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Assalamualaikum & hi-yeomsss ^^

 This entry is dedicated to my ex boyfie , Eye-Smile Prince , Shy Boy , B2uty's chocolate , PaboKwang , Lee Gi Kwang ^^

Happy Birthday , Kiki !

You're my very first bias ever when the day I met BEAST...the day I become a B2UTY...the day I become an ACE. I know I already biased over you since you winked in BAD GIRL mv. Being like a pedo, I kept replaying that part for 82746815972 times. Your killer wink...I literally died. But your voice wakes me up. Your smile. That angelic sweet calming smile that makes other beauties swooned over you. Your cute eye-smile always bring other people happiness. I can't imagine what will happen to me and the rest of beauties when you lost that precious smile. I really adore it. Not to mention about your famous chocolate abs. What a yummy eye-candy for us beauties. You're huge sexy lips are only for beauties right? keke. That warm feeling when you started to dance. Although people always talks about your short legs, but that doesn't stop you for being all awesome everytime. You owned the dancing shoes. I think you are the most talented dancer ever in kpop industry. You're so sexy but on the inside, you're like a cute babo kid. Sometimes, I wonder, what will happen if you never exist . What will happen to Beast...What will happen to Beauties...What will happen to me? There will be no right answers at all cuz I know that you will always be there. Beast & Beauties always be there to support you. We will always be there...inside your heart. I hope your wish will come true and always make everyone smile again like you always do. BEAST fighting! Lee Kikwang fighting! Forever a B2uty & ACE.

Ahh too long for a birthday wishes~ Two hours already passed. But still, it is not a waste. I'll keep doing these things whenever my precious gollum's birthday come . Everything for you. Every year, I'll always remember you ^^

From the world amazing B2uty, Syasya 

Because of the world's best B2uties,
It's like I'm becoming the world's best too
Today at this moment..^_^
-Lee Kikwang
A wink for my beautiful beauties.

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