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Annyeonghaseyo! KimChi imida. You are now in my Kawaii land. I'm a SPM victim. Aaaahh! Study! Blogger! Noo! #Oops! Don't forget to click that navi's ok. By the way, thanks for visit here. Sa Rang Hae Princess(es) online


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aaaaaah kyeowo :>

Assalamualaikum & annyeong ^^

 TA-DAH! New skin again :3 This time, I hope nobody can copy me. hehe. Thanks to Pika eonnie & Vivite for the codings. Tell me if you are feeling unsatisfied with me, okeh? And thanks the others for helping me with the skin codes. I already credit you guys, so don't worry ^^; I won't steal or rip your freebies or stuff :) Just tell me If I do anything wrong . So don't accuse me =,=


Look at him, omg. *.*
Just look at him *~*

 Next topic. My blog is full of that DERP face now xD Meet my new bias, D.O! *coughcough* And no...I'm not cheating on Yeollie.....not yet. >"< wtf syasya, it's obvious that you're cheating yeollie over D.O !  Ooooh just shut up conscience! = =;

 Don't ask me why I fall for him!! IT'S OBVIOUS THAT HIS FACE IS ALL WRITTEN 'FXKIN SQUISHEEEYY' ON IT! Uh I'm insane ヽ(´ʘ ω ʘ`)ノ

 Ok this is awkward...Mianhae Yeollie, I still love you though. :* tahtah~

Did chu guys heard about INFINITE dating rumors? ._.
cr : gif

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