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// Lee Sungyeol :) Tuesday, April 3, 2012 | 6:34 PM | 4 comments

[ WARNING : This entry contains a lot of spazzing & fangirling-ness. ]

gorjess ;~;

Assalamualaikum & annyeong ^^

 The title is a bit...plain, right? But to me, it's a lovely name for a lovely person. A number of reasons why I love him. Lee sungyeol...lee sungyeol...yeol... AHH THIS NAME KEEPS REPEATING IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW. I think I need to see a doctor..of love. asdfghjkl stop it syasya! demmitt. //intro tah pape.

 Back to normal. Infinite Second Invasion Concert. Ugh. It was epic. I mean it. But the absolutely worst part is...I'm not there to support my hubbies =,= Life is not fair. Ahh anyways, have you guys watch the SUFBB parody by Infinite? [ one click ] It was daebak! Their characters are so funny ! You don't know how much I ROFL-ing yesterday o_o Seriously, I think I will grow abs soon. Oh my tummy hurts from exercising so much. huhu. ok ok stop stop. Dongwoo jjang kyeopta! Myungsoo badass as ever. old gangsta. HOmyGOD. Woohyun as greasy as ever. Manly Sungjong? creepy but awesome! Maknae on top^^ Sungyeol...forever a hawt choding. HAHA. Whenever Woohyun starts to talk, shivers sent down to my spine. #fact. Too much Namgrease can cause a heart attack. /shivers/

excuse me while I asdfghjkl

 Suddenly, I don't know what to type about . All the spazzing yesterday makes me forgotten things. OTL. About the concert, each of the members have their solos. But of course my fav is Sungyeol & Hoya - Sexyback. omo these two. Ovary exploded(?) lolx. And then, Hoya finally show his abs. Inspirits wait like forever for this. hehe. Suddenly, I forgot about Woohyun's abs. Harhar. //heyy don't forget about Dongwoo's abs too. OK THIS IS JUST CREEPY. Why am I suddenly talk about abs? Byuntae byuntae.

 Nevertheless, fqin Sungyeol for making my heart burst for the 765726357185791 times 10. Sungyeol is sexy and he knows it. *thumbs up* dayummm I really love Yeol's hair right now. His long feminine-like hair. That gorgeous sexy hair that makes me go asdfghjkl. Oppa, please don't cut your hair! Jebal jebal jebal ;A;

This gorjes guy ;~;

LOST OF WORDS. I want to show you a lot of pics but my blog will get heavy and lagg -.- There's a lot in tumblr anyways. Bye-yeoms ;~;



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