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Assalammualaikum & hiyeom !

Late update. mian . I'm going to continue the challenge. Plus...there's an etcetera story at the end ;P

Exo Challenge Day 13 - Your favorite picture of your bias in EXO-K expect me to pick only ONE picture out of GAZILLION ?!! Shireo ! :P


There. I know he is cute but sadly, he is taken . by ME .  mwahaha *evil laugh*

Exo Challenge Day 14 - Your favorite pictures of Suho, Xiumin & Chen

omo...Hotness overload >///<

cute baozi !! haha Xiumin...I want to poke your cheeks >3<

Chen ~ ! me likey this pic ^-^

Chendol & Baozi XD haha kyeowo
Cr : t u m b l r

That's it for today's challenges ^-^ now for the story... This is the part II for yesterday story update .

 Today at school, something weird happened. That time, it was recess...Everyone was busy eating at the canteen while I'm doing some business in le toilet. merokok . lol aniyaa I'm not that kind of girl xD You know business. Before that, there are... 3 girls in the toilet. As if they were invincible, I just went in to do my 'thing' . After I came out, the girls are gone. Whatev. But suddenly, one of the girl came back towards me...did she left something in the toilet? orz like i care. She looked straight at me and said ...

Girl1 : Hey...Awak cantiklah!
Me : Huh?! *whutareyoutalkingaboutgurl?!*

Then, her friends came back before looking at me...

Girl2 : Hmm? Where? *look at me*
Girl1 : She's pretty, right?
Girl2 : Yeah..she is. *nods*
Girl3 : Hmm she's okay...

And they gone...leaving me alone with an O_O look.

Pelik ._. Are they for real? A stranger called me pretty. That's pretty surprising. I can't help but to blush a bit. haha. Like I said, I'm not often hearing people complimenting me. It feels so good though! hehe. Yesterday was teacher, today a stranger. xD Me pretty? *pssshh no* I wonder if she is just lying or playing with me. /_\  ahh anyway..thank you, stranger. I love you . lol xD

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