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// Ayo, DORA! We got the powerrr! Friday, April 27, 2012 | 4:03 PM | 0 comments

old pic but still cuteeee ;)

Assalamualaikum & hi-yeoms ^^

 hahaha abaikan title yg merepek tuh. I bet you guys have watched the UKISS - DORADORA & also B.A.P - POWER mv, right? Demm. both of them are awesome.

 Erk. Lemme spazz about ukiss first. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH ! Soohyun, Kevin, Eli, Kiseop, Hoon, AJ & Dongho <3 all of 'em are hot as always ^^ Jom kite review mv diorang same-same . [ one click ]

 . . . .Sexy dance moves. . . . asdfghjkl Oh dear Kiseop, can u please stop touching your body? I know you're sexy but you make kissmes pregnant. luls. [ lmao sorry but I'm not a Kiseop biased. kekeke ] Actually I don't know who is my bias in ukiss -.- pathetic isn't it? They are too gorjes to pick only ONE bias :/ I take all of them lah. mwahhahaha *evil laugh*

kay. I know I'm selfish cuz I only put my bias pic only xD mianhae.

 Okeh enuff with my 'Ukiss spazz' :P Let's move on to B.A.P ^~^ Click here to watch their mv. Okaaaay, first of all *this is only my opinion* I like WARRIOR more than POWER. mian. But the chorus is stuck in my head.  I will say 'WE GOT THE POWERRRR!' to everyone & anything today onwards xD 

 AH my bias is so handsome with his new hair style :3 Himchannie, you forever hot & forever mine. heuheu. And uhm, their chorus dance reminds me of Beast 'Shock' >< and also the mv slightly same. Sorry, I'm not bashing on them & I don't mean to compare them whatsoever. Just stating my opinion ._.

 Can't wait to watch Music Bank today!!! Hopefully B.A.P will be there.....or maybe not :/ 
tatah ~
I miss BEAST & also INFINITE ;A; /forever waiting them to comeback/

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