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// F**k you robbers!!! Sunday, November 28, 2010 | 11:25 AM | 0 comments

Hey there...
Guys!!! Have you all had been robbed before??
If not, you guys are lucky but don't put too much hope
cuz, everyone will get anticipation!!
Huh... ari nie, rmh kazen aq kene rompak! :(
Bnyk gilew brg kene rompak... 
sume brg kemas & brg2 arwah ayh kazen aq abes kene cilok!
TV Plasma 40 inci pon lesap!!!! Gilew ah...
How could they!!!! Perompak2 tu x berhati perot or they
really don't have heart!! Gahhh!! Siannye kazen aq...
Aish! Kalo polis jumpe perompak2 tu, jatuh hukuman mati teros lah!
Geram aq! How dare they mess up with our family! >:(