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// We are not twins Wednesday, August 15, 2012 | 8:58 AM | 3 comments

asdfghjkl kyungsoo whyyyy ;u;

Assalammualaikum & hiyeoms!

 Yeah yeah new post + new skin ! The theme is now black, grey & white. Maybe after this, I'll change into a new kawaii skin. Neo na ara, I always change skins when I'm bored.

 Straight to le dumb title. We are not twins. A funny incident happened last last Saturday ( 6/8/12 ) to be exact. That time, me & my eonnie went to IOI mall for certain reason which you guys don't really care :P So yeah, after we bought some things, we headed to the counter to pay  like duhh of course .

 As we were waiting in line, an ahjumma behind us gawked at us. She said :

MakCik : Ehhh korang berdua ni kembar ek?
Me&Sis : *O M G* takde lah makcik...kitorang bukan kembar
MakCik : Bukan? Tapi muka sama jek... *O___O*
Sis : Saya kakak, ni adik saya *points to me*
MakCik : Umur berapa?
Sis : Saya 22 tahun, pelajar Uni.
MakCik : Adik kamu pulak?
Sis : Dia 15 tahun, pelajar sekolah menengah...
MakCik : *gawked at me* Ehhhhhhh ni form 3? Da besar panjang ni 15 tahun?
Me : ._.

 Haaaa hampir sama mcm tu ah conversation kitorang. Like really, I'm so surprised by her comment. That's why I just stand there quietly while my eonnie do the talking. Not only that, after a while, the ahjumma's family came, she boast about how 'twins' we look. And her family just shrugged off, looking at us. I was like "I don't see any identical thing between me & my sis".

 Jeongmal. I don't think we look the same. Except for our same height and maybe our fashion style :P I look old eh .___. Besides, this is not really abnormal to us, because many people said we look identical. After we done paying & left the place, my sis whisper to me ;

Sis : Lain kali, kalau ada orang tanya kita kembar...jawab 'ya, kitorang ni 17 tahun' :D


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