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// EXO Challenge Day 11 - 12 Tuesday, June 12, 2012 | 4:51 PM | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum & annyeong ~

Day 11 - 'What Is Love' or 'History' ?

Nan molla. I love both of the songs. Suara D.O & Baekhyun dlm W.I.L strong & sweet gila. Perfect collab. But dalam 'History' setiap members ada part nyanyi. Suka Chanyeol & Kai rap. huhu. Plus, I like their choreo *u* and ummm so.... my answer is .

EXO History

Day 12 - A song from a teaser that you love

 Not so easy question. But........I Love 'My Lady' !!! omgashhh D.O's voice. So husky and deep, giving the sexy vibe. Are you sure that is my cute aegy voice? This side of D.O is much manlier XD but idek I like the 4D derp, Dollah better. How I wish this song will list in EXO's new album. OH JEBAL ;~;

- End challenge -

 EH WAITEUU. Please don't close the tab :/ nak cerita nih. hihi. Tadi kt kelas BI , cikgu nak buat satu aktiviti..yang terlibat dgn 2 orang shj. Everyone was taken except for me...and another guy. FYI, I'm the foreveralone in my class. All my BFFs are in diff classes ._. So the teacher suggested to pair me with him. We both are like "NONO!" . Cikgu terpaksalah biar kitorang buat individu je.

 Aktiviti ni pasal problem sendiri. Problem? yeah masalah. 1 must tell her/his partner about her/his problem & the another 1 must give the solution for the problem. Senang je walaupun aku x da partner. When it was my turn, aku, dengan bangganya berdiri tegak dan speaking confidently kt cikgu xD

Me : My problem is that my mother won't let me stay up late at night. My solution is to obey my mother's advice to sleep early.
Teacher : Very nice. Everyone, listen!
Class : o_o ??
Teacher : Even though she is quiet, she can speak very well. Well done ! She said that her mother won't let her stay up late so her solution is to follow her mother's advise. What a nice daughter ~
Me : >///<
My friends : -clap- -clap- woooooo -clap- -clap-

HAHA there! Best giler kena puji dengan cikgu. Yeah aku jarang kena puji -.- Thnk you teacher ~ But kalau la cikgu cakap kuat sikit so the others boleh dengar. Puiii xD

 P/s : But nobody knows..actually..I lied. I always stay up late. Nobody cares. TROLOLOL XD Excuse for my malay-english & also the word "aku" is being used . *90 degree bow*

BWAHAHA *evil laugh*                              -source-

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