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"She's coming with a bright smile towards me, forever"

Assalammualaikum & annyeonghaseyo ~

 The owner is finally back. Do you guys miss me? kekeke. I've being hiatus for a long time ;~; I've change my skin now. It's pretty simple. Honestly, I don't know what to talk brain is resting. asdfghjkl my trials > 3 < I don't want to talk about it right now. So, I guess this is my 'serabut' entry. I will just mix up what is playing with my thoughts.

 Happy Ramadhan to my muslim friends ! Remember, to do good deeds in this wonderful month. Pahala berganda-ganda, you want? Of course leee ~ People are struggling to this month to do good deeds & get lots of Pahala , what about you? Get up & kurangkan fangirling. heuheu

old pic. But seriously I miss them ;A;

 BEAST COMEBACK. Okay, just now I just said that reduce my fangirl-ness....but I can't OTL? But I'll reduce it a bit. A day without KPOP is just not me. But I'll try to reduce my spazz while writing this entry. ok no. =_= 6 beasts are back after hiatus for about a year and a half. Seriously I miss them. My first ever fandom. My happiness. It's been a long time since I'm a b2uty. Now I can spazz with all the b2uties in the world . Spazzing & crying with them. Midnight Sun is the title album. I love all the tracks which I have difficulty time to pick one favorite. All the tracks are my favorite ok? :P but I hope they sing all the tracks ;A; selfish me. Their choreo are the best! I love you, Prepix Haw ! XD Lee Gikwang is still my bias although my sister said I'm 'curang' with him. But hey, I still love him and I'm still a B2uty. Doojoon, Junhyung, Hyunseung, Yoseob, Gikwang & Dongwoon oppars, b2uties are hoping for triple crowns ;) Fighting !

 T-ERROR the bullies. I doubt you guys have read the news. Well, I'm never was their fan. So I don't really care much. But poor Hwayoung. Good thing she left because I don't want her to be in the same group as bullies & much worse. She's free now. I'm happy for her. Her rap is the best. I really hate T-ARA now. My sister kept bashing Jiyeon. She once a Jiyeon's fan but now an anti. haha. I bet many of you WAS Jiyeon's fans, am I right? I'm a Eunjung's fan but now I'm Hwayoung's fan. I hope she will join CUBE ent. or Woolim ent. The best company ever! Oh and I ship Hwayoung x Sungjong :D Although I hate T-ARA now but I still hear their songs. kekeke

 EXO. Oh I miss my Dollah. I can't wait to watch 'To The Beautiful You' aka Hana Kimi korean ver. EXO is in there. Minho & Sulli are the main characters. There must be....a kiss scene, right? OMG I cannot bear to watch it. Minho & Sulli? I act them as close friends but I don't ship them. But aaah Lee Hyun Woo is there too! That cutie pie >3< Anyway, the first episode will air on 15th August !

 INFINITE. Nothing particular happen but RANKING KING ! The horror episode is hilarious XD my poor chicken choding. And my baby dinowoo. Ah my poor boys ;A; It must be really scary for them. And I here, in front of the screen laughing at them. But honestly, I'm a coward too -.- I predict that episode 12 is the last episode. Oh no man. I will miss my infinite oppars . But I'm quite relieve because PMR is somewhere in the corner now! T_____T and and and She's Back PV is outttt!! #MyungsooTertinggalSelipar :D

 K. That's all I guess. I'm sorry for my long entry. hoho. Mostly I write about kpop stuff but not my life. I'm sorry about that. Maybe next week holiday, I will write about my trials and some personal stories. Stay tune :D Wish me luck for my trials ~~~


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