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Sorry cuz the title pelik skit...
Today post gonna be looong loooooooooong!!
Errr...first thing I wanna say is...Kalo korg tgh bace ni, korg mmg BEST! (but not BEAST) hehe XD
Ok2 back to the HOT topic!!
Kebanyakannye aq crite psl bende nie...


They are lov3 <3 

    Oh yeasss It's all about BEAST!!! ^o^

    Haaa firstly...I wanna show u guys something~~

    *korg bukak link die kalo nk tgk*


    PART 1 translations:
    Like a comet, talented idol group made their appearance. Beast, give them your attention.
    DJ: Right now, we will start our interview...yeah~
    mc: Your group name is Beast. Who made the name?
    YS: Before our debut we had an African American dance teacher came. He saw our dance and said it was cool, "so BEAST!" He told us that meant 'cool'...
    -flashback vid-
    mc: Do you remember October 16, 2009?
    DW: Yes...KBS Music Bank

    Part 2 translations:
    JH: We were really nervous. Since the debut day was right in front of us, we suddenly overworked ourselves and our condition wasn't good.
    -Debut vid-
    JH: When we listened we thought no one would notice but we were a little flat...
    YS: We were so upset that we cried a lot.
    KK: For me, maybe it was because I was leaning on the fact that I really had to accomplish something again, I think I was more nervous.
    -AJ & SO-1 before Beast debut vid-

    Part 3 translations:
    DJ: I, too, was on an public documentary
    mc: Hot Blood Males
    DJ: Ah, you know 'Hot Blooded Males'! It was a popular program
    JH: For me, I was in a different company. I debuted but never got to perform on stage.
    *mc: the reason Beast is more beautiful is because of their passion for their dreams and unendingly challenging (themselves).
    Subtitle: You guys were judged as the 'recycled group'

    Part 4 translations:
    DJ: We got mad's true so we didn't have much to say. In truth, I wasn't all that upset.
    HS: Me too.
    DW: We became 'recycled' and now we are Beast, it's nothing to be upset about but our fans... they hurt a lot from it.
    *narr: 'Let's try it.' There were times where they wanted to give up but they didn't stop. And finally, their reward for their hardwork, in a year they won 1st on a music program.
    DJ: We cried a lot
    JH: The trophy, when we held it *smile*

    Part 5 translation:
    Narr: and Beast have created a special presents for fans who have trusted and loved them (the concert ^^)
    ques: Concert preparation time?
    HS: It's not about how much we practiced but we tried our best
    narr: after having a successful indenpendant concert last year, today and yesterday, they opened an encore concert, performing in front of 20,000+ people. They even had a hot performance in Japan.
    mc: the member who got better in appearance?

    Part 6 translations:
    KK: I'm from YongSanPo (Jeonrado Province) but living in Seoul, I have become better in appearance.
    -personal talents-
    YS: *subtitle* 10 octove high note.
    JH & DJ: rap & beatboxing...DJ: let do a moderate amount (he's tired haha)
    narr: what did these two prepare?
    HS & KK: 2 person American dance.
    YS: What is this! WHAT IS THIS?!!
    DW: -singing "Shy Boy'
    -singing "End of the Road" by Boys II Men (I'm not sure, they say a title)-

    ~end of translation; credit to Alice~

    Aux. I think I'm going to cry thru this vid >.<
    Hehe but the same time laughing so hard! LOL.

     The boys'd been thru in so much pain & difficulty life...
    and now, they r standing tall on a stage...holding a mic :)

    <Waaa I'm so proud to be a B2UTY!!>

    I LOLed when :

    Yoseob do IU's high pic note from Good Day.
    "I'm in my DREEEAAAAAAAMMM~!" aux so cute .

    Junhyung raping skills & DooJoon's beatboxing^^
    LoL...our Yoon Leader is tiredd spit.spit.spit :P

    DongWoon mimic Secret's Shy Boy!!
    LoL! sounds kinda like a squicky mousy! haha XD

    KiKi & Hyunseung do the american dance together!!
    OMO!! Thy r so sexxy~ Ahh Yoseob!! Why did u stop them?!
    WAE?WAE?WAE?WAE?!!! >.<



    *korg bukak link die kalo nk tgk*

    P/S : Sorry cuz the vid is too fast & the audio is too slow >.<

    This is a Parody by B2ST~
    Secret Garden KiSeung Ver.

    Heeee~walopon kite x phm ape dorg ckp T^T
    but their parody is DAEBAKK!! Hahaha!!
    Poor Seungiee knock out :(
    Haha! I'm sorry on my hubby's behalf :P
    Ouh! Junhyung is kinda jealous there~~ XD 

    Okay Now It's time for Da ABS PARADE~ *EU*


    Ughh~ sorry cuz aq x dpt nk post sume abs b2st >.<
    lol haha geli gak aq post bende nie.........
    Plz dun misunderstand eh- I'm not like 'dat' kinda gurl :P
    sje je nk post...hehe..sbenarnye ad bnyk gile kt tumblr aq post ni je~
    nnti ap jd ngn blog aq penoh ngan abs org nieh!! ish3...

    Haa BTW, mse kt konsert dorg...( WELCOME BACK TO BEAST AIRLINE )
    Woonie & KiKwang went shirtless..... *FANGIRL SCREAMS*
    Ohmagawd!!! Ruginye aq x dpt pgi sne!!! T^T
    But nseb bek ah aq x pegi cuz mungkin I would've DIE there!! :P

    Oh Yah!! Terkejot aq bile Yoseob tetibe tunjuk ABS die!!!! x penah aq tgk!!
    Muke kiut + hot chocolate abs = SO DAEBAKKK!!
    & I was like.....WAE?WAE?WAE?!!

    What happened to our MAKNAE WOONIE?!! He is gettin' WILD & BEASTLY!
    Uishh mmg terkejot arr.... >.<

    KiKi is hot as always ;)




I find this soooo adorable!!!

KYAAAAHHH. *_________________* 
    Are u jealous of KiKi?? hehe...
    Budak ni sje je x nk kasi kitorg tgk... ;P

    And lastly....

    Korg mesti terkejot punyerr....
    so open ur eyes WIDELY & read!!

    *their concert*

    MUST.BUY.IT!!! :O