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// EXO Challenge Day 15 - 16 Thursday, June 14, 2012 | 5:14 PM | 0 comments

Assalammualaikum & hiyeom ~~
Nothing to share. So let's just proceed to the challenge. ;A;

Exo Challenge Day 15 - A screenshot of your favorite part in 'History'

Actually my favorite part is from the beginning till the end. I love this mv + music ! But If I really have to choose one, it will be this part. Where all the 12 gorgeous aliens are doing the 'pocket-flaps' thingy dance. Idk what to call it. orz

Exo Challenge Day 16 - Your second ultimate bias in EXO

Alongside D.O. , I love the Happy Virus too xD


 Park Chanyeol is his name. Honestly...Chanyeol is my first bias but not anymore. D.O. came and steal the throne of my heart. *ewah ayat* but still I love Chanyeol too ( but not as much I love you, Dollah ) keke. The first thing that attracted me to him is his name. Chanyeol sounds like my ultimate bias, Sungyeol. So there are 2YEOL. That time, I don't even know him or how his face looks like..because I'm just admiring his beautiful name xD But when I know how he looks, my heart flutters. *but then D.O. came up, ruin Chanyeol's looks admiration. bwaha* 

Derp Squad ; Bacon ; D.onut ; EggYeol

 His cute face doesn't suit with his deep voice. It amazes me. But what attracts me the most is his goofy smile. Looked a little perverted but cute. And a little detail about him...He is the leader of the Derp Squad . ME GUSTA ! haha *apparently, D.O. also the member in the Derp Squad* ok that's it, I guess? I don't wanna to fall for him *again* or someone will kill me. >3<

Bye-yeom !

They are so cute *u*

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