..pwetty chanyeol :3

 There. Honestly, lama juga aq browsing gambar dekat tumblr. Susah betul nak cari gambar Chanyeol dgn muka serious. lol. Semua gambar muka comey je. Well duhhh he is the Happy Virus of course. *tak macam Kai* aah sorry sbb perli Kai. haha. I'm just Kid Choding :)

EXO Challenge Day 21 - A cute gif of one of your bias


Bot : must put one
Me : ...
Bot : One gif only
Me :
Bot : But-
Me : NO!!!!

User 'Bot' is offline.


trololol. xD

k the end.

Cr : here & here

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