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Annyeonghaseyo! KimChi imida. You are now in my Kawaii land. I'm a SPM victim. Aaaahh! Study! Blogger! Noo! #Oops! Don't forget to click that navi's ok. By the way, thanks for visit here. Sa Rang Hae Princess(es) online


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Assalamualaikum & hiyeoms ~

 Hari ni syasya rajin sngt nak join giveaway ~ hehe. Hadiah dia best kot *~* Nak join? Just click the banner :) Okeh bila tngk list peserta GA ni, terbeliak mata syasya sbb ramai gileeeeee orang join. Syasya je yg lambat nak join :/ Nevertheless, let's just wait and see. Maybe Syasya lucky kali ni..hehe. Anyways, let's join & try your luck ^^;

Lucky people : Aera / Pika unnie / Leo / Liena / Ienaz

Kyaaaa I've found my new hubby in EXO now. He's name is D.O :3 mianhae Sehun otl.

Sungyeol : Then what about me? D:
Me : Aaaah yeobo I still love you x3
Sungyeol : bobo? ._.
Me : *Pinch his cheeks & run away*


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